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In love, never say never chapter 1241-1242-1243-1244-1245

“You want to see a child, right? That’s why I brought you here. Why are you displeased?” Marcus replied nonchalantly.

Feeling like a fool, I exclaimed through gritted teeth. “You know that’s not what I mean. I want to see my son. Tell me, is he even here?”

“Ha!” Marcus snickered before he stepped in and pretended to be kind enough to stop the kids from crying. “Every child here has been separated from their parents. Letty, I’ll give you a chance. Pick a child here, and I’ll release you both. How does that sound?”

“Release us?” I refused to believe he would be that kind. “On what condition?” Instead of answering my question, Marcus insisted. “Think about it. The kids are all born on the same day as your son. You can take any of them away.”

“What do you mean?” I demanded.

“You want a child, right? They are still young and won’t remember their past. Or don’t you trust yourself? Can’t you treat someone else’s child as your own?” asked Marcus.

I was stunned. Marcus was asking me to find a substitute for me and Ashton’s son here.

He had no idea Ashton sneaked into my room last night, so he shouldn’t be trying to please me right now. Most importantly, his idea was utterly ridiculous.

I shook my head and sneered. “Until now, you still think there’s a replacement for everything, huh?”

Our familial bond might be invincible, but it would never disappear. I believe Marcus wouldn’t understand that, ever.

“I’m curious as to what you will gain through this.”

He schemed and did everything he could to lure me here, but now he was asking me to escape with someone else’s child. Wasn’t that contradictory?

Marcus was stubborn, but he was no fool. He must have his own reasons for doing so.

Narrowing his gaze, Marcus considered for a moment before saying, “Why would you be with Ashton? He couldn’t even protect you and your child. Letty, you are the most important person in my life. As long as you say yes, we can escape with a baby and leave everything behind. I promise I will keep you and the baby safe.”


Right now, Marcus’ promise was worth nothing.

Still, luck was still on my side. Marcus was obsessed with me, but he showed no intention of harming me. I deduced that he wasn’t the mastermind.

“Is Camelia and my son in their hands?” I asked.

Perhaps Marcus had no choice but to work with them because of that.

Upon hearing my question, Marcus’ gaze turned menacing. He glared at me and declared, “If your son goes missing forever, and you have a chance to leave with me and a baby here, will you do so?”

I gulped unwittingly at the upcoming danger.

Yet, I refused to back down. I couldn’t allow my son to fend for himself.

Parting my lips, I clenched my fists and calmed down to reply to him. Before I could do so, a figure appeared in a flash and held a knife to Marcus’ neck.

After restraining Marcus, the figure slowly showed herself. It was Helga.

I thought Marcus was one of them? Why are they attacking each other now?

I was still in a daze when a sinister voice rang out. “Well, well. I did warn you not to be a smart arse, didn’t I?”

Armond’s figure stepped out from behind Helga.

He flashed an evil grin which made my skin creep as though he had just crawled out from the depths of hell. “Scarlett, I said we will meet soon. I was right, huh?”

In love, never say never chapter 1242

I inhaled sharply and fell silent.

Something told me that Armond was somehow involved in this, but I was still shaken up upon seeing him here.

An unknown enemy was terrifying, but it didn’t apply to Armond.

Even though I knew everything about him, I couldn’t predict how evil he could be.

“Boss, how should we punish this fella?” Helga inquired as she pressed her knife further into Marcus’ neck. She seemed eager to spill some blood.

I belatedly realized Helga was working for Armond. Everything made sense now.

Armond strode over to them and proceeded to give Marcus a flying kick, knocking him to the ground.

It seemed that Armond’s strength had improved when he was overseas. Marcus fell to the ground and lurched backward until he hit the wall.

“I gave you a chance, but you didn’t appreciate it.” Armond placed his palms on his knees and gazed at Marcus like he was studying his prey. “How dare you try to take what’s mine? Hmm, how should I punish you?”

Marcus leaned against the wall furiously, but he didn’t utter a word as though he was afraid of Armond.

“Boss, don’t dirty your hands. I’ll handle him,” offered Helga.

I could sense she wanted Marcus to die.

Armond looked at Marcus before turning to look at me. He thought about it, but didn’t agree with her suggestion. “Forget it. Lock him up. He’s still useful.”

“But Boss—” Helga protested.

Armond cut her off with an icy glare. “Are you questioning my decision?”

“No, of course not.” Helga lowered her gaze and apologized. “I will carry out your order now.”

She turned and left the room. When she returned, there were two armed foreigners behind her. They took Marcus and dragged him out.

Marcus gave me a strange look before he was dragged away.

By now, even the sleeping babies were awake and wailing due to the earlier commotion. It was total chaos.

“Let’s talk somewhere else.”

Armond’s voice pulled me out of my reverie. He stepped out while Helga stood guard at the entrance and glared at me. I immediately went after him.

We went deeper into the factory instead of heading out.

After making a few turns, we entered another room.

There was only a stone bed in the middle of the room with a filament lamp hanging above it.

Once Armond and I entered the room, Helga shut the door and waited outside.

