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In love, never say never chapter 1301-1302-1303-1304-1305

Millie did not respond and turned to walk back up the stairs. After two steps, she paused. “I’m not used to this,” she announced with a sideways glance.

After that abrupt reply, she quickened her pace and soon disappeared at the top of the stairs.

I was befuddled.

Not used to what? Our cuisine?

But we were having seafood. No matter which country you’re from, seafood is cooked in almost the same way. There shouldn’t be much difference to its taste.

Perhaps she was too far from the table and thought that the dishes were all foreign cuisine that she was not used to.

My thoughts were elsewhere when John suddenly stood up and obstructed my view. His solemn eyes were trained onto me; they were stern yet gentle. “I agree to help you.”

“Really?” I was overjoyed. I didn’t expect John to change his mind so fast.

“Yeah,” he said without expression. I couldn’t decipher his emotions. He had a naturally cool-looking face, and the lack of expression made him seem even more distant.

It didn’t feel right for me to act playful. Therefore, I composed myself and asked, “John, did you get mad because you think that I was too impulsive?”

John shook his head and sighed. Holding my gaze, he answered, “I was just feeling relieved.”

“Hmm?” I expressed my puzzlement.

“I always thought that you were obstinate and rash. You were impulsive like a man and always got hurt as a result. I felt that I needed to keep you safe at all times. But today, after seeing your secretary and learning that you took precautions without us knowing; I know you have matured. As long as you understand how precious you are, what else would I be worried about?”

Matured. This was a very heavy word.

John’s words hit a soft spot in my heart. I felt a mix of emotions.

After a while, I caught on to that singular irregularity in his touching comment. I smacked his arm with all my might. “Who did you say was a man?”

“Me! I’m the man, alright? So, what do you want to do? I’ll see how I should cooperate with you.” John said with a laugh.

“It’s very simple!” I walked toward him and started dragging him up the stairs. “Today, let’s start with the common business knowledge about Pitcoin trading!”

The next day, John and I went straight to Trivett Corporation. John visited in his capacity as the general manager of Stovall Corporation, while I went as the second major shareholder of Fuller Corporation.

In the ever-changing corporate world, it was commonly agreed that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. John was the mastermind who ensured that Mitchell Ziegler could not return to the country, and Louis was a natural barrier that blocked off profiteers. Despite these facts, Trivett Corporation did not refuse to see us. Instead, they showed us to their reception room politely.

Herman Trivett had always been the leader of the Trivett family. They started in petroleum, then went into all sorts of investments, building up the massive wealth in the process. When the petroleum business no longer worked out for them, they lost their main source of income and got into several financial crises. It was Herman who kept turning the tides and saving the corporation, though the results were not very satisfactory. However, ever since Pitcoin was introduced to the market, Trivett Corporation’s share prices soared, and the company’s net worth tripled.

By the time the secretary served us our third cup of coffee, John could no longer rein in his temper. He stood up and kicked the potted plant in the corner of the room. Its leaves shook and fell all over the place.

At that moment, the door opened from outside. The secretary led a middle-aged man in a burgundy suit into the room.

The man sported a neat crew cut. Even though he looked like he was around Louis’ age, he had a head full of black hair. The only giveaway was the wrinkles on his face which indicated his age. This must be Seth Trivett.

“Why so angry, Mr. Stovall?” Seth asked in the standard businessman tone while sitting down.

After he was seated, another young person entered the room unhurriedly at his own pace. Without any greetings, he simply pulled the chair beside Seth further apart before sitting down. Looking at his features, this was definitely Herman, Seth Trivett’s son.

“John, didn’t your Uncle Louis teach you any manners? You come to my company for a visit and you damage my property. What is the meaning of this?” Herman put down his phone and criticized John with a long face.

In love, never say never chapter 1302

Both father and son had acted their respective roles out very well.

However, given that Seth was making his son take on the role of offending others, he clearly did not care about Herman’s future at all. If anything happened to Seth in the future, Herman would have offended everyone by then. In short, the world would only sit back and watch when the Trivetts met their downfall.

Whatever, it’s their own problem anyway. It’s got nothing to do with me.

“You’re exaggerating, Mr. Trivett. My brother’s only flaw is that he’s a little anxious. He did that only because he’d drank a little too much coffee and had to go to the restroom urgently. It’d be rude to let the two of you arrive in an empty room, so he was finding another way to vent it out,” I said, hiding my anger with a friendly tone.

Although John was not a patient man, he did know to think of the big picture. He would have never caused such a conflict if the Trivetts had not made us wait so long in the first place. I said those words to tell them that the Stovall family would not simply remain silent while allowing others to take advantage of us.

