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In love, never say never chapter 1366

To my surprise, Alexander was waiting for me patiently at the elevator. When I entered, he immediately pressed the button and held the door for me.

It was awkward indeed to be alone with someone who was going after my best friend, even if he was just a young guy.

Leaning against the wall that was closer to the rows of buttons, Alexander broke the silence first.

“I’m pretty sure Emery is tough on the outside and soft on the inside. That’s why she chose to hide in M Country to avoid me. After all, she knows I’m familiar with this country. I bet she is actually giving me a chance without realizing.”

After mumbling to himself, he glanced at me and eagerly asked for my opinion, “Do you think she prefers to hold a wedding ceremony in M Country?”

It’s good to be young! They have such grand ideas with love and having a relationship.

Once they have a special someone, the obsession of spending the rest of their lifetime together with that person would consume them. They are unaware of how short-lived puppy love could be or how difficult it is to maintain a promise that would last for a lifetime. Very often, their life partner isn’t the same person they fell head over heels for.

Ignoring his idealism, I only raised my head to look at the number of the floor displayed. Alexander was undoubtedly immersed in his own beautiful dream.

Ding! I pulled my luggage out and walked toward my room. Alexander trailed behind me like my shadow.

When I opened the door to my room, he wanted to get in as well. I blocked his path. “What are you doing? You want to stay in the same room with me?” I glared at him with displeasure.

He glanced at the room and found that the light was not on. Grinning sheepishly, he moved back with both hands in the air. “Of course not! Since Emery is not in, I’ll not step into the room. If not, she would be jealous and upset!”

How on earth could he be so confident?

I rolled my eyes at the young man and scoffed at him. Emery is no ordinary woman. After experiencing the ups and downs in her love life throughout all these years, she is feeling numb with everything. Jealousy? The tough woman basically doesn’t feel anything now!

With a loud bang, I shut the door and locked him outside.

The moment I turned round, the light in the room lit up.

Emery was leaning against the sofa in her pajamas, trimming her fingernails leisurely. It was as if she did not feel the young man’s passion for her at all.

Heaving a silent sigh, I changed into the hotel slippers. “You can’t keep avoiding him like this. You’d better talk him into giving up.”

“I tried? No matter how I rejected him, he’s still being adamant. I really don’t know what I should do now.” Feeling displeased, she switched the topic immediately. “What have you prepared for the charity auction tomorrow?”

“Huh?” I froze in my steps outside the washroom and asked in puzzlement. “I’ve no idea about it.”

Ashton prepared the invitation card for the auction. He only told me about it last night, and I didn’t have time to ask for details.

I had heard about similar auction which was a bit different from the conventional ones. For charity auctions, the participants would donate a valuable item for bidding. The profits would be used for charity works. To eliminate miscommunication, the participants would have a short discussion with the auctioneer prior to the bidding session.

“Can I buy one later?” I could not think of any other method.

Emery triggered my anxiety with just one question, yet she was absorbed in playing games on her phone. At the sight of her casualness, I was even more frustrated.

“Can you just give me some suggestions? After all, you’re more familiar with this place. You know where to go.” This red-letter event is no joke. If I’m not mistaken, it’s an international event. The attendees are big shots from all over the world. I mustn’t embarrass myself there!

Emery switched to a cozier position and replied casually, “Take it easy. I’m just asking you out of curiosity. I’m sure Ashton will prepare one for you. Thus, you only need to dress up to attend this event. There will be priceless antiques at the charity auction. It would definitely cause an uproar! Why not you let me have a livestream of the charity auction? Coincidentally, I’ve invested in a new media company in K City. I’m sure I can get the first-hand news and become the talk of the town!” There was a glint of excitement in her eyes.

I admired her for being business-minded. “Since when are you keen on the media industry? Why have I never heard you mentioned about it?”

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