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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1408

Perhaps the few seconds of interaction at the junction wasn’t enough. God seemed to have arranged the show to satisfy my curiosity.

However, as compared to meeting him in person, he wasn’t as handsome as when he was on screen.

Marcus seemed to have something in mind. He muttered, “Really? I wasn’t aware of it…”

After he finished his sentence, the news anchor carried on with the interviews with other corporate players.

“His son resembles him a lot, yet Ashton addressed him as Gregory Hall as though they’re not biologically related…” I started chuckling when I recalled the interaction between the little boy and the man.

I had a hard time figuring out the reason behind the little boy being addressed with another family name different from his father’s.

“Ashton has been the paparazzi’s favorite target over the past few weeks. According to the news, the court ruled that he has custody over his son, while the custody over his daughter belongs to their children’s mother. Nonetheless, none of them have verified the rumor.” Throughout his orated speech, Marcus wouldn’t stop sizing me up. He seemed to be anticipating something from me.

Confused by his reaction, I expressed my point of view from the perspective of an onlooker. “Is he a celebrity? Why has his personal life piqued the interest of the public?”

Although the man was slightly older than the top-notch celebrities, his gorgeous look would allow him to garner the attention required. Thus, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise for him to make it to the headlines.

Marcus stared dead ahead and said blankly, “Fuller Corporation has dominated the real estate industry after acquiring the support of an anonymous magnate a few years ago. As of now, he’s the wealthiest man in the country.”

I gaped at Marcus’ reply and asked, “Have I just missed the chance to take a photo with the wealthiest man of the country?”

He chuckled in return, behaving as though my response was his sole source of joy. Shortly, he continued sharing the news regarding Ashton and Fuller Corporation with me.

To my surprise, I wasn’t bored by the news.

I considered it just another success story of a corporation and expressed my respect for the exceptional prodigy.

After Marcus shared everything with me, I directed a tricky question at him. “Why hasn’t he gotten married to his fiancée when his child is already six-year-old? Shouldn’t he get married as soon as possible? Could it be the rumors weren’t mere rumors? Is Ashton just fooling around with his fiancée?”

As a woman, I was also a natural-born busybody. I had heard all sorts of rumors regarding Ashton’s relationship during my time at the hospital.

His previous marriage had ended up with a divorce. Thora, his new fiancée, was a renowned corporate figure as well.

The woman was on par with him in terms of look and wealth, yet they hadn’t brought their relationship to the next level. That was more than enough to prove Ashton was a jerk.

Marcus cleared his thought to suppress his urge to laugh at my seemingly hilarious and sarcastic statement. “I guess we’ll never know because this is their personal affairs. We’re not really in a position to comment either.”

“I guess you’re right. Things work differently for those from the upper echelon. We should stop wasting our time on this, seeing as to how it has nothing to do with us. I’m just sharing my opinion with you because I have no one else to talk to.”

At the mention of that, hollowness came flooding out again. I suddenly recalled how I couldn’t seem to remember a single close acquaintance of mine.

Marcus had always been a detail-oriented man. Thus, he noticed that I had things weighing on my mind again. “You need to give yourself a break and take your time to reflect on your past. I’ll always be here for you.”

To be honest, I was glad to have him by my side.

Nonetheless, his companionship couldn’t get rid of the odd sensation irritating me. I knew it would go on and on until I could get rid of it once and for all.

Suddenly, I piped another question, “Do I have any other friends in K City?”

I spent the last fortnight at the hospital, but no one dropped by to visit me. It’s not my fault for not having friends, right?

Maybe they’re not aware I have regained consciousness, but it’s fine! I can always pay them a visit to regain my memories!

Marcus seemed to have foreseen my plan. He deadpanned his reply, “We used to fight a lot and spent most of our time apart from one another. You hated it whenever I tried to poke my nose into your business.”

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