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In love, never say never chapter 1211-1212-1213-1214-1215

John eventually gave in to my pleas and promised to stop getting into fights with Nick.

Lydia was holding her child tightly as she stood by the window and stared worriedly into the ICU. She was so depressed that she didn’t even notice us coming.

Seeing how terrible she was feeling, I decided not to call out to her and simply stood quietly by her side.

Nick was dressed in an isolation gown as he sat beside Jackson’s bed. I could tell that he was saying something to him as I saw his lips moving, but I couldn’t quite make out what it was. Nick had a gloomy look on his face, but Jackson showed no response whatsoever.

“He’ll wake up.” Lydia’s voice came from beside me all of a sudden.

I turned towards her and saw that her gaze was focused on Nick as she continued, “Jackson never told you why he wanted to leave the country so suddenly, did he?”

She didn’t have to look at me for me to know that question was meant for me. “No, he didn’t.”

“Jackson followed his mom when she remarried into their current family. He had an older brother, and although they were both boys, the treatment they received was very different. Jackson would be blamed for everything his brother did wrong. This child belongs to his brother as well, but that guy is about to get into a marriage of convenience soon, so Jackson was forced to raise the child instead.

I know he likes someone else, but he never talks about it. Every evening, I’d see him smoking a cigarette all by himself beneath the street lamp outside… I suppose we all yearn for the love of our family… He was planning on having the three of us visit you when we returned to the country, but something in him seemed to snap when he got to your doorstep and saw your guests…”

She was interrupted by the sound of the door opening, followed by Nick screaming anxiously, “Doctor! Doctor!”

Standing outside the ICU and watching the doctors and nurses desperately try to rescue someone produced a feeling of helplessness that could only be understood by those experiencing it firsthand.

Jackson didn’t wake up, but his vital signs did return to normal. The doctors said his condition had stabilized, but there was no telling when he would wake up. It could take a few days or even a few months.

The sky was dark by the time I picked Summer up on our way home, and the drive home was a smooth one with John escorting us.

Back at the Stovall residence, I saw Hunter and Louis having a conversation in the living room. Summer had always liked Louis for how friendly and gentle he was and threw herself at him the moment she saw him. “Grandpa!”

“If Summer calls the both of us ‘grandpa’, does that make us equals?” Louis said with a chuckle.

Emery sure has insights… Hunter is of a similar same age as us, so it would be more appropriate to have Summer call him ‘uncle’ instead.

“Where’s Emery? Why isn’t she here with you?” I tried to change the topic as I sat down.

“I think she was having a gathering with her besties or something, so she won’t be leaving anytime soon. Besides, the stuff that Mr. Stovall and I talk about would probably bore her to death anyway,” Hunter replied casually.

Louis seemed to admire him a lot as he chimed in, “Hunter’s a very capable guy. I had been carrying out patrols throughout the past few days, but thanks to his suggestions, I was able to come back sooner and take a few days off!”

Hunter responded by nodding with a humble smile on his face.

“I know Emery doesn’t mind, but what about you, Professor Zane? How are you able to cope with not seeing her for so long?” I tried teasing him playfully, but he just smiled shyly at me without saying a word.

I felt like something wasn’t right somewhere, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was. Seeing as Louis and Hunter still had work to discuss, I brought Summer upstairs to get some rest instead.

As the conflict between Ashton and Ezra came to a temporary halt while they prepared for their next course of action, K City was able to regain a moment of peace.

In love, never say never chapter 1212

I completed my second bar exam in early September, and John forbade me from leaving the house ever since for fear of any mishaps during the birth process. He even had a private doctor stay in the guest room and remain on standby.

My babies were expected to be due around the end of December, so I still had two months to go. As I became increasingly lethargic lately, my nightly phone calls with Ashton before bed gradually became weekly ones, and the last time I heard his voice was a month ago.

The weather was still pretty hot in November. While Emma and I were cooling off in the garden out back, we got a surprise visit from Holden.

He had a blonde foreign woman with him. Although she wasn’t the same person he dated half a year ago, they both had equally amazing figures. I quickly had a servant bring Summer into the house when I saw him running his hands over the woman inappropriately.

Despite them both looking extremely attractive, watching them make out in such a hot weather felt incredibly uncomfortable.

