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In love, never say never chapter 1151-1152-1153-1154-1155

Acquire the White Corporation?

I was stunned. I looked at her searchingly, “Did you just say Fuller Corporation is acquiring White Corporation?”

Rose nodded. “Yes. That is why Nick is suddenly piled with work. They have to do valuation before the acquisition, right? Ashton appointed Nick to do the audit of White Corporation’s accounts. That would take a while. I’m glad I meet you today, as I have wanted to thank you and Ashton. As you know, Scarlett, Nick just took over the Harrisons’ business, so he had to show results to assure the shareholders. This audit job came in just in time!”

The smile I had on my face froze. I am lost for words.

I heard footsteps behind me. Ashton walked over and hugged me from behind. Rose naturally let go of me and took a step back.

“Oh, Ashton, so you are here.”

“Uh huh,” Ashton nodded coolly.

Rose could not sense the tension between Ashton and me and happily congratulated us. “I am so envious of the two of you. You successfully conceived again. Things will only get better from now on!”

“Conceived?” Ashton took the ultrasound image from my hand and a grin appeared on his face. Even though he was smiling, it was difficult to read what was really on his mind.

“Are you happy?” I turned to ask him, frowning slightly.

On the day we conceived our baby, Marcus lost everything, and he was the one preparing to acquire White Corporation.

Ashton’s smile widened. “Of course! This is what we have been waiting for,” he proclaimed in his deep, mellow voice.

He massaged my shoulders as if to assure me he was telling the truth. All I felt was a chill down my spine.

I felt like a zombie. I had no idea how I made the journey back to the villa, turned on the computer and searched for news about the acquisition of White Corporation. I was shivering as I read.

…White Corporation’s results dipped as their general manager went missing for two weeks, leaving its management in a shamble. A consortium from M Country expressed interest to acquire White Corporation with an offer of two and a half billion…

Fuller Corporation joined in the acquisition bid with a package including one point eight billion in funds and restructuring plans in line with the government’s affirmative policies. White Corporation is the biggest loser in this close fight…

One point eight billion.

The White family’s had multiple properties in K City and those were already worth much more than this amount. On top of that, they had many other assets in other parts of the country. If GW was merciless in their business dealings, Ashton was way more ruthless. That was a classic act of twisting the knife in the wound.

A few days ago, Ashton promised me he would help Marcus. In less than a week, he joined in the acquisition bid for White Corporation, and made used of his home advantage to save a huge sum of money for himself.

The media were singing praises about Ashton’s investment foresights and his rise to dominate the local industries. He was in a class of his own when it came to investing.

The media did not know Marcus saved me. He saved the life of Mrs. Ashton Fuller. They were also not aware White Corporation was in a mess because Marcus was busy trying to locate his missing wife and kid. GW may be the mastermind, but Ashton was also at fault as he did not extend a helping hand as promised. Moreover, he rubbed salt in Marcus’ wound by eyeing White Corporation.

Ashton looked poised and confident in the photo on the article. Looking at his photo, I could only muster a miserable smile. I should have expected that move, as Ashton was a businessman. No businessman would take on a noble deed at the expense of a profitable deal. Business would always be his top priority.

In love, never say never chapter 1152

Without any hesitation, I called Marcus.

“Scar?” Marcus sounded surprised.

“Why did you not tell me about White Corporation’s trouble?” I demanded. I hated being kept in the dark.

“It has nothing to do with you,” he sighed and left it at that.

I had no time for casual talk, so I went straight to the point. “I don’t know where you are now, but if you trust me, send a power of attorney to White Corporation and grant me agent powers to act as White Corporation’s chairman in your absence. I will represent you in the acquisition bid negotiations.” Before long, news of me appointed as acting chairman of White Corporation spread like wildfire through the city.

I was expecting GW to come knocking at the door first. Surprisingly, it was Ashton.

It was ten in the morning. He should be at his office at this hour, but he suddenly came back and barged into the study.

I was having a video conference with the shareholders of White Corporation. I turned to look at Ashton, then resumed the meeting, unconcerned.

