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In love, never say never chapter 1206-1207-1208-1209-1210

Left with no choice, I could only cook up an excuse and replied indifferently, “Our personalities clash.”

“Huh?” Being smart as she was, Emery was not convinced. “Are you kidding me? What clash could there be? It’s been ten years. Any sharp edges should’ve been sanded off. Scarlett Stovall, you’d better tell me the truth!”

I knew that she would catch me if I put on an act, so I kept quiet for a while before I came up with an answer. “As you’ve already known, I was kidnapped a while ago. The kidnapper is Ashton’s enemy. I asked him to stop his revenge, but he refuses, so I divorce him. We won’t get back together again.” I tried to appear as indifferent as possible.

Unsurprisingly, my reply was too much for her to take in, so she was obviously stupefied. Knitting her brows, she gave it some thought and said, “I recently heard some rumors that the Ziegler family feuds with the Fullers in private. After John exposed the scandals of the Ziegler family on Facebook, I thought that you and the Fullers are on the same side… However, why must you opt for divorce since there’s no issue in your relationship? Do you know that you’re just making room for another woman by doing so?”

I found it odd that she had been nervously emphasizing the women around Ashton after she came in.

At first, I thought of telling her the truth, but the fewer people knew about it, the lower the risk, so I could only continue to play along.

“It doesn’t matter anymore.” Putting down my cutlery, I took a piece of tissue and wiped my mouth. “You know, I was extremely terrified and helpless when I almost lost my babies. But he didn’t give a damn. Not only did he not back down, but he also broke Mitchell’s arms and angered the Ziegler family. He’s out of his mind. I don’t want to be with him anymore as I don’t want to fail as a mother again.”

Emery fell silent. After a long while, she let out a sigh and asked, “Have you really thought it through?”

“Yes. I’ve even signed the divorce agreement.” I spoke feebly, but it made me look indifferent as if I had really gotten over it and was unfazed by it.

For some reason, Emery actually believed me as she cast her eyes down and lamented, “You were finally together after much difficulty, but why would things turn out like this?”

She looked particularly sad as she murmured to herself. If I had not known that her relationship with Hunter was stable, I would have thought that she had been wounded in her relationship

Knowing that she had only good intentions, I did not want her to worry, so I patted her on the back of her hand and assured her, “Don’t worry about me. I’ll live the rest of my life well for the sake of my kids no matter what.”

She looked up with a mysterious gaze. “You’re so different today.”

Being born a clever hunter, she widened her beautiful eyes as she gazed at me, as though she could see right through me.

Feeling guilty, I raised an eyebrow and turned my face away while explaining, “Maybe because I got scared and didn’t get a good rest last night.”

It was not a very convincing explanation. I did not know if Emery was buying it as she simply stared at me for a while in silence.

Meanwhile, a maid came in from the courtyard and reported, “Ms. Stovall, an elderly man named Ezra Grant asks to see you.”

We’ve only met once, but why does this cunning man come? He must be up to something.

On second thought, I knew that I should not be rude to him. Moreover, Ashton and I had made known publicly that we had a massive falling-out, so I had no reason to avoid seeing his enemy. “Bring him in.”

Emery helped me up to walk over to sit in the living room as she asked, “What a rare sight for Ezra to be visiting the Stovall residence.”

“You even know about this?” I smiled. Emery was so good at gathering information that even Holden would be put in the shade.

In love, never say never chapter 1207

“It’s not a secret in K City that Louis and Ezra don’t like each other. But the outsiders are sure that the two of them are cutting each other out till the end of days. Now I’m so lucky that I can actually bear witness to such a historic moment when they meet.” Emery suddenly became energetic without any sign of disappointment from earlier.

Women were always thrilled to learn about gossips.

Feeling helpless, I ruined it for her by saying, “You’ve thought too much. Uncle Louis isn’t home, so they won’t meet.”

As soon as I finished speaking, I heard footsteps as the maid led Ezra to the living room. With Emery’s help, I rose to my feet carefully.

Ezra hurried over and waved his hands, looking anxious. “You should sit down now that you’re pregnant.”

Then, he also took his seat.

Emery sneered at his action as she nudged me and secretly gave me a look that meant, Look at him. Not only does he come uninvited, but he also makes it look like he’s the host here in an instant. What a tough nut to crack!