He had his back to me as he walked around the stone bed slowly with one hand on it. I didn’t know what he was planning.

He spoke after a long moment of silence.

“Scarlett, you’ve disappointed many people in your life. Will you be able to pay them back in this lifetime?”

Love couldn’t be forced. That was a fact.

However, to someone like Armond, it was my fault for disappointing him.

It was impossible to convince either of us to change, so there was no need to argue with him over the matter.

I pursed my lips silently and waited to see what would happen next.

Right now, I wanted to know why Armond went through all the trouble to lure me here.

If I couldn’t figure it out, our little family would forever be in danger.

“Do you still remember what I’ve said?”

Armond tapped his fingers on the stone bed and gazed at me with his lips curved up in a smirk.

Stupefied, I gave no comment.

After all, Armond had said many things. It was impossible for me to remember everything he said.

Besides, I didn’t even want to run into him again.

In love, never say never chapter 1243

Even though I remained silent, Armond didn’t get mad. He patiently continued, “Don’t worry. I used to be obsessed with getting you, but I’ve changed my mind.”

Upon hearing his words, instead of joy, fear engulfed my heart.

“That’s great,” I replied, pretending to be calm. “I wish you happiness!”

“Of course.” Armond arched a brow before changing the subject suddenly. “But if you want me to be happy, you’ll have to help me.”

Indeed, he was a scheming man.

However, I wasn’t about to suffer in silence.

“Sure. We can talk as long as you return my son to me.”

Armond merely chuckled when he heard what I said. “Do you seriously think I’m discussing with you?”

His smile disappeared without a trace.

Bang! The metal door was pushed open without warning. A bunch of men in white coats and masks strode in. They seized me and tied me onto the stone bed.

When I realized what was going on, my body was bound to the bed with tape. I could only move my ankles and wrists.

Armond towered above me, blocking the light. “Don’t worry. It will be over soon.”

As soon as he said that, a syringe was stabbed into my thigh. The increasing pain caused me to sweat as I dug my nails into my palms.

Armond’s satisfied smirk was the last thing I remembered before I lost consciousness.

When I opened my eyes again, the first thing I saw was the while ceiling. There was a strong disinfectant smell wafting through the air.

“Letty, you’re awake.” It was John.

I turned my head in the direction of the voice and spotted him.

“Where am I?” I struggled to sit up.

“The hospital. You were left on the streets. Someone called the cops and sent you to the hospital.” John poured me a glass of warm water before taking a seat.

I must have been unconscious for a long time because my throat was parched. I immediately gulped down most of the water before stopping.

Soon, I realized Ashton wasn’t around. “Where is Ashton?” I queried.

Ashton’s influence in M Country was more widespread compared to John, so he should’ve been notified earlier than John.

“Hey, you ingrate. I came all the way here, but all you ask for is that brat?” John couldn’t stop comparing himself to Ashton again.

I gave the glass back to him in exasperation. “I was just asking about him. Both of you are equally important to me.”

“Really? I don’t think so.” John placed the glass on the table and replied sarcastically, “You willingly became a hostage for your son’s sake. Did you even consider our feelings back then? Is your brother someone who will act as if nothing had happened after seeing someone holding you at knifepoint?”

I knew John was upset, just like Ashton.

Taking his hand, I offered an apology. “John, I’m sorry. Don’t worry. I will never ever risk my life again. I’m at fault, so how will you punish me?”

My apology took John by surprise. He swallowed the mocking words that were about to leave his mouth and sighed. “How will I punish you? What else? You’ve already apologized. If I insist on teaching you a lesson, what am I?”

I burst out chuckling. “I’m lucky to have a great brother like you.”

“Stop flattering me. If this happens again, I will surely teach you a lesson! I have plenty of ways to kick some sense into you.” John feigned fury as he rolled his eyes at me.

I was used to getting what I want from him, so I wasn’t afraid and merely raised my brows in response. We both stopped talking about that matter.

In love, never say never chapter 1244

Suddenly, I remembered how Armond smirked before I fainted. As uneasiness rose in my heart, I asked, “Did the doctor examine me? Is anything wrong with me?”

“Oh, you’re nervous now? Did you finally realize you’re still in your confinement period?” John shot me a glare before assuring me. “Don’t worry. The doctor said you’re fine, but you need to rest in bed for now. Otherwise, your health might be affected.”

I relaxed visibly at his answer but insisted, “Why don’t I get a thorough checkup, which includes blood and urine test? Let’s run every test available just to be safe.”

Sensing my unusual reaction, John grabbed my hands and demanded sternly, “What is going on?”

“Armond was the one who kidnapped my son. Before I fainted, they injected something into my thigh. I had no idea what it was,” I revealed.

John froze for several moments before gasping in horror.

It was more distressing to watch his reaction. I would rather be tortured instead.

“Don’t worry. It might be nothing.” I wanted to comfort him, but my voice was tiny for I wasn’t sure about it.

John ignored me and walked out of the ward.

He was truly mad.

Soon, the best doctors in the hospital were summoned. They took turns to ask questions before arranging numerous tests for me.

