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In love, never say never chapter 1231-1232-1233-1234-1235

Bewildered, I asked, “Are you being held captive here, too?”

“Ha! How naive,” the woman mocked before telling the bodyguard. “Head in. The doctor is waiting for you.”

“We’ll leave her with you.” With that, the woman followed the bodyguard upstairs.

Once they left, we were left alone in the hall. The maid had already shut the door. It was much quiet without the howling wind.

“Come with me,” said Marcus. He walked up another flight of stairs.

Curious, I went after him obediently.

There were many rooms on the second floor. Marcus led me down the hallway and came to a stop when we reached the end. He opened the door on the right and stepped aside. “This is your room. Have a good rest tonight.”

I stepped in and studied the surroundings. There were candles lighting up the huge room. I immediately spotted a laptop beside the bed which seemed out of place in this castle.

Hearing the footsteps behind me, I turned and called out, “Wait a minute!”

Marcus was taller and bigger than me. Even his shadow swallowed mine whole, so my action seemed ridiculous.

“Don’t you have anything to say?” I looked up and queried.

He towered above me icily. “What do you want me to say?”

His cool reaction pissed me off. He knew what I meant, but pretended to be clueless. I didn’t know why he was acting this way. Right now, I needed to find out where my son was.

I sighed and tried to stay calm. “Why are you so familiar with the others? Where is my son, Toby and Camelia? You don’t seem anxious at all.”

Marcus furrowed his brows and gestured at the laptop in my room. “You can see your son’s current condition there. If you stay here obediently, you’ll get to see him every day.”

I looked at him before turning to glance at the laptop. It was clear that Marcus knew everything about my son.

A hint of frustration crept into my heart.

Indeed, I risked my life for my son’s sake, but I also did it because I was worried for Marcus.

I bit my lip and muttered, “Why did you do this?”

A heavy silence hung in the air, safe for the crackling sounds of the candles.

After a long while, Marcus spoke. “You’re exhausted. Go to bed.”

“Marcus!” I uttered frantically, but I couldn’t make him stay.

He stalked away and soon reached the other end of the hallway. Without looking back, he entered the first room on the left and shut the door.

It was as though he was trying to draw a line between us. I felt annoyed at that thought.

However, my son’s safety was of utmost importance. I dashed back into my room and switched on the laptop.

There was only one file on the desktop. I clicked on the icon, and a baby’s face immediately appeared on the screen.

Immediately, tears welled up in my eyes. I covered my lips as my heart leaped in joy.

It was my son. The tiny brows, nose, and eyes belonged to my son.

Feeling elated, I heaved a sigh of relief. They took good care of my baby. He was skinny, but his eyes were blinking energetically.

At least Marcus wasn’t lying when he said they didn’t harm my son.

Finally, I could relax after finding out my son was alright. I shut the laptop and tried to figure out a solution.

I couldn’t escape as Baby was still with them. I would never leave him alone.

There wasn’t anyone guarding my room or any surveillance cameras around. It was because they knew what my weak spot was.

Still, I didn’t know when I would get to see Baby.

Feeling dejected, I fell into bed and sighed. Suddenly, I caught hold of something cool.

In love, never say never chapter 1232

It was an unlocked phone!

Immediately, I dialled Ashton’s number and waited anxiously.

Soon, after a soft beep, Ashton’s deep voice sounded over the line. “Scarlett Stovall.”

“How did you know it was me?” This was a foreign number that wasn’t saved on his phone, so I didn’t think he would answer the call.

“Did you see Marcus?” asked Ashton.

Huh? That sounds strange. My excitement faded away as I replied in a low voice, “Yes, I did. I followed them here for Baby’s sake.”

“Should I praise you for being a great mother?” Ashton mocked. “I must’ve been too lenient with you. Look, you’re threatening me with what I loved most.”

My heart skipped a beat at his words.

Ashton had spent his life in hatred. He didn’t expect to fall in love with me, so I was special to him. Even our son was second in importance after me. Yet, I risked myself just to save my son.

If my bet paid off, it would be a happy ending. If it didn’t, Ashton would hate me for the rest of his life.

“Ashton,” I uttered, not knowing what else to say.

He fell silent for a long time before stating firmly, “This is the first and last time. I will not forgive you if you do it again.”

He had let me off the hook, so I hurriedly caved in. “As long as our son is safe, I promise I won’t do it again.”

I heard him sighing through the phone. “You should now know why I didn’t want you to stay in touch with Marcus.”

Ashton’s change of topic caught me by surprise. “You knew something was wrong with Marcus’ disappearance?”

“Remember when I told you a few culprits are still at loose?”

“You mean the White family are involved?” I was shell-shocked. “Joseph found a document with Marcus’ grandfather’s signature on it, but we still can’t be sure,” he replied.

Ashton was a careful person, so he wouldn’t have told me if he wasn’t sure about it.

No wonder Marcus kept reminding me to be careful of Ashton. He must’ve found out about the truth and tried to confuse me before Ashton could discover the truth.

