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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1400

The tone of his voice changed at that last sentence. When he finished speaking, the bodyguards behind Nathaniel took out their guns and aimed at him.

“Apologies, Mr. Hall. We don’t want to be trapped on this island for the rest of our lives!” the bodyguard nearest to him said with a flash of guilt on his face.

Nathaniel had clearly not expected that to happen as it was evident that he was momentarily stunned. However, he snapped out of his shock the next instant and swept his glance calmly across his bodyguards who had turned against him. Keeping his composure, he paused for a moment before letting out an unfathomable smile. “I’ve known long ago that you have no loyalty, but my dad didn’t believe me.”

Armond sneered, “It’s not too late for him to find out now.”

Then, he looked towards Ashton with an expression as cold as ice and said, “It’s your turn to speak now, Ashton. Between this woman from the Fullers and your biological brother, who are you going to side with?”

With that said, Armond rubbed his gun with a mirthless smile on his face. His intention was obvious. Whomever Ashton picked would continue to live; the other one would not be able to leave the island.

The entire golf course was already under Armond’s control. There was no way Ashton could escape from the situation. As such, it seemed like he had no choice but to make a decision.

However, he remained unusually calm, and without batting an eyelid, he stated, “What if I refuse to choose?”

“You’re probably the only person who can still sound so high and mighty in this situation,” Armond replied while straightening his back. His expression darkened as he nodded purposefully and said, “Since you refuse to choose, everyone shall die together with you!”

Sally was so terrified that she burst into tears when she heard that. “Don’t do that, Armond! Let that child go. He’s your uncle’s only offspring!”

Turning a deaf ear to her words, Armond looked at Sally, his eyes void of any emotion. It seemed like he was already accustomed to life and death; a life lost meant nothing to him.

Armond lost his patience after a while and pointed his gun at Nathaniel’s chest. “You still have ten more seconds to decide. Ten, nine… “

Just then, a woman’s voice sounded from afar.


Everyone looked in the direction of the voice and saw Nora walking towards them with Joseph supporting her.

Nora was carrying an infant in her arms. She did not look as bubbly and energetic as she used to. Instead, she had become gentler and had a more feminine air to her.

The woman looked at Armond with a passionate gaze. With tears in her eyes, she smiled and said, “We finally meet again.”

As she said that, she walked towards Armond resolutely.

I noticed the changes in Armond’s expression when he caught sight of Nora and her child.

It was a mixture of shock, confusion, and surprise.

“Is this my child?” His hand that held the gun dropped.

Nora smiled faintly as she looked at the infant in her arms lovingly. “Yes. I wasn’t able to inform you earlier. Our baby looks so much like you,” she uttered softly.

As Armond looked at Nora and the baby, it seemed like his hostility subsided a little. He narrowed his eyes, making it difficult for me to guess what he was thinking about.

“Armond,” Nora called out his name again gently and said, “It doesn’t matter to me what you’ve done during the past two years or what plans you have for the future. Now that we are parents, can we free ourselves from all the grudges and feuds and start anew? Ashton has promised me that he wouldn’t pursue the matter further if you’re willing to stop here.”

Armond looked at Nora before shifting his gaze towards Ashton. He gave an imperceptible nod, looking convinced.

I felt a surge of hope rise within me at that moment. However, before my happiness could sink in, Armond started speaking again in his chilling voice. “As usual, Ashton is still so arrogant. He has even resorted to unscrupulous tactics such as threatening someone else’s wife. Why would I need your forgiveness? Do you really think you’re more superior than me?”

The man took a pause before lifting his head and fixing his gaze on Ashton with bloodshot eyes. “Do you think that by doing this, you will be able to threaten me?”

No reply came from Ashton. Instead, he picked up the glass beside him and took a sip of water slowly. It seemed like a provocation.

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