Obviously, Ashton would not take that disregard lying down. He marched over and pulled the plug on the monitor.

I lowered my gaze and remained silent for a long while. “What do you want?” When I finally looked up to speak, my expression was cold. “

“I should be the one asking you this. Don’t you remember you are pregnant now? Why did you agree to take up Marcus’ case?” His attitude was just as hostile as mine.

He appeared to be agitated. He paused, then added, “Did Marcus look you up again? You met again, didn’t you? What did he tell you? Speak up!” He had his hands on his hips, a confrontational pose.

That was not the first time I had to face his rage. I clenched my teeth and tried to hide my vulnerability. “It had nothing to do with Marcus. I approached him. I received his help, so I am returning a favor. That is how things work.”

I dared not look him straight in the eye. He would have easily seen through me.

“What sh*tty theory is that?” Ashton swore and paced around the room. “We had an agreement. You stay out of Marcus’ affairs and the Fuller Corporation will help him. Why did you get involved? Are you trying to force my hand?”

I snorted at the irony. What right does this man, who took advantage of his wife’s savior, has to be jumping mad? His wife was only repaying kindness to her savior.

I did not wish to get into an argument with him about business ethics, neither did I want to force him to accept my values. Nevertheless, I could not stand by and watch the White family fall.

“I promised not to meet Marcus before I give birth, and I will honor my words. As for being his representative, I discussed that with him over the phone, so technically, I did not break my promise. Also, you had no reason to worry since I am working from home. Why are you still dissatisfied?” I asked. He was the master of twisted reasoning, and I learned that from him, so he only had himself to blame.

“Scarlett Stovall…”

I could tell Ashton was clenching his teeth, and I knew how terrifying he can be when he gets infuriated. “Unfortunately, we can’t turn back time. The news about me representing Marcus is already out, so both of us are on opposing sides now. I think it’s best we minimize contact during this awkward period,” I continued, all the while trying to maintain a false front of calm.

“I have asked Mrs. Eriksen to clear a room in the rear house to house my legal team. I will do my best to keep a distance from you until the acquisition deal is concluded,” I informed Ashton, looking at him coldly.

In love, never say never chapter 1153

As soon as I spoke, Ashton’s expression became frigid. He was silent for almost a minute before finding his voice again.

“Is that really what you want?” he asked coldly; it frightened me to think that he could sound this devoid of warmth.

I averted my eyes from him and hung my head. “When I was at White Corporation,” I said wearily. “The work was easy. Though I’d be very tired, you needn’t worry. On the other hand, if I can help Marcus on my own, I would be very happy. Even if I were so tired that I’d just fall over asleep, it would add value and meaning to my day-to-day life.”

I meant every word of it.

Ashton hadn’t spent much time with me at home. He wasn’t aware of the suffering that I endure every night before bed. Yesterday night, the bad dreams did not appear for the first time since I started the job at White Corporation.

Ashton wasn’t convinced. He took out his phone. “I’ll give Marcus a call now, and he’ll tell you to stay out of it.”

I interrupted his act of dialing. “Don’t bother. He’s currently on the plane to M Country. He’ll be unreachable at least until tonight.”

I looked into Ashton’s eyes. “Even if you did manage to contact Marcus, it’d be useless,” I said with steely determination. “This is my decision. Everybody in White Corporation knows how Marcus treats me. As long as I have the intention to return, nobody will suspect anything. I will take over his duties in his absence to the best of my ability. Even if I fail at that, those parasites will have to crawl over my dead body to take advantage of White Corporation!”

I’d managed to get a grasp of the situation at White Corporation after an entire night of study. Though it had been a problematic month, it had been under control thus far. As long as we intercepted the problem at this early stage, we could subdue it before it got out of hand. We didn’t have to rely on investments and acquisitions as long as we weren’t broke.

I couldn’t help but feel emotional in my passion. It sounded like I was speaking for the sake of arguing with him but I meant every word.