I pursed my lips and shot her a look that told her not to act rashly.

After all, what we were facing was a viper that could kill without having their blood on his hands.

“What brings you here, Mr. Grant?” I asked with a smile, looking like an innocent housewife who did not anything about the world outside.

When the maid brought tea, Ezra accepted the cup and took a sip from it. While checking out the surrounding, he said, “After being in the officialdom for so many years with Louis, this is the first time I come to his house. It’s not bad. Everything’s his style…”

Pursing my lips, I forced an awkward smile. They were obviously enemies, and yet he talked like they were friends of many years.

“Where’s Louis?” Ezra suddenly asked.

“He travels on official duty. I heard that there are several inspection activities in another city, so he won’t be back so soon.”

At this, Ezra guffawed as he thought of something. “Haha. That’s right. How can I forget such an important thing? Being our role model, Louis puts his soul into his work. I’m humbled by him!”

“Don’t be modest. It’s because of you that Uncle Louis and the others can carry out their works confidently. Everyone plays a part in it.” I tried hard to keep smiling, but I still could not tell the reason for his visit.

Hearing this, Ezra nodded approvingly. “Well said. Everyone plays a part. As the world is a better place now, everything will change for the better as long as everyone does what they should do. Take me and Louis for example. Although we have different roles and unresolved business in private, we’re both working for the people. For so many years, there hasn’t been a single problem, and we even rose through the ranks. Everyone just wants a peaceful life after all…”

The implication in his words was so obvious that I could not ignore it.

Everyone in K City knew that Louis and Ezra were at odds. Yet, the two of them did not interfere with each other and had been able to stand tall in their own field. When Ezra said that everyone played a part, he was reminding us to do our own part and not to get into trouble.

However, I was still unsure whether he wanted me to forgive Ashton or to help him persuade Ashton to let everything go.

If it was the latter, it proved that he only had one purpose in coming over today—to probe if Ashton and I had truly broken up.

Since he did not say it clearly, I would continue to play dumb. “That’s true. The rapid development of K City is due to people your generation like your good self and Uncle Louis. Young people like us will never be able to outshine all of you.”

Raising an eyebrow, Ezra stared at me and replied, “I’m very optimistic about the prospects of Fuller Corporation. Mr. Fuller is also a rare talent and will be a leader in the brokerage industry in K City. So he should be open-minded, learn to let go of the minor grudges in the past, and move on. Only then can he grow. Don’t you think so?”

In love, never say never chapter 1208

To Ezra, the tragic deaths of Ashton’s parents and the unborn child were actually nothing but some minor grudges.

His matter-of-fact attitude instantly made me understand the reason for Ashton’s stubbornness.

No one could easily let go after their parents died while the murderer was living a good life.

“I don’t know much about Ashton. Besides, we’re already divorced, so I won’t comment on this.” As I spoke, I could no longer smile. Instead, I was expressionless while trying hard to appear humble.

Ezra’s goal was clear—to probe my relationship with Ashton and also to sound out the resolution of Ashton.

They had obviously exchanged information with Armond and knew that Ashton had just been riled because of me and the kids, so they would not easily believe that we had really divorced. After all, they would lose the best bargaining chip to control Ashton if the divorce was true.

Since Ezra had come personally, it proved that they were still afraid of the influence of the Stovall family. Thus, I did not need to demean myself.

As soon as I finished speaking, Ezra’s smile froze on his face as he squinted slightly, exuding an imposing air of authority.

Sensing his powerful presence, I felt my body tense up.

However, he did not plan on letting the matter slide.

The air in the living room was thick with silence and tension. After a long while, he let out a laugh. “Haha. You’re really the goddaughter of Louis, aren’t you? You’re so much like him!”

Breathing a sigh of relief, I unclenched my fists and let the air dry the cold sweat in my palms. I was not as calm as I appeared as a feeling of dread hung over me, tormenting me with each passing second.

Ezra and Louis were different. Although they both stood out in the officialdom, Ezra was a real sinister and cunning man. Back then, in order to protect himself, he slandered Ashton’s parents and also killed four members of the Oberick family. He did not regret nor fear even when he mentioned the incident with Ashton’s family now. A cold-blooded man like this was mentally strong and could easily induce fear in others.

