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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1415

That single statement had me convinced; he had managed to repeat the contents of the note without fail.

It wouldn’t be much of a surprise for a six-year-old boy from such a renowned family to be able to produce such neat handwriting. However, it was tough to believe he could get so many people to do his biddings.

Crouching, I held his arms and asked with a serious expression, “You’re not allowed to lie, okay? Tell me the truth! Do you know the one who asked me over?”

“Do you not believe me?” As Gregory asked, he walked over and accessed his tablet. The moment he took his seat, he started executing a series of commands. If I hadn’t been there to witness it, I wouldn’t believe have believed he had such a mature side.

Since he had dove right into it, in fear of interrupting him, I had to sneak my way over to check on the things he was up to.

Countless rows of codes could be seen on the screen as Gregory swiftly ran his chubby fingers across the keyboard.

After a short while, a large notification was prompted on the screen—Success!

He seemed to have gained access to another person’s device.

I asked, “Did you hack someone?”

The little boy explained in a mellifluous tone, “Nah, I have merely edited a program and disguised myself as Daddy. I dropped our chauffeur and Mr. Campbell a text, acting as though I’m my father. They approached you and brought you over because they thought it was Daddy’s instructions.”

It turned out that he had been manipulating his father’s subordinates in a rather creative and complicated method.

With that being said, the thing that surprised me the most was the fact he could easily execute countless complicated commands to edit the software.

However, I still had my fair share of doubts. Thus, I looked at the screen and repeated my question, “Are you really the one behind the note?”

“Mmm!” Gregory nodded with a determined look. He must be afraid I wouldn’t trust him.

I secretly sized him up and wondered if I should consider myself lucky.

Initially, I had thought I could regain a part of my lost memories, yet I had been brought over for something else.

I can’t possibly pick on the child and ruin his day, right? After all, he merely wished to see me in person.

Sighing, I returned his tablet to him and put on a stern front, seriously warning him, “You’re smart, but you’re not allowed to keep your father in the dark anymore if you’re going to meet another stranger in person. You’re the son of the wealthiest man in the country. If anyone figures out your identity, you’re going to be in huge trouble, okay?”

I had a hard time figuring out if the child could comprehend my words when he began blinking his eyes rapidly.

I wasn’t in the mood to teach someone else’s son on their behalf anymore. “Alright, since you have seen me, and I have turned you down, I guess it’s the end of our session today. It’s getting late. I’ll be heading back now. Goodbye.”

Just as I was about to leave, the young boy stopped me and begged with his face puckered in a pitiable manner, “What do you need from me to be my mother?”

I actually started feeling bad when I heard him crying. It was indeed an odd sensation for a woman who had never given birth.

When I was about to say something, a stern voice could be heard, yelling at the entrance, “Stop fooling around!”

The moment I turned around, someone had barged into the private room.

Ashton was dressed in a gray suit and a pair of suit pants that didn’t have a single wrinkle on them. His neatly combed hair matched his public image; he had always shown up on the television in such a manner.

He glanced at me before asking the little boy with a straight face, “Are you going to move away from her or not?”

When the little boy heard his father’s question, he glared at him and yelled, “No! I want her to be my mother! I don’t want anyone else!”

It was such an awkward scene to be a part of. With no idea on how to deal with the awkwardness, I began with a smile, “I think he’s missing his mother…”

“If that wasn’t the case, do you think you could get the better of him?” Ashton deadpanned his reply. I couldn’t help but wonder if the man was human.

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