I loved him but I couldn’t tolerate his business ethics. We were able to make up and embrace the opportunity for a fresh start all because Marcus did not leave me to die. Therefore, I could not stand idly by and watch Marcus suffer because of how Ashton felt about him.

Ashton’s stony expression did not change for some time. Slowly, he lowered the half-dialed phone in his hand.

After glaring at me for two whole seconds, he turned around left in utter disappointment.

I only felt my anger ebbing away when Ashton’s footsteps were nowhere to be heard. I slumped back into the chair as if I had lost the pillar of support

I have predicted this day a long time ago. A day when Ashton would not hold back against Marcus as I knew it was unavoidable.

I wanted an opportunity to ensure that all of us were on the same page. I loved Ashton but I could not pretend that Marcus didn’t exist. As long as I could make up for all of my past transgression, live and love without guilt, Ashton and I would leap at that opportunity.

Ashton had not been gone for very long before I saw the representative of GW Group. It was Sean.

Sean came during mealtime. Mrs. Eriksen cooked plenty of food, but since Ashton did not show any sign of returning any time soon, I invited Sean to eat with me.

Our last encounter wasn’t pleasant, but Sean was courteous enough to pretend that that never happened. He behaved like a perfect gentleman. It felt like he endured another round of insults while trying to gain control of the White Corporation.

These businessmen enjoyed talking business over a meal; Sean was no exception. He initiated his proposition halfway through the meal.

In love, never say never chapter 1154

“Mrs. Fuller, I have heard that you are currently the acting chairman of White Corporation. What is your opinion regarding the acquisition bid raised by GW?”

I was honest with Ashton, and I treated Sean exactly the same. I placed my cutlery down, wiped my lips, and looked him full in the face. “Our prior encounters had not ended well,” I said slowly. “Mr. Blondell, you may still harbor a grievance and possibly wariness toward me, but let me assure you that I personally have no malice toward GW group.”

I spoke from the heart and believed that I portrayed a sincerity upon my face to match what I felt. Sean appeared satisfied and nodded eagerly for me to carry on.

“However, it pains me to have to apologize to you.” I watched as Sean’s smile faded a little, but he did not interrupt. “In my capacity to represent White Corporation, I officially decline GW’s offer to acquire us.” He was the third person I’ve rejected on the same day. It would seem to an observer that I was being particularly difficult and prickly.

Sean’s expression turned an even uglier shade of green than before. He flung down the cutlery in his hands onto the porcelain plate with a crash. “Mrs. Fuller, from the way you chose to take over White Corporation at this particular time, I had thought that you are different from Mr. Fuller.”

It was true to a certain extent. Ashton and I were preventing White Corporation from falling into the hands of foreign investors. As Marcus was traveling between M Country and K City, his company was left without a leader. Despite the best efforts by the government, the shareholders ultimately chose to protect their own interests by voicing their desire to be acquired by GW Group. If I had been in favor of Ashton’s move, all I had to do was to be a spokesperson for Fuller Corporation to placate the shareholders. Instead, I replaced Marcus as chairman and unknowingly became the face of corporate greed at the prospect of GW’s two billion.

It was not in my nature to beat around the bush. “Mr. Blondell, you know better than me as to why White Corporation had been subjected to so many changes within a short period of time. As Marcus had rejected your acquisition bid once before, I am merely doing him the courtesy of respecting his wishes. I don’t think you would go out of your way to be difficult, would you?”

Sean’s expression shifted but turned back to normal abruptly. “Mrs. Fuller, I’m not quite sure what you mean,” he said as he leaned languidly back in his chair.

He’s still pretending? It was pretty convincing, too bad that the truth was more obvious than that. The disappearance of Camelia and Toby coupled with Marcus losing his bearing were no coincidences. GW Group was the most to gain from all those events.

This was one of my reasons for distrusting foreign businessmen. Once they tasted the hint of victory, they would relentlessly buy time by avoiding the problem at hand. To people like Sean, time was their best asset. The longer it dragged on, the higher were their odds for winning.