This was probably the reason why George refused to tell Ashton the truth back then.

Fighting against ordinary people was all about the competition of treachery and mental agility; fighting against monsters was a life-and-death situation where a single error could cost one their life.

“Since that’s the case, I won’t pressure you. I still have a meeting to attend. I shall take my leave now…”

As he spoke, he rose to his feet. Since I had to see him out, Emery helped me up to walk toward the door together.

However, as soon as we turned around, we saw Louis, who was on official duty, at the door.

Louis walked in with a poker face as he directly ignored Ezra, who was simpering and walked over to sit down on the sofa. “The luxury car outside got me thinking I have some important guests… Ezra, let me remind you. You’re about to be promoted, so you’d better be careful not to let anyone dig up dirt on you…”

His sarcastic remark made Ezra’s face go red with rage as he replied through his gritted teeth, “Hmph, thanks for your reminder, Louis. But you’re thinking too much. The car is donated by Ziegler Corporation, and the higher-ups assign it to me. I’ve done no evil, so I don’t mind being investigated. You don’t need to worry about it.”

Without even looking up, Louis picked up a cup of undrunk tea from the table and blew on it before he took a sip and slowly said, “We’ll see.”

“Hmph!” Ezra lost his cool instantly as he left in a huff.

In love, never say never chapter 1209

I realized that those from the Stovall family had a knack for pissing people off. Had Louis not gotten himself into politics twenty years ago, he probably would’ve ruined the lives of countless young women like John.

Louis waited until Ezra had left before asking worriedly, “What did Ezra talk to you about?”

“He wanted me to talk Ashton out of his plans for revenge.”

“Hmph, I knew he was up to no good!” Louis snorted disdainfully before instructing the servants nearby, “If Mr. Grant comes by again, I want you all to send him away on the spot!”

It was rare to see Louis lose his temper at anyone other than John, so I chuckled in amusement as I said, “Looks like your grudge against Ezra is a lot stronger than that of Ashton’s!”

Louis let out a huge sigh in response. “I was this close to nabbing Ezra and his men back then, but he managed to get away in the very last moment and has been living the high life here in K City ever since. Most of the businesses that he owns are in legal gray areas, so there wasn’t much I could do about them. Looks like bringing them to justice before my retirement is just wishful thinking now…”

Emery and I didn’t know much about the stuff that took place in the older generations, so we kept quiet as we didn’t know what to say.

After a brief moment of silence, Louis shifted his gaze towards Emery and asked, “You’re that girl from the Moore family, aren’t you? You’ve just gotten married to Hunter a while back, right?”

“Yes, that’s right,” Emery replied with a shy smile.

I couldn’t help but find it strange that an official of Louis’ caliber would be so close to someone like Hunter.

“Hmm… Not bad, you two go well together!” Louis nodded with a look of approval on his face as he continued, “Hunter is a great man and has huge potential, so make sure to offer him your full support as his wife!”

Does that mean Hunter is planning on getting into politics? Why hasn’t Emery ever told me about it?

Emery nodded awkwardly with a stiff smile on her face and kept quiet.

“You have an urgent call, Mr. Stovall,” Louis’ assistant said as he came running into the living room with a phone in his hand.

Louis then took the phone over and went into the study upstairs with his assistant.

By the time I turned around, Emery was already packing up her stuff.

“I just remembered I had something to take care of, so I have to get going now. Talk to you later!”

“Huh? Wait…”

Ring! Ring! Ring!

I was about to call out to her when my phone started ringing, but decided to let her go when I saw that it was Ashton calling.

“Have you had breakfast?” His voice was so hoarse that it sounded like he had been staying up all night.

“Yeah, just a while ago. You stayed up all night again, didn’t you?”

“Has Ezra left?” Ashton avoided my question by changing the topic.

I was about to pour myself a cup of tea, but set the teapot down when I heard that. “You knew he’d come?”

“It was a guess,” Ashton said with a chuckle. “Looks like my guess was correct, after all. Things are different now compared to how they were twenty years ago, and they’re the ones that are afraid of me now!”

Ezra’s promotion depended heavily on his performance, and those around him had tried really hard to get him promoted. However, things have changed, and people of higher positions received more attention from the public. Thanks to the great emphasis placed on transparency, even the tiniest of mistakes were greatly magnified. As such, Ezra had tried to appease Ashton in hopes of staying out of trouble.