I decided to mess with him and urged him impatiently, “Why don’t you get on with what you have to say, Mr. Taylor? Once that’s done, we’ll have the servants prepare the best guest room available just for the two of you. Won’t want you two getting a heatstroke doing it out here, you know?”

Holden stopped what he was doing when he heard that and shot me an annoyed gaze. “Are you calling me weak, Ms. Stovall?”

Not knowing his personality that well, Emma thought he was actually angry and tried to calm him down. “I think there might be a misunderstanding here. Letty didn’t mean to…”

Holden cut her off before she could finish, “Well, you know what? I don’t care what you think! There are tons of women waiting for me to ravage them until they beg for mercy!”

Okay, I seem to have really pissed him off now… Back then, I could just mention Ashton whenever I faced such situations. Now that everyone thinks we’re divorced, going to him for help isn’t an option…

After giving it some thought, I decided to brush it off by saying, “Now that you’re here, this reminds me… I’ve been staying home for so long that I seem to have forgotten to sign the contracts for the communication base station…”

Holden frowned and shoved his woman aside as he went livid with rage. “Fine! You win this time, Scarlett!”

He then pulled out his phone and held it in front of me as he continued, “This is the purpose of my visit today. After all the special care I’ve been providing you with, I think you should return the favor and lead my men before my rivals steal this business from me!”

I chuckled as I felt he was playing the victim card. “Is it really that bad? I didn’t think ‘spies’ would have competition!”

“Hmph! Competition will exist so long as life goes on, so staying ahead of them all is crucial to securing my position on the top! Now, cut the crap and just tell me if my men can start work tomorrow!”

I gave it some thought and looked at his phone on the table. “Is this related to Marcus?”

“Yes,” Holden replied without any hesitation.

It became obvious that he had me at his mercy, and I had no choice but to comply to ensure Marcus’ safety.

“Okay, I’ll have someone bring the documents over in the afternoon,” I said with a nod.

“Wonderful!” Feeling satisfied with the outcome, Holden turned around and kissed the blonde woman on the lips.

Letting out a sigh of relief, I picked up his phone and saw a WhatsApp chat conversation between him and his assistant.

In their latest conversation, Holden asked him for an update on Marcus, and he sent a few voice messages over in response. Of course, Holden had already listened to them all.

I held the phone to my ear and played the first one. “I know you’re not her.”

That was Marcus’ voice, and I knew he was referring to me when he said ‘her’. Considering the fact that Marcus knew me as well as Ashton and John did, Holden did a considerably great job at keeping him fooled for so long.

In love, never say never chapter 1213

I thought the second one was from Marcus too, but I heard another man’s voice instead. “Mr. Taylor, I think there is someone else investigating Marcus, and they appear to be foreign. Should we find out more about them?”

Not wanting to stop halfway, I tapped on the last one as well and heard the same man’s voice again. “Marcus seems to be in contact with them, so it’s possible that they have his wife and daughter. We’ve been tailing him for half a year now, and Marcus is getting increasingly cautious as a result. Would you consider having a different group of men tail him instead, Mr. Taylor?”

It was the man’s voice again, and he sounded like he had lost all hope of finding Marcus.

I had a bad feeling in my heart as I placed the phone back down on the table. This isn’t good news at all… M Country is an unfamiliar territory for them… Even if Marcus is able to look after himself, what about Camelia and their daughter? Would they even be able to escape unharmed? If even Holden’s hardened men find the situation hopeless, what are the odds of Marcus making it back alive?

After giving it some thought, I turned towards Holden and asked in a questioning tone, “You wouldn’t go back on your word and just leave Marcus for dead in M Country once I sign this contract, would you?”

Holden shot me a frivolous glance through the corner of his eyes. “What are you saying? I am running the risk of getting on Mr. Fuller’s bad side just by coming over today, and this is what you think of me? How hurtful…” he said with a huge sigh and his head hung low like he was somewhat wronged.

He’s telling the truth, though. The closer my babies are to being due, the more Ashton didn’t want me getting involved in these sorts of things for fear of any accidents that may occur as a result. I know Holden must’ve snuck his way here to see me, but he doesn’t understand the reason behind Ashton’s concern. While I am grateful for his efforts, I could tell that he only did it because of the profits he stood to gain from it. Had the conditions not been favorable enough, he would probably have left Marcus for dead.