Too bad they miscalculated this time. White Corporation had diversified in AI technology while severing ties with industries destined to be extinct with technological advancement. With proper management, White Corporation would be right back on track in no time.

“Sean, listen to me.” I addressed him by his first name now; it was a gesture of respect from me. “I’m very clear on your motives. Mr. Fuller had rejected your acquisition bid so you felt like you had no choice but to involve Marcus in dirty dealings. Consider this my final warning—you are not in M Country anymore. You are not as influential here as you are over there. The positions of Fuller Corporation and White Corporation will only solidify within K City. If GW Group still intends on doing honest business in our country, you had best advise your superiors to abandon their intentions of blackmailing Marcus.”

In love, never say never chapter 1155

I remembered Macy telling me once that I didn’t have a pretty face, but if one had the patience to wait and watch, my beauty would come through when I was in a cold fury.

This was one of those moments when I stood and faced Sean, distinctly aware of the coldness I was emanating. He definitely would have felt it too.

I narrowed my eyes to prevent Sean from reading them. Hopefully, they would release Camelia and Toby when they saw that I was dead serious.

Sean put aside his pride that was characteristic of a typical subject of M Country. Though his gaze betrayed a hint of suspicion, he appeared to be taking my words into account. After a long while, he spoke again in a carefully measured tone. “Mrs. Full… I mean, Ms. Stovall, now I see why Mr. Fuller is enamored with you. Trust me when I say that one day we will work together.”

I did not refute him; the future was full of possibilities. “We shall wait and see,” I said, extending my hand.

We were both clear on the fact that these were all business talk.

Sean and men in his field were opportunists after all. He knew that he would not derive any benefit from me by asking outright, seeing as I had rejected his acquisition proposal so blatantly. He did not even bother to maintain feigned courtesy anymore, for he ignored my outstretched hand and departed.

The strange thing was that I wasn’t even angry. In fact, after he left I laughed a little. I guess this was a demonstration of the old adage “know thy enemy”. Though Sean was just a representative of GW Group, his net worth was way beyond mine. For someone of his stature to be denied by someone like me, I could not help but feel a little pleased with myself.

However, the fear buried deep in my heart resurfaced again as soon as the laughter faded.

I hung my head and held my stomach as I became tormented by an incessant string of thoughts.

When GW Group had failed their initial negotiations with Ashton, they came up with the idea to blackmail Marcus with dirty tactics. It was clear that they did not intend to return to M Country empty-handed. If they were set on acquiring White Corporation, I would undoubtedly be their next target.

It didn’t matter much to me if I became a target or not; it was the least I could do after what Marcus had sacrificed for me. I couldn’t let anything happen to him. The best I could hope for was that the bodyguards dispatched by Ashton will do their jobs. I stayed indoors for the most part and tried to resolve the problems of White Corporation via video conference calls. It wasn’t much, but at least I managed to avoid being harmed.

White Corporation’s attorney showed up at my study at nine in the morning as I had requested.

“Good day, Ms. Stovall.”

I may be a student of the law, but I’d have to admit that my knowledge barely came in handy here. My initial expectation was a smartly dressed professional. I looked up and discovered to my surprise that while the smartly dressed professional was accurately predicted, the attorney turned out to be a woman.

“Come on in.” Though I had not passed my bar exams, I intended to in the near future. I could see myself as the lady before me. I took a liking to her immediately. “Are you W. Tanner?” I asked.

I had made assumptions, of course. Her name sounded very masculine on paper. But she seemed to fit the stereotype well with the suave way she wore her suit.

“Yes, Ms. Stovall. W for Wanda,” Wanda said with a respectful nod. She sounded very demure, which clashed with her appearance.

All this time spent around Ashton had accustomed me to being called Mrs. Fuller. It felt strange being addressed by my maiden name. “It’s been a long time since somebody called me that,” I said.

Wanda looked apologetic. “Would you like me to call you Madam instead? It’s just that there is a conflict of your relationship with Mr. Fuller over this project…”

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