Seth glared at me sharply for a while, then looked away calmly. He kept on a slight smile but did not speak.

Then, Herman seemed to have received someone’s orders and boldly tried to justify themselves. “Trivett Corporation’s not a place that you can come and visit whenever you want. We had to end the quarterly report meeting earlier by half an hour for your sake. Don’t tell me that you’re trying to accuse us of treating the two of you poorly?”

It seemed like my guess was right. The Trivetts were going to finish acting out their script.

Since that was the case, there was no need for me to expose them. Thus, I got straight to the point. “It’s just a small matter; let’s not talk about it anymore. We’re here today for other matters.”

When I spoke, Seth acted as if none of it was related to him. He picked up his tea and slowly savored it, treating us as though we were nothing worth bothering about.

“I want to join the Pitcoin business,” I said, raising my voice as I glanced over at Seth. He was still behaving as if he were a mere bystander, acting indifferent to the situation.

However, Herman was very open with his suspicions about our motives. “Don’t you know that your godfather is taking the lead to oppose Pitcoin? Isn’t it rebellious and unfilial to go against him?” Herman paused and shot John a mocking gaze. “I heard that ever since you came back from J City, you’ve been obeying everything Louis says. Are you finally unable to take it anymore?”

His words were actually not that hostile. Since it was a business matter, judgments had to be made, and explicit confirmation was required.

“That’s none of your business,” John said. Then, he moved to sit beside me in a carefree manner just as Herman did, provoking him. “Just tell us if we can join in and make some money together.”

With one hand resting on the table and the other holding his chin, Herman raised his eyebrows in thought. A while later, he looked up with a grim, ruthless gaze. “Do you think we’re so stupid as to invite trouble in? If you want to be a spy, go somewhere else. We don’t have time to play along with your petty tricks.”

Just as John was about to speak, Seth leisurely put down his teacup and stepped forward. “Herman, they’re our guests. How can you speak to them like this.”

After a pause, he looked at John. Then, acting as if he were a kind senior, Seth continued, “John, it’s not that I don’t want to work with you. It’s just that it would be too troublesome. You know your status. As Mr. Stovall’s nephew, your family’s finances are all being monitored by the authority. Although we’re not afraid of being investigated, it’ll still bring us a lot of losses at our end. Pitcoin’s actually not as profitable as the rumors make it out to be. If there’re other future opportunities, I’ll definitely reserve a place for you.”

He was obviously saying that they would not cooperate with the Stovall family.

However, it was not difficult to understand where he was coming from. After all, no one wanted to voluntarily invite a predator in.

“You’re mistaken, Mr. Trivett,” I said, taking the opportunity to interrupt. Deliberately raising my voice, I continued, “I’m the one who wants to work with the Trivetts, not John.”

In love, never say never chapter 1303

Upon hearing my words, both father and son turned to me simultaneously with their gazes full of surprise.

“You?” Herman said in a scornful tone, “You’re all from the Stovall family. Is there any difference?”

“Of course, there’s a difference.” I looked him in the eye, then continued, “Although I’ve taken Louis as my godfather, legally, we’re not family, so whatever investments I make will not be monitored. You can rest assured that you won’t incur losses because of me.”

Herman knocked on the table as he laughed coldly. “I don’t know if you’re stupid or if you’re just pretending, but do you think you can resolve it just by saying that you’re ‘not legally family?’ Do you really think we’re idiots?”

As soon as he was done speaking, the secretary standing behind Seth brought the phone to his ear and whispered while cupping the microphone. He then bent over and whispered in Seth’s ear.

After Seth replied in a soft voice, the secretary gave us a polite smile before exiting the room.

As soon as the secretary turned his back to us, Seth broke into an incomprehensible smile. “Today seems to be a special day. Distinguished guests have arrived all at once. Mr. and Ms. Stovall, I’m sure you won’t mind if my friends join in our conversation, right? They’re also very interested in Pitcoin.”

Although his expression actually made me a little flustered, I still managed to look calm. “Of course, it’s all fair competition. Only if we meet will you actually be able to see who has more capital, right?”

Seth kept silent as the corners of his mouth started to curl upward, resulting in a very frightening scene.

Soon, the office door opened once again as the secretary led Seth’s guests in.

As soon as Thora walked through the door, our eyes met. A flash of surprise flashed across her eyes, but she kept her composure as she greeted both father and son. Behind her, aside from her assistant, entered Ashton.

However, I was not as surprised as Thora was. As Ashton and I had already agreed to disrupt the Pitcoin business, we inevitably had to meet Seth. Thus, it was no surprise that we would meet then.