With that in mind, I handed him the phone as I said, “I do trust you, Mr. Taylor. However, your inability to locate Marcus after so long has me starting to doubt the capability of your men. Perhaps I should take some time to reconsider our contract…”

Holden narrowed his eyes. “I thought we had a deal.”

“All is fair in war. It’s better for the both of us to be a little more cautious with each other,” I said with a shrug.

He sneered with an icy-cold look in his eyes. “And here I thought Ashton was a sly one… Turns out, you’re a lot more cunning than he is! You haven’t even fulfilled the promise you made me over half a year ago, and now you’re demanding that I put more men on the search for Marcus?”

He had hit the nail on the head, as that was exactly what I wanted from him.

“I would very much appreciate it if you are willing to do so, Mr. Taylor,” I said with the most innocent-looking smile I could muster.

Holden leaned back against his chair and eyed me from head to toe as if he was considering my suggestion.

After a brief moment of silence, he burst into laughter all of a sudden. “Hahaha! Very well, I’ll make one last exception for you, Ms. Stovall! However…”

He then pointed at his phone on the table, and the look on his face turned vicious as he continued, “If you do not fulfill your end of the bargain when I bring you a video of Marcus on my next visit… I will resort to extreme measures, Ms. Stovall.”

Considering the amount of violence and deaths he had witnessed in his life, I had no reason to doubt that he would carry out his threats.

“Of course,” I said with a forced smile as I clenched my fist under the table in an attempt to appear unfazed.

Holden glared at me briefly before storming off irritably, having completely forgotten about the blonde woman he brought over earlier. I had to admit, she looked quite hilarious running through the soft mud in heels as she chased after him.

“Who were they?” Emma muttered right after they left.

In love, never say never chapter 1214

“Just a couple of nobodies. By the way, I haven’t seen John around during the day lately. What has he been up to?” I tried changing the topic as I didn’t want to get into it.

Emma frowned the moment I mentioned John. “He’s been giving me the cold shoulder ever since you were kidnapped by Mitchell’s men the last time I went out with you, so I’m guessing he hates me now…” she grumbled while tending to the potted plants on the table.

I was surprised as I didn’t realize my own actions had led to a conflict between them. “Uh… You’re probably just overthinking things… I bet he’s just really busy with work!”

“Don’t bother trying to console me. I can tell if he’s busy, you know?” Emma let out a huge sigh as she continued, “John left his phone at home when you two visited Jackson at the hospital the other day, so I had the chauffeur drive me there and delivered it to him. I saw him starting a fight with Mr. Harrison in public because of you, Letty. I think you’re the only woman that he will ever care so deeply about in his life.”

I pursed my lips in response and took a moment to think about what she said before replying, “You’re wrong, Emma. Have you forgotten what John said on your blind date with him? He personally admitted to liking other women before you, remember? He may come off as bold and fearless, but he’s actually a coward who doesn’t even have the guts to admit that he likes someone until it’s too late! You have to give him some time and keep persevering until he comes to his senses, okay?”

Emma wasn’t buying it at all and continued to take her anger out on the potted plants. “That’s what you said before, but so much time has passed with no progress between us! In fact, we don’t even find our usual squabbles fun anymore! Maybe it really is a one-sided love on my end, after all. I should probably cast these meaningless feelings aside and just be content with my title as his wife. Nothing good ever comes out of overthinking anyway…”

I could tell that she had been deeply hurt by John’s words and actions. No woman could possibly put up with being treated so coldly on a daily basis, and Emma was no different.

Like flowers, women require plenty of warmth and care in order to bloom brightly. Being kept in a cold, dark room would just result in them losing their colors over time.

In the end, I decided to remain silent as I had no way of changing her mind.

I was dozing off on the sofa at around eleven that night when I heard the faint sound of footsteps approaching, I opened my eyes, and saw John about to drape his coat over me.

“You should go sleep in your room now that you’re awake,” he said while slinging the coat over his shoulder instead.

It was indeed uncomfortable sitting for too long with two babies in my tummy, so I did as told and made my way towards the bedroom with his help.

“You’ve been coming home late recently, John. Is everything okay at work?”

“What could possibly go wrong with Uncle Louis around? Some of my men screwed up a project, so I’ve been busy cleaning up the mess,” John said calmly.

I stopped in my tracks and gave him a serious look as I asked, “How is Hannah doing?”

