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In love, never say never chapter 1136-1137-1138-1139-1140

I did not like the way she put it. “It isn’t that serious. She just praised Summer a little. The kid probably won’t remember it after she wakes up.”

“Seems to me that you’re a real simpleton.” Emery sneered. “What’s her name, Stella? Have you seen how she looked at the two of you before? She wears a different face in front of Summer and yourself. This is the sort of people who are the worst. I would advise that you not let her into the main house and just leave her somewhere else.”

“There’s no need for you to treat her like this. No matter what, she’s Ashton’s.” There was not much I could do about Emery’s temperament. She could be quite harsh when it came to people she did not like.

Ashton was no fool. He would not have sent Stella to me if there was a possibility that she might do me harm.

On top of that, there could be many more women like Stella who would become besotted with Ashton’s charms. If I were to go pick on each and every one of them, I would only wind up with a reputation as a green-eyed monster and become worn out for my troubles.

Emery was sorely disappointed to hear that and glared at me in disbelief. “She’s Ashton’s? Who do you say is Ashton’s? Only you, Scarlett Stovall, the proper wife of Ashton Fuller, is Ashton’s. The reverse is true that Ashton is yours. Since you are the one he married, you have earned the right to fix this little vixen on his behalf. What’s holding you back? Do you need me to remind you of what happened back then with Rachel Zimmer?”

I paused with book in hand, positively dumbstruck.

Stella was nothing compared to Rachel. If even someone as ravishing and capable as Rachel could not cause Ashton to waver, I was sure Stella would not be able to turn my world upside down.

I was about to state my case when Mrs. Eriksen knocked upon the door.

“We’ve a visitor for you, Mrs. Fuller.” “Understood. Please attend to them first. We’ll be right there shortly.”

The arrival of this guest was timely, as Emery wisely refrained from pressing further. She gave me a hand in completing my sorting before we made our way downstairs together.

Even though it was past the festive season, we still had the occasional relative who we had not been in contact with in a while, a business associate, or friends both close or distant drop in on us. When I got to the stairs, I saw that the guest was in formal wear, seated with his back to me. The man with a head of fair hair was foreign, and he looked rather familiar from the rear. It was as though I had seen him somewhere before.

I made my way around to the front of the couch upon reaching the living room to find that we were indeed acquainted. “Mr. Blondell?”

It was just this morning that Ashton turned down GW Group’s offer at the office. There was obviously a motive behind his presence here.

We exchanged pleasantries before all of us sat ourselves down. Sean appeared to be as chatty as he was before, but the subject never seemed to deviate far from myself, my relationship with Ashton, and how I miscarried two of my children. To show up in such an untimely fashion and asking about such things had the observing Emery quietly seething by the sidelines.

“… It was not easy to come by, the relationship between Mr. Fuller and yourself. It makes me kind of envious, really. But since it’s all in the past, Life still has to go on. Wouldn’t you agree, Mrs. Fuller?” Sean’s tone switched gears and suddenly appeared to be very motivational, almost like that of a preacher’s.

I nodded in acknowledgement. “Thank you, Mr. Blondell, for your concern. We’ve already moved past that, and are no longer mired in grief.”

Sean nodded as though he absolutely concurred. He then seemed to remember something as he produced a name-card from the inside of his suit jacket and slid it across the coffee table and in front of me.

In love, never say never chapter 1137

“Almost forgot about this, Mrs. Fuller. The purpose of my visit this time is actually to make this recommendation. It’s a pregnancy care center based in M Country, one of many businesses under GW Group. Its security and the quality of its medical staff are guaranteed to offer conceiving women the finest care available.”

I took a look at the name-card before passing it along to Emery. “May I know what’s this for, Mr. Blondell?”

Nobody would give something for nothing. After getting blown off in the morning by Ashton, Sean was probably itching to reveal the true purpose of his visit this afternoon by now.

“Well…” The man shrugged before he crossed his right leg over his left and assumed a more comfortable seating posture on the couch. “Since your last two pregnancies did not go too well, I thought that entrusting your preparations for this upcoming one to one of our care centers might ensure that things would go smoothly this time.”

I wanted to ask why he was being so kind to us when Emery next to me interjected with a straight face.

She returned the name-card and stated flatly. “Get to the point, Mister… Blondell?”

Emery’s spoken Ustranasion was certified, and she was confident with it even in the presence of professional translators. It came in handy this time as she could very well hold herself against Sean, a man from the upper echelons of the corporate world.

Perhaps Emery’s assertiveness gave Sean cause for pause. It took some time before he reverted to his smiling demeanor. “I’ve learned just this morning that Ms. Moore of the famed Moore family in K City was articulate and keen of wit. I must say that it’s quite a privilege to be able to see you in action for myself.”

“You have flattered me.” Emery remained unperturbed. “I’ve nothing on GW Group in terms of reputation, so we could dispense with the pleasantries. Let me guess. You want Scarlett to advise Ashton to reconsider the financing project in exchange for a stay at your company’s pregnancy care center. Isn’t that right, Mr. Blondell?”

The previously laid back atmosphere suddenly took a frosty turn.

I pursed my lips and did not interject. Emery was like a heroine who dared to do as she willed.

At this point, Sean stopped beating about the bush. He collected himself and regarded me intently. “Take it that what Ms. Moore said is what I have in mind. I wonder what your thoughts about that are, Mrs. Fuller?”

“Me?” I pointed to myself before I laughed heartily. “What more could I say? Emery knows me best. I’m a little fussy and am not fond of life abroad. As such, I’m only likely to remain here. So there’s no need for us to discuss this.”

It would appear that Sean had no idea that I was the one who suggested for Ashton to cull the project.

