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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1417

“What put you in such a great mood?”

When Marcus showed up, I was in the middle of heating the milk.

“I decided to give cooking a try because I couldn’t bring myself to sleep. Speaking of which, it turns out I can cook.”

I once thought I couldn’t cook. Therefore, I was startled when I started preparing the ingredients as though it was not a big deal.

A woman will learn how to cook after they find someone worthy of their time and effort.

That particular quote crossed my mind, causing me to think I must have brushed up my culinary skills when I was deeply in love with Marcus.

He stared at me for a few seconds. Smiling, he suggested, “You need to consider your condition before engaging in such things. You have just recovered. It’s fine to have the maids deal with these.”

“It’s fine. I’m well aware of my limits. I actually feel better after getting myself involved in some activities.”

The milk had completely heated up once we wrapped up our conversation. I poured each of us a glass and brought them to the dining hall. “Care to join me for breakfast?”

After a few minutes, he said, “I need to return to the company for a meeting. Once I’m done, I’ll be back and bring you out for lunch with me.”

I replied without thinking much, “You don’t have to trouble yourself. I can just make myself something to eat.”

He fell silent for a short while, but then insisted, “I’ll be back.”

“You don’t need to worry about me because I’m merely an amnesiac… I’m not handicapped. I can still take care of myself. If I don’t start doing that, I’m afraid I’ll turn into a lazy bum.”

The conversation was wrapped up with a smile from Marcus.

After we had our meal, he returned to the company. Knowing that the maid would have everything in the kitchen washed up, I retrieved some gardening tools with me and headed over to the courtyard.

While watering the plants, I caught a glimpse of the afterimage of two figures with the corner of my eyes. When I looked ahead, I saw a male and a female sneaking their way around the building.

The man seemed to be in his best fit, but the woman by his side had a relatively casual set of outfits—an oversized trench coat with a floral print dress and shades to go along.

I stared at them for a few seconds and wondered if I should call for help.

Suddenly, the cool-looking woman removed her shades and bypassed the wall, sprinting in my direction. Startled by the clicking sound of her high heels, I had a hard time grasping the situation. By the time I returned to my senses, I was already in between her embrace.

“Scarlett! It’s you! I thought Alexander had gotten the wrong person!”

Confused by the situation, I stayed in between her embrace awkwardly. It took me a few minutes to gather my thoughts. “M-Miss, may I know—”

“Why are you being so courteous around me? I’m Emery!”

Emery took a step back and started sizing me up. Her eyes brimmed with tears as she announced, “I had a hard time recognizing you because you’re so skinny!”

After being unconscious for six years, my appearance had undergone drastic changes. On top of that, after the long night I had, I seemed relatively pale and haggard.

I tried my best to recall the woman in front of me, yet my effort was to no avail. “You’re Emery?”

“Yes! I’m Emery! The one and only Emery Moore of yours in this world!” Her words were barely audible as she started sniffling once her emotions came flooding out.

The cool-looking woman had actually burst into tears in front of me.

She didn’t bother concealing her emotions. Muttering to herself in an aggrieved tone, she started sharing all sorts of things with me.

“Why have you not returned to us? Are you aware we have been searching for you over the years?”


The man in his best fit approached the wailing woman and placed his hands on her shoulders to console her.

After he removed his cap, his face could be seen. It was Alexander whom I had encountered back in the restaurant a few days ago.

I figured that the woman was also acquainted with me since they had shown up together. Unfortunately, I couldn’t recall anything at all in spite of her wailing in front of me. I wasn’t sure if I should say something to console her, but after much considerations, I said, “Ms. Moore, please calm down.”

When she heard me, she got increasingly worked up and yelled, “Ms. Moore? Have you really forgotten us after being away for six years?”

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