I knew that John had been secretly keeping an eye on her despite them being separated for so long.

John let go of me and looked away when he realized I had seen through his secret. “Why bring her up all of a sudden?”

Feeling an ache in my waist, I held a hand against it to steady myself as I said earnestly, “To remind you that you should leave the past behind. It wasn’t your fault that you lost her, John. You both made that decision together, so you do have the right to move on and love someone else. Stop holding yourself back like this, okay?”

John lowered his gaze and kept quiet, which confirmed my thoughts about him.

He has been going after the Ziegler family ever since the kidnapping incident, and I know it isn’t solely because of me. Emma too, was traumatized by the incident. It’s obvious that he cares about her, but the blow from losing Hannah was far too severe for him. As a result, he refused to forgive himself and shut everyone out in the process, inadvertently distancing himself from those who loved him…

In love, never say never chapter 1215

Seeing no response from him, I was about to say something when the sound of glass shattering came from outside the door.

The noise was then followed by a servant’s apology, “I’m sorry, Mrs. Stovall! Are you all right?”

John ran out of the room immediately upon hearing the commotion and was having a fight with Emma by the time I got to the door.

“You stupid woman! Can’t you even watch where you’re going?”

Emma’s arm had been scalded by the hot tea, and him scolding her like that pushed her to the verge of tears. “What are you yelling at me for? It’s not even my fault, to begin with!”

Despite having a scary frown on his face, John didn’t talk back to her at all. Instead, he simply glared coldly at the terrified servant as he said, “How could you mess up something this simple? You’re fired!”

“Stop it, John. I know you’re mad at me, but you shouldn’t take your anger out on the servants. I’ll just apply some ointment on the burn.” Although furious at how she had been treated, Emma was too kind-hearted to just sit by and watch the poor servant get fired.

The servant was so scared that he didn’t even dare breathe out loud as he waited for John to say something. It hadn’t been long since his return to the Stovall residence, but every servant in the household knew how bad his temper was.

After a moment of silence, John’s voice was heard once again. “Well? What are you waiting for? Go get the doctor from the guest room!”

Feeling relieved that he didn’t lose his job, the servant let out a sigh of relief and ran downstairs as quickly as he could, leaving the three of us standing in the corridor.

Still angry, Emma shot him a fierce glare and stormed off towards her bedroom with John running after her moments later.

Wow, he completely forgot about me… These two may quarrel a lot, but they sure as hell love each other! I chuckled to myself at the thought of that.

I heard my phone ringing in the bedroom on my way back and figured it must be Ashton as he was the only one who would call me at this hour.

After closing the door behind me, I checked my phone and saw an incoming video call from Ashton.

I then answered the call as I got into a comfortable position in bed, and saw him leaning against the headrest in his pajamas.

It’s been a month since I last saw him, and he hasn’t changed much at all… So it is true that men age like wine…

“Why are you home so early today?” I asked.

“Honestly, I haven’t been home in a week. Then I remembered your advice and decided to take a short break from work to recharge.” Ashton seemed to be really relaxed, judging by how lazy he sounded.

I let out a chuckle at the irony in his statement. “You wouldn’t be coming home once a week if you really did remember my advice. You’ll ruin your health if you go on like this, you know? Do you expect me to raise our kids all by myself?”

Ashton closed his eyes and took a deep breath as he said, “You’re right, I’ve been working for way too many years now. Once this is settled, I’ll retire and transfer the company and all of my assets under your name so I can live off you instead!”

“Tsk tsk tsk… Do you even listen to yourself? Looks like your rivals have crushed every bit of your fighting spirit, huh?” I teased him with a wink.

He opened his eyes instantly upon hearing that and stared right at me. “Wrong, you’re the only one who can crush my spirits.”

His mushy statement had me blushing a little, and I quickly tried to change the topic. “All right, you should hurry up and get some rest. You haven’t slept well in a long time.”

“Wait!” Ashton called out to me and seemed to have something he wanted to say.

“Yes? Anything else?” I asked.

“I promised I wouldn’t keep any more secrets from you, so there’s something I need to tell you.” The look on his face grew increasingly serious as he continued, “Holden’s men have lost contact with Marcus. No one knows of his whereabouts right now.”

I tensed up immediately from my guilty conscience as he was completely honest with me regarding Marcus’ situation even though I wasn’t planning on telling him about Holden’s visit.

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