Perhaps due to Seth’s presence, as soon as Ashton saw me, he paused in his footsteps and frowned slightly before he walked over to sit down beside Thora.

Thus, the four of us sat opposite one another. When our gazes met, there was a weird shift in the atmosphere.

Ashton was the first to speak. His cold tone set the scene for our show. “Why are you here instead of looking after the children at home?”

“We’re already divorced. My choices are none of your business,” I said, narrowing my eyes impatiently. I then turned to Seth and asked, “Mr. Trivett, are they the people that are here to compete with me?”

“You plan to get involved in the Pitcoin business too?” inquired Thora.

Upon hearing that, I lowered my eyes and remained silent for a while before I looked her in the eye and smiled. “I have Ms. Ziegler to thank for this. If you hadn’t wanted my shares in Fuller Corporation so desperately, I wouldn’t have gotten someone to investigate. It turns out that Pitcoin’s very popular now, and everyone wants a hand in it. Since I own so many shares, obviously, I had to plan well for my future.”

“Oh?” said Seth, finally showing some surprise. “Does that mean you’re here to represent Fuller Corporation today, to agree to the cooperation I proposed?”

He took the bait!


“That’s not true.”

Even though Ashton and I spoke at the same time, his deep voice forcibly covered my words.

“You’re mistaken, Mr. Trivett. Scarlett’s shares in Fuller Corporation are far less than mine, so she doesn’t have the right to make decisions. I’m purely here to accompany Ms. Ziegler today. I’m not acting on behalf of the company, much less suggesting that I’m interested in the Pitcoin business.” Although Ashton had spoken with a straight face and his words did not carry any strong tone, for some reason, others did not dare to talk.

Between Ashton and I, it was clear whose words were more convincing. Seth was not the slightest bit conflicted and simply moved past the matter with a smile. Instead, I glared at Ashton, simultaneously angry and amused. Seriously? Leave some space for me to play around too!

In love, never say never chapter 1304

“Looks like Ms. Stovall’s not fated with Pitcoin. That’s too bad. I guess I’ll have to be the one that takes the deal,” Thora said, taking the opportunity to interrupt.

When it came to rivals in love, whoever made the first concession would lose.

“Says who!” I exclaimed, unwilling to accept things just like that. “Ms. Ziegler owns an entire listed company, so I can’t compare to her. However, God has been fair. Even if I can’t use my shares in Fuller Corporation, my birth parents, Cameron and Zachary, have enough capital for me to compete with you!”

It did not matter whether or not I was able to secure the cooperation. What mattered was to make Thora confused and let the Trivetts continue to be arrogant.

It was no use only inflicting a small injury. One had to strike the opponent with a single blow so that they would never have a chance at recovery.

Since the most taboo subject to Thora was her family members, her expression darkened. However, since there were others present, she did not make it too obvious.

Yet, not bothering to conceal anything, I raised the phone in my hand to show it off and said casually, “If you don’t believe me, I can call Mr. Moore right now.”

Before Thora could even react, Ashton got angry first.

“That’s enough,” he said abruptly with a hint of anger in his voice. His black eyes shot a dark look at me as he continued, “Scarlett, you just have something against Thora and me getting too close. There’s no need to get everyone else involved in your foolery!”

To the public eye, although Ashton’s reputation was never that of an approachable person, he still carried the airs of a gentleman. Thus, his sudden anger inevitably surprised everyone, including myself.

Is this guy trying to join the entertainment industry?

I was taken aback for a while but soon recovered and stared at him with wide eyes. “That’s none of your business! If you don’t want me, I still have the Moore family and the Stovall family to pamper me! I’m going to oppose you just so that your woman will never get what she wants. What the h*ll can you do to me!”

“You are being unreasonable!” Ashton was so angry that he became speechless. His handsome face was flushed red in anger.

The confrontation clearly showed how helpless a person felt when they had to deal with an unreasonable person. Only someone like the character I was playing could make an ambitious person like Ashton angry. His ex-wife who could do whatever she wanted.

Both of us continued to pretend to be angry with each other for a while. Then, Ashton reacted first and suggested negotiating the terms with Seth. “Mr. Trivett, didn’t you always want Fuller Corporation to join in on the Pitcoin project? I rejected it before, but I’ve now changed my mind. I can consider it, but I have a condition. You have to reject Scarlett Stovall’s conditions and get them both to leave now.”

“Ashton Fuller, you’re so shameless!” John said as he stood up and stared at him dangerously. “No matter what, the two of you were once married. Letty rarely wants to do business by herself. Do you have to do this to her?”

Ashton’s expression went cold, and his gaze was filled with anger. He was clearly trying to suppress his anger as he said, “What I want is a supportive wife who can help me, not one that does nothing all day, only knows how to be unreasonable, and will never grow up!”

