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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1437

His blatant shift of the conversation topic wouldn’t fool anyone.

Somehow, I felt that his words masked a deeper meaning.

Marcus was the first person I saw when I opened my eyes. Naturally, he was the most familiar person to me.

At this very moment, though, I felt like I didn’t know him at all.

As if sensing my thoughtful gaze on him, Marcus lifted his eyes to mine. His large hand patted me lightly on my elbow. Sounding every bit like the perfect gentleman, he advised, “Don’t force yourself too hard. You’ll gain your memories back eventually. Take your time.”

I answered weakly, “Of course. Since you’re getting off work soon, I’ll wait for you.”

If I go home early, I’m just giving myself more time to imagine nonsensical scenarios in my head. I should use that time to observe Marcus in his daily life instead.

Marcus arranged for his secretary to bring me a cup of coffee before he left for his meeting.

His company adopted an open office concept. Glass walls segregated different areas in the office. From where I was seated, I could observe the situation in the conference room.

Marcus seemed exceptionally commanding in front of his business partners. He had full control over the atmosphere in the conference room. His stance reminded me greatly of Ashton.

Ashton’s already this imposing in daily life. He must be even more striking when it comes to closing business deals.

I paused in the middle of drinking my coffee. Why am I thinking about him again?

I shook myself awake from my stupor as I started observing the decor in the office. I thought it was an impressive feat that Marcus owned all of this at his age, especially since his office was located in the bustling city center.

My thoughts wandered to the crazy Rebecca.

I didn’t manage to question Emery about our relationship thanks to Ashton’s and Gregory’s sudden appearance.

Like Alexander, Rebecca was in showbiz. It shouldn’t be too hard to dig up some information on her.

I pulled out my phone and keyed in “Rebecca Larson” in the search box.

Rebecca Larson And Ashton Fuller Sighted On A Public Date.

Cameron Moore’s Daughter Makes A Flashy Comeback.

The Golden Girl Falls Down The Wayward Path.

Unable To Cope With Crippling Drug Addiction, Rebecca Larson Commits Suicide In Rehab.

Each article was accompanied by a slew of paparazzi shots.

Rebecca’s eventful life had been plastered across the news. Many netizens had expressed their sympathy at her tragic downfall.

She looked completely different from the woman I encountered at The Jade. I guess showbiz wouldn’t be so forgiving towards an artist who had fallen from grace, let alone someone who used to do drugs. She would’ve had a hard time securing opportunities even if she had a strong backing. I guess now I understand why she had to get plastic surgery.

Just like what Emery said, Rebecca had reinvented her appearance and her entire identity. The public now only knew her as “Vivian”, and her shocking past had been covered up.

There was still a knot in my mind that I couldn’t untie. Emery mentioned that Rebecca was the one who had wronged me. Why didn’t I track her down in the past six years? And why was she infuriated once she saw me?

I felt hopeless about the situation. I couldn’t even confirm if I was “Scarlett”; worrying about her enemy was definitely beyond me.

I let out a long sigh as I turned my attention back to Marcus. Acting on my gut, I Googled him instead.

The search results shocked me.

Heir To The White Corporation. The Promising Graduate Returns. Alleged Friction Between Marcus White And Stepmom Sally Fuller. Marcus White Takes Over The Reins After Benjamin White’s Death. Marcus White’s Mother Dies Of Alleged Suicide.

How did he cope with the loss of his parents in such a short time?

His life seemed a lot more tragic than Rebecca’s. Maybe his melancholic behavior was a result of that depressing period in his life.

The articles also reported on his relationship with “Scarlett”.

Six years ago, Marcus had apparently disappeared mysteriously without a trace. When shareholders of the White Corporation begun eyeing an opportunity to take over the company, “Scarlett” had stepped up to help Marcus protect his family business.

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