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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1380

Ashton, now overcome with emotion, could not take it anymore and left abruptly.

“What’s wrong with him? Does he really have to throw a tantrum in front of his sister?” Tiffany grumbled.

I immediately defended him, saying, “Since you know that he’s your brother, respect him. You have no right to comment about his rights and wrongs. Don’t judge him with your own shallow view of life.”

“Why are you getting so worked up, Scarlett? I can understand that Ashton is in a bad mood. That’s because we are family. But you’re not one of us. I don’t like to swallow my anger in front of other people.”

What? Ashton and I have been married for ten years, and yet she sees me as an outsider?

Ashton’s father hated and abandoned his own biological son, while his sister shows no respect to her own sister-in-law. The manners of the Hall family are surely eye-opening…

Fuming, I glared at her and growled, “Joseph, send our guest out.”

Ashton and I decided to go back to K City once everything regarded the funeral had been settled.

Ashton was now the only one left in the Fuller family. Just like the family home, most of the housekeepers in Uncle Charlie’s villa were dismissed. Only a few stayed to look after the villa.

The Fullers’ family home was now completely empty.

Before we departed, Ashton sat in the car and looked wistfully at the house where he had grown up in. Holding his hand in mine, I leaned on his shoulder and waited quietly. A few minutes later, he squeezed my hand and said to the chauffeur, “Let’s go.”

As Christopher was still alive, the plan to avenge his death became a joke. Ashton no longer had things to settle in J City and boarded the same plane back with me.

As expected, after we landed, the reporters swarmed us as soon as we reached the gate. Tom and the other bodyguards were escorting us, but still, we could not make it out of the crowd unscathed.

“Mr. Fuller, you’ve come back here with Ms. Stovall. Does that mean both of you are getting back together?”

“Is the engagement between Mr. Fuller and Ms. Ziegler canceled?”

“Do you guys plan to remarry? Is it because of the children?”

“Will Mr. Fuller reconsider cooperating with Ziegler Corporation?”

“Mr. Fuller, rumor has it that among all your lovers, Ms. Stovall is the one with whom you have had the longest relationship. Why…”

When Ashton heard that sentence, he stopped in his tracks abruptly and shot an icy glare at the rude and nosy reporter.

People who were grieving tended to have emotional outbursts. Worried that he might lose his composure, I quickly called out, “Ashton, no.”

Since we landed, I had not made any physical contact with him to prevent the media from making a fuss out of it. Even now, I was trying to remind him with my eyes that held a warning.

Emery had warned me that if Thora found out that she had been tricked, she might go mad and take drastic actions. Therefore, I made a choice to have a low profile for as long as I could.

When Ashton heard me, the grim expression on his face faded away as he turned to look at me affectionately. One of the reporters standing next to us raised the camera in his hands and aimed it at us.

However, a second before the reporter pressed on the shutter button, Ashton pulled me into his arms.

I lifted my head, my gaze meeting his beautiful eyes. He nodded slightly at me, beckoning me to stay calm, and turned to face the camera.

“Since there seem to be so many rumors about my personal life, I would like to take this opportunity to clarify things. Yes, Scarlett is the one with whom I have been in the longest relationship, and she is also the only lover I have. All the other statements are mere rumors.”

And that included the engagement and every rumored lover he supposedly had.

While the reporters had yet to recover from their shock, Ashton shot the bodyguards a look and put his arm around me before forcing our way through the crowd and entered the car at the exit.

Men’s thirties were their prime. As one of the most eligible bachelors in K City, Ashton attracted even more attention than the others. Choosing to admit his reconciliation with me during his prime age was tantamount to letting go of the countless potential romantic interests and their relative merits.

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