I didn’t like judging others negatively, especially Marcus. Unfortunately, contrary to my wishes, he became the biggest variable here.

Right then, Joseph’s voice rang out.

“Mr. Fuller, we’re ready.”

Ashton grunted in response and told me, “I’ll call you tomorrow.” He then hung up.

I glanced at the phone’s screen, which showed only one call in the call history. My feelings were in turmoil.

Ashton wasn’t worried about me at all.

It wasn’t actually his fault. After all, this was my choice.

I couldn’t fall asleep after that, so I switched on the laptop and studied the video of Baby, trying to get a hint of his whereabouts.

Gradually, I fell asleep.

When I woke up again, it was already 10 a.m. Wintertime in M Country was a gloomy affair.

I washed up and headed downstairs to look around.

The ancient castle was as silent as last night, safe for a few foreign maids scurrying around.

They did everything they could to bring me here but didn’t try to stop me from escaping. I didn’t know whether it was because they had my son captive or it was something else.

“Good morning, Letty.” Marcus was seated at the dining table in an elegant white suit. His lips were curved up slightly, reminding me of a gentleman.

I knew I was at the losing end here, so there was no use being afraid. I went over and sat down across from him.

In love, never say never chapter 1233

The maid brought me a plate of breakfast with the same contents as Marcus’.

I kept my gaze on Marcus.

After talking to Ashton on the phone last night, I kept wondering if Marcus had indeed changed.

“Letty, if you keep staring, I shall be under the impression that you’re going to change your mind.”

Marcus wasn’t even looking at me when he made that startling announcement.

I hurriedly calmed down and returned. “I don’t understand. What is it about?”

Marcus stopped and met my gaze, seemingly amused. “Choosing to be with me, of course.”

Just as I had expected, he was a changed man. Yet, his obsession with me remained unchanged.

Now, he was no longer my protector. He was the culprit behind my son’s kidnapping.

I sneered. “I never knew you are so full of yourself.”

I wanted to provoke him as he might reveal something important, but Marcus remained unfazed. Alas, it felt like I was punching at cotton. Nothing I said or did manage to elicit a response out of him.

He flashed a grin and asked, “Why are you so obsessed with Ashton?”

What is Marcus up to?

It’s clear, isn’t it? Why is he trying to stir up trouble?

I returned the question to him. “What do you think?”

Hearing my question, Marcus frowned as he fell into deep thought. After a while, he answered, “I don’t think he captivated you. You’re a soft-hearted woman, so you must’ve stayed with him as you sympathized with him. Also, you already have kids with him.”

Clearly, Marcus was too stubborn to change his mind. He was twisting the facts to his own liking.

I schooled my expression carefully before glaring at him. “You’ve never loved anyone. How do you know we don’t love each other?”

“Perhaps you should learn to care for yourself. It’s time to stop, Letty. You and Ashton won’t have a future together.”

We locked gazes, staring each other down.

As Marcus spoke, he leaned nearer to me, causing me to recoil in disgust.

Last night, I arrived at the castle and saw him greeting the others calmly. I couldn’t help but feel revolted every time I see him again.

“Marcus, do you really think you can control someone else’s life? You said Ashton and I won’t be together for long. Why would I trust you? We’ve been in love for ten years, and will continue to love each other for years to come. Even if we are separated, divorced, or don’t get to see each other forever, our hearts are still connected. You won’t be able to get that.”

My eyes were flashing with obvious disdain.

Marcus leaned back nonchalantly. “Letty, I’m doing this for your sake.”

I held my breath when he called my nickname endearingly.

It was this man who had pulled me out of hell with his charming voice.

Alas, he was no longer the same person he used to be.

Seeing my reaction, Marcus raised his brows smugly as though he had successfully pulled a prank on me. He then took his mug and sipped on his coffee calmly.

He must be proud of himself for eliciting a response from me.

“Marcus, what do you want?” I frowned and demanded as my hands resting on my knees balled into fists.

My instincts told me Marcus was no longer the young man who placed me above all others.

Marcus averted his gaze and cut into his fried egg. “Don’t look at me that way. We did a good job together, right? I believe Ashton will be here soon.”

In love, never say never chapter 1234

My heart sank at his words.

The phone was a trap so I would lure Ashton to this castle!

“Marcus White!” I slammed the table in fury. Last night, he pretended to ignore me so I would end up calling Ashton.

What a scheming man.

I had a falling out with Ashton just because I was worried about him.

Marcus ate his breakfast coolly. However, his words made my skin crawl. “You and your son are here, while both his daughters are at home. Who will he pick?”

My mind went blank at once.

No matter who he picked, we would lose a loved one. Ashton could come up with a perfect plan, but we were in M Country, a foreign country out of his reach. If he were to come, he would fall right into their trap.

“Marcus, is it fun to destroy my family and torture me? Are you not going to stop until I become as unhappy as you?” I clenched my fists so firmly that the nails dug deep into my palm, but I couldn’t feel any pain.