Regardless, I was no fool. When I am overseas and out of Ashton’s line of sight, he would be surrounded by enemies from all sides. Under those circumstances, it might be possible that I might be turned into a bargaining chip for GW to hold hostage against him.

Sean was a smart man and immediately caught on. The smile froze upon his face, and he did not look any more pleased than he did back at Fuller Corporation.

There were no permanent allies or enemies in business. Who knew when Ashton and Sean’s paths might cross again, so there was no need to go to the extremes. Thus, I accepted the name-card on the table. “It’s our pleasure and good fortune to be able to befriend someone like you, Mr. Blondell. Chanaeans don’t have the habit of checking into care centers as we are more used to preparing for birth at home, but we would surely pay a visit to your facility if need be. We appreciate your thoughtfulness and will remember it well.”

In love, never say never chapter 1138

With that said, I looked up at Mrs. Eriksen who was serving us and said to her, “Have the chef prepare a few western dishes. Mr. Blondell is about to return to his country soon so we should see him off properly.”

“Understood,” she replied with a smile and made her way into the kitchen.

She had just reached the door when Sean’s voice stopped her, “Please don’t trouble yourself.”

He stood up abruptly and buttoned up the last button of his suit. Then, he said as he smoothened out his suit, “Your kindness has been delivered. I won’t be eating as I have no appetite. Besides, it’s time for my flight soon. Goodbye.”

“Take care.” He was still the representative of a large consortium after all. Even though our conversation earlier wasn’t quite pleasant, Emery and I still sent him off out of decorum.

We watched as he got into his car and his driver drove away. Emery stared into the distance and it was obvious that she was worried when she said, “You and your husband have completely offended Sean and the people behind him.”

I disagreed. “Is that so? I wouldn’t have known that I have such great capability if you hadn’t pointed out.”

“Stop being so sarcastic. I gathered some information and found that GW has never failed to get their hands on a project they have their eyes on. This could be a bad thing so both of you have to be careful.”

As she spoke, Emery took my arm and dragged me inside before changing the topic, “How’s the IVF going?”

“It’ll happen soon,” I answered. “I’ll be able to get the transplant the day after tomorrow. Then, I need to rest at home for half a month. We’ll be able to know if I can get pregnant after that.”

“Let’s hope that there will be good news,” she said with a sigh. “It was hard for you to get here. Let’s hope there won’t be any future trouble.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at her precocious manner. “Do you know that you sound like a grandma when you nag me like that?”

“Tsk. How heartless of you.” She stopped walking and reached out to slap my arm. “If only I was a grandma. At least you’d listen to what I say. Never mind not listening to what I said about Stella’s matter but you must never underestimate GW. None of those bank investors would’ve gotten to where they are now without being ruthless.” Perhaps it was because Emery’s face was especially eerie, or because Sean was being so adamant earlier, but I had a nightmare while waiting for Ashton to come home.

In the nightmare, I was crucified and the church was filled with men with blond hair and blue eyes. They pointed at me as they said that I was sinful and that they wanted to cut me up into a thousand pieces. I wanted to struggle and escape, but my limbs were nailed into the wood with nails as thick as a finger. It hurt so much even when I was just breathing in.

Suddenly, the men rushed towards me like they had gone crazy. They started to drink my blood and eat my flesh. I was in so much pain but I couldn’t scream.

“Letty? Letty…”

A familiar, low voice sounded by my ear and I opened my eyes abruptly. I saw Ashton’s worried face and I reached out to hug him instantly.

The scenes in the nightmare were so realistic and I could still feel the pain as my flesh was torn off my bones. I was still breathing heavily even when I buried my face in his chest.

“Did you have a nightmare?” he asked softly as he patted my back to calm me down.

After a long time, I finally relaxed a little and I let go of Ashton to look at him.

“What was it about?” he asked.

“It’s nothing.” I let out a long breath and I could still feel my heart racing with fear. However, I didn’t want to think of the dream again.

I turned towards the window and saw that dawn had come. Ashton must’ve just returned.

In love, never say never chapter 1139

“Come lie down and sleep for a while. There’s still time before we need to get to the hospital,” I said as I tugged on his shirt. I was always worried that his body couldn’t handle the work stress.

“It’s fine. I slept for two hours in the office earlier. That’s enough. I came home to take a shower.”

“Go ahead then. Heat the water a little. It can help you destress.”

Ashton patted my head worriedly before getting up to go into the shower.

I didn’t feel sleepy anymore but I wasn’t able to ease the anxiety as I leaned against the bedhead.

What is the world really like? Seeking progress was clearly what mankind had always advocated but no one had ever told me that while going forward in life, it would be walking on thin ice every day.

I suddenly remembered that when Ashton took over Fuller Corporation, he was almost always never home. Except for Rebecca’s troubles, it seemed as though he couldn’t relax for even a moment.

Soon, he came out of the bathroom in a bathrobe. He took me in his arms and leaned against the bed as he rested his eyes for a moment.

“Did Sean come in the afternoon?” he asked.

I had never thought of hiding it from him, so I nodded and said, “Yes. He wanted to bring me to M Country.”

“He can dream on then,” Ashton sneered sinisterly. “GW is no longer the partner I’m considering collaborating with.”

He was an outstanding man so he wasn’t exaggerating at all. As long as he had enough time, the Fuller Corporation would definitely be at the same level as GW. However, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to support him without caring about everything else like how I had been in the past. I closed my eyes as I leaned against him and pretended to fall asleep.


The embryo transfer went successfully and I had been resting at home for the next half a month.

Emery and Rose would come and visit me from time to time so it wasn’t too boring since I had someone to talk to. Besides, I needed to concentrate because I had to prepare for my bar exam. I had nothing else to do so I sent Stella back to the company.

There was only over a month left to the first round of exams so there wasn’t much time left for me to study