John stood beside me the entire time, but he didn’t utter a word.

It was a long wait before the results were released. The minor tests showed I was fine, but the results from the other tests would only be released two days later. The doctors could only confirm if I was poisoned by then.

I had slept too much during the day, so I couldn’t fall asleep at night.

As darkness fell on the city, I got up from my bed to take a stroll outside. At the door, John’s bodyguards stopped me from leaving.

I craned my neck and saw bodyguards stationed at every exit of this floor. There were three times more bodyguards guarding my door compared to the other areas. It was impossible for me to escape or for someone else to barge into my ward.

There was also a heavily guarded room a few doors away from me, but my bodyguards still outnumbered them. John must be in there.

The incident in K City must’ve traumatized him a lot, so he decided to keep watch on me himself.

John was a proud man, but he put his pride aside and sacrificed his time just for me.

Seeing John’s reaction, I could imagine Ashton doing the same.

Indeed, I should stop letting my emotions take control of me as it would end up affecting the people I loved.

No, I must. I made up my mind and knocked on John’s door.

“Scram!” Clearly, John was venting his anger as he thought one of his bodyguards was knocking on the door.

“It’s me.” I cleared my throat and added, “Can I come in?”

No sound was heard within the room. I was about to leave when John pulled the door open.

“Say it here,” he uttered in an indifferent voice. He was standing against the light, so I couldn’t see his expression clearly.

John had never been this indifferent to me. I knew he was mad, but still, I felt a pang of unhappiness.

I stared at John for a few seconds before breaking the silence. “If I do that again, you can take my kids away from me so I won’t get to see them again.”

I’ve never been more aware than I was now.

John gazed at me and blinked as he considered how sincere I was. His intimidating gaze caused me to look down guiltily.

John’s voice finally rang out above me. “It was my fault that caused Hannah to leave me. I deserve it.”

In love, never say never chapter 1245

I looked up when he paused and saw the grimness in his gaze. “Scarlett, if you cause me to go through that pain of losing a loved one again, I will never forgive you. I will leave your kids to fend for themselves, get it?”

It was not a notice; it was a warning.

I pursed my lips and gave him a firm nod. “Yes. If I die, you will leave your nephew and niece to die.”

I was certain both Ashton and John would make the same choice.

The hospital was chilly at night. I shuddered when the night breeze blew along the hallway.

John calmed down. He couldn’t bring himself to get mad at me and stood aside to let me in. “Come on in. It’s chilly out there. Are you putting on a show to gain my sympathy?”

His voice was flat, but at least he was no longer unapproachable.

I found John’s stubbornness adorable. Flashing a smile, I entered his room.

We were short on time, so I sat down and immediately inquired, “Will we get all the test results tomorrow?”

John was sitting opposite me with his legs crossed. His relaxed figure stiffened upon hearing my question. “Tomorrow afternoon. Before the results are out and we can be sure you are fine, I won’t forgive you.”

“No, John. You need to forgive me,” I interjected firmly. “Once the results are out, make the arrangements for the best treatment available and get the best medicine there is. Kick up a big fuss. The bigger the better.”

John furrowed his brows as he inched nearer to me. “Do you feel unwell?” he inquired as he scanned me carefully.

Without waiting for my reply, he stood up and took my arm. “Come with me.”

I stood rooted to the spot and uttered helplessly. “You’ve got it wrong. That wasn’t what I meant.”

John kept his grip on my arm and glowered at me. “Really?”

“Yes,” I replied with a nod. “I want to beat them at their own game.”

John was almost convinced, but he still stated his doubts. “You’ll regret it if this is a lie!”

Amused, I pushed him into his chair. “Got it. I dare not make a fool of myself in front of the great Mr. Stovall. Calm down and listen to my plan.”

Ten minutes later, John held his chin thoughtfully after listening to my plan.

I grew impatient as he remained silent for a long time, so I gave him a push. “What do you think? Will it work?”

John gave me a strange look and was about to answer when his phone rang.

He chuckled lightly and handed his phone to me. “Tell your guardian about it.”

My guardian? Who could it be? Cameron or Zachary?

I glanced at the screen and nearly laughed out loud when I saw the caller’s ID—Old Man Ash.

“John, why did you save Ashton’s number to this name!”

John merely shrugged and headed to the balcony to smoke.

I shook my head wryly and answered the call. “Hello, it’s me.”

There was no sound from the other end of the line, so I continued speaking, “Ashton? Can you hear me?”

Still, there was no response. Puzzled, I glanced at the screen and confirmed the call was connected before bringing it back to my ear. Hmm, perhaps the line there is bad. I need to wait for a while for him to receive the signal.

John came back to me with a cigarette between his fingers. As I wasn’t talking, he asked, “What is it? Why do you look so serious?”

I pouted and gave him a shrug. “There’s no sound. Perhaps the line is bad.”

John cocked an eyebrow to show his suspicion. He took the phone from me and held it by his ear. Shortly after, he snickered and gave the phone back to me. “You should prepare your apology.”

“Mm?” I was taken aback. “He spoke to you?”

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