If any of my family—including my children and Ashton—was harmed, I would live the rest of my life in guilt.

Immediately, Marcus’ expression fell. He didn’t refute my words and waited to see what I would say next.

As it concerned my loved one, I didn’t hold back. I stood up and uttered icily, “You can kill me. I won’t say anything as I owed you one!”

“When Camelia and Toby went missing, I defended you though Ashton remained cautious. You called me and said some vague stuff, but I risked my life to be a hostage to come to you. We have been through many obstacles together, so I’ve never doubted you.”

“I refused to believe my son’s kidnapping was related to you until just now!”

“The woman who loved you dearly is missing, but what did you do? You’re partnering up with a bunch of strangers instead! Why are you wasting time to take revenge on Ashton and pursuing me? I will never love you!”

I pointed at him, my eyes flashing with hatred. “You’re humiliating yourself! You’ve misused my trust and those who love you! You don’t deserve to be loved!”

“That’s my son. How could you…” I trailed off and took a deep breath. “I would rather die in that abandoned factory if I knew this was to happen! I’ll never accept you!”

No doubt, I had said everything out of anger.

I didn’t want to die, but Marcus’ actions had disappointed me greatly.

All of my kindness and goodwill had been trampled upon mercilessly.

Ashton wasn’t a saint, but at least he was an honest man.

After our misunderstanding was resolved, he showered me with his love and protected our little family with all his might.

He might be evil, but at least he was loyal and responsible.

Marcus could never replace him in my life.

“You want to know why am I so obsessed with Ashton, right? I’ll tell you why,” I declared. “I’m not obsessed. I’m in love with Ashton. He once suspected my grandma was the culprit who murdered his parents, but he had never tried to harm my loved ones!”

I’ve never exactly told Ashton that, but saying that out loud gave me peace of mind.

My confidence must’ve upset Marcus for his calm expression had now contorted into an ugly scowl. “Really? He won’t harm your loved ones? What about you and your son?” Fury and hatred flashed across his eyes.

In love, never say never chapter 1235

“He knows your son is important to you and that you will risk your life for him. The bodyguard successfully held you hostage and brought you here because it was all part of Ashton’s plan! He doesn’t care about you as long as he gets to take revenge!”

“Shut up!” I trembled in rage.

“The truth is cruel, huh?” He flashed an evil grin. “Ashton pretended to adore you, but he exposed you to risks again and again. His love is nothing but talk. He’s selfish, just like me!”

I furrowed my brows and retorted, “You’re wrong about Ashton!”

“It doesn’t matter. Women are great at deceiving themselves,” concluded Marcus.

He glared at me and left the dining room.

I slumped into the chair and heaved a sigh. My energy was drained after that argument with Marcus.

After his footsteps faded away, I whipped out the phone to give Ashton a call. It wasn’t until then that I realized the phone had turned into a fake phone.

Clearly, those people changed the phone to this fake one when I was asleep so I couldn’t warn Ashton.

I was a light sleeper, so someone must’ve done it deftly when I was asleep. I wondered who that could be.

Now that I think of it, perhaps Camelia’s disappearance was part of Marcus’ plan.

Suddenly, a shadow appeared next to my feet.

I turned and spotted a lady walking toward me.

She was clad in a turtleneck wool sweater, jeans, and boots. Her hair fell on her shoulders, creating a casual look.

I couldn’t remember seeing her in the castle.

“Looks like you had an unpleasant discussion.”

Once she spoke, I immediately recognized who she was.

It was the woman who came to pick the bodyguard up yesterday. She had a different outfit on, so I almost couldn’t recognize her.

She had stealthily made her way from the stairs to the dining room. I immediately deduced that it was her who changed my phone last night.

“Don’t stare at me. I like to wear casual clothes when I’m not out on a mission. My name’s Helga,” she uttered. After asking the maid to bring her a glass of milk and cereal, she sat down opposite me.

“Boss kept telling me how special you are, Scarlett. But after spending some time with you, I still can’t figure out how special you are. I hope Boss didn’t make the wrong judgment this time.” The disdain in Helga’s voice was evident.

Ever since I entered the car, she kept talking about her so-called “Boss.” I was curious who her boss was as he had Helga and the bodyguard working for him. He even managed to convince Marcus to partner up with him.

“Ms. Helga, what do you mean by special?” My expression grew stern. “I fell for the trap and was forced to separate from my son only after seeing him once. Should I still remain grateful and happy? Is that what you mean?”

“Ha!” Helga snorted. “You sure have a sharp tongue. I shall see how long you can hold on.”

Shortly after, she left.

The bodyguard didn’t come down for breakfast as he was injured. I was the only person downstairs the entire morning.

At 2 p.m., both Marcus and Helga appeared on the stairs.

Spotting Helga in her black outfit, I stood up immediately.

She had returned to her icy self and strode past me without batting an eyelid before walking out of the door.

Marcus stopped to glance at me briefly before he left without looking back, too.

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