His words were not exactly harmful, but they were extremely insulting.

If I had not known that those words were against his own intentions, I would have really gotten angry.

However, regardless of whether or not Ashton really meant what he said, as long as it was something that degraded me, John deemed it as crossing the line. He was so furious that he kicked aside the chair and walked over to grab Ashton’s collar, pulling him up from the chair. He looked him in the eye and said, “You are a piece of shit! What did you just say? Do you really think that without Letty, you’d be able to stand so firmly in the city so quickly? And now you’re saying she’s ignorant. What’s your problem? Ashton, you can’t call yourself a man!”

The more he spoke, the more agitated he got. Resultantly, John clenched his fists and was about to punch Ashton. Then, Thora suddenly stood up and stepped on John’s foot. All women would know how high stilettos were, and Thora had not hesitated in stepping on him. John cursed in pain as he let go of Ashton and jumped to the side.

I immediately went over to help him. “John! Are you okay? Ashton, how dare you touch my brother!”

In love, never say never chapter 1305

Ashton tidied his suit as if nothing had just happened, and his expression was extremely indifferent. Instead, Thora, who for some reason was only an inch away from Ashton, raised her chin as she looked down on us proudly. “Scarlett, don’t think that everyone will give in to you. I’m sure we all clearly saw who took action first. If you pursue it, you’ll be the one who’ll be embarrassed.”

From her tone, it seemed as though she had fallen for Ashton’s acting and regarded me as a submissive and well-mannered lady of a rich family.

However, we were indeed unable to refute her. John’s acting tended to be on the angrier side, and he would always take physical action every time. Since we knew we were losing the battle, there was no need to seek out any more trouble.

At that moment, Seth slowly stood up to stop the fight. “What are you guys doing? We’re all just here to do business. There’s no need to take things so far.”

He pretended to sigh, then looked at John. He said apologetically, “John, since you’re injured, why don’t you take your sister back home first. I’ll contact you about the cooperation another day.”

Keeping the weight off his injured foot, John unwillingly looked at Ashton and Thora, closed his eyes in displeasure, and nodded. “I’ll do it for your sake, Mr. Trivett. Ashton, ask your woman to remember this well. I’ll get back at her sooner or later!”

Then, he dragged his injured foot as he limped away.

Aggrieved, I was stunned for a while before I abruptly stomped my feet in anger and chased after him.

As John had been embarrassed by a woman, his expression was bad ever since he left the room. Similarly, I was in a bad mood as well. Wordlessly, both of us exited the Trivett Corporation building.

When we finally entered the car, John gasped a sigh of relief and bent over to rub his foot. “What the hell! Thora’s really ruthless. She almost pierced through my foot!”

I felt both sorry and amused at the same time. “It’s been hard on you. But this time, the results seem quite good. Thora should have believed by now that Ashton and I got a divorce because our personalities clashed. So, she’d go all in and try to take everything for herself in the Pitcoin business.”

However, John was only interested in thinking about how to deal with such an unexpected situation the next time. He mumbled to himself, “When I get back, I’ll get the housekeeper to order me a pair of customized shoes and I’ll add a small bulletproof vest to the front of it. Who knows whether or not that b*tch will shoot me next time!”

“Do you need to exaggerate this much?”

“Let someone step on you, and you’ll know how I feel,” said John with a dark expression. “Even if it was all an act, I won’t forget this. The Ziegler family has seriously offended me. Mitchell is disgusting enough, but now Thora’s also an eyesore. Their entire family is seriously a bunch of trouble.”

I smiled, unable to refute his words. “There’s always a solution to the problem. Who can take on a demon like you? When the time comes, Ashton will naturally be able to make them all disappear.”

“I hope I don’t have to wait too long.” John pressed his lips together, seemingly not caring much.

“Getting the Zieglers and the Trivetts to join forces is only the first step of our plan. Tomorrow, prepare some funds and find some retail investors. Then, go to the stock market and make the price of Pitcoin rise.”

“I know what to do.” John crossed his arms as he leaned back on the leather seat. Perhaps he had used too much effort in his acting, as he looked a little tired.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Nothing, I just suddenly thought of how Thora was defending Ashton and thought of Hannah,” said John sorrowfully. His deep brown eyes looked out the window as if he were a lonely solo traveler at night.

Suddenly, my heart seemed to have been wrapped in ice. I felt both cold and weak and was uncomfortable. At such a time, it was not suitable for me to express my own feelings.

“When you’re free, let’s go visit Kiki together. You’re still family, so you can’t just avoid each other forever.”

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