More importantly, Ashton wasn’t the only enemy Ezra had. Apart from lower-ranking officials like Louis, he had another rival who was also going after the promotion. Despite the rival seemingly have a higher chance at victory, they were both evenly matched and extremely cautious in their approach.

“Ezra is just trying to stall for time right now. Once he gets that promotion and eliminates his rival, I’m the first person he’ll be coming after. In fact, I think he’s already making his plans on getting rid of me as we speak. You may be my wife, but you are still a member of the Stovall family. The reason Ezra came here in person was to test the water and see if there was a need to go after you as well.” Ashton sounded really calm as he explained it to me.

In love, never say never chapter 1210

I had been really confident and even sneered at Ezra when he brought up Ashton in our conversation earlier, which showcased my position and status in the Stovall family. Ezra knew without a doubt that they would go after him should anything happen to me, and that would be disastrous for his future. On top of that, I had the Moore family on my side as well, so it was unlikely that Ezra would make a move on me any time soon.

However, I couldn’t help but worry for Ashton as the Stovall family and the Moore family wouldn’t have a justifiable reason to back him up if anything happened to him.

“Ashton, are you sure about this?” I pursed my lips as I tried to suppress my feelings of unease.

He’s one man going against a pack of wolves! There’s no way it isn’t dangerous!

Ashton let out a huge sigh and said after a brief pause, “Trust me, okay? I’ll come to pick you and Summer up as soon as it’s over.”

He then hung up the phone, and I had John accompany me to the hospital with his bodyguards.

Despite knowing that Ezra wouldn’t do anything rash at the moment, I didn’t want to put Summer’s safety at risk again.

We’ll find out if Jackson would be able to wake up today, so I have to be present at the hospital!

I saw Nick’s car when I arrived at the entrance of the hospital. He had just gotten out of his car and seemed to be lost in thought as he stared blankly at the building.

“Nick! You came!” I called out to him while making my way over with John’s help.

Nick shot me an indifferent look and said coldly, “Yeah, after getting a call from Lydia. Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

John glanced at both of us before putting two and two together. “Oh, so you’re that other guy in the picture? Man, you sure have a messy relationship!”

I pinched John on the arm and motioned at him to shut up before turning towards Nick. “You’re the head of the Harrisons now. I figured you wouldn’t come for the sake of your company and family.”

“Jackson sure as hell didn’t think about all that when he shielded you from that knife!” Nick snapped back at me sarcastically.

John grabbed him by the collar before I could even respond and lifted him off the ground. “Hey! You apologize to Scarlett right this instant!”

Nick simply clenched his teeth in silence, and the two of them stared at each other, both refusing to back down.

I tried tugging at his sleeve but to no avail. Having no other options, I took a step back and acted like I was in great pain by clutching my tummy while bending over. “Ugh… It hurts… Help me, John…”

John released his grip on Nick the moment he heard that and immediately ran over to hold me steady. “What’s wrong? Are you all right? Try to relax, okay? We’re at a hospital, so don’t you worry! I’ll get you a doctor right away!” he asked anxiously while shielding my tummy with his free hand.

Nick had fixed his shirt and began walking up the stairs at the hospital’s entrance, but John was panicking so much that he didn’t even notice that. “Hurry up, Nick! Get a doctor!”

He turned around when he heard no response, only to see Nick disappearing into the distance without even looking back. “Damn you, Nick! I can’t believe you’d be so heartless to Letty after all she did for you!” he shouted angrily in disbelief.

Seeing as Nick had already went inside, I decided to drop the act and stood up straight while tugging on his arm. “That’s enough, John. I’m fine now.”

“Hmm?” Realizing that he had been tricked, John grabbed me by the shoulder and asked, “You know what? I just noticed something… You’re always taking the other person’s side, no matter who I get into a fight with! Why would you betray me like that?”

I couldn’t help but let out a chuckle in response. I feel kind of bad for John at times, but it can’t be helped… He’s too snarky and hot-tempered for his own good! Until he learns to control himself a little more, he’ll just have to bear with it!

“I was just worried about your safety, John! I don’t want you getting hurt, you know?” I said while wrapping an arm around his and dragging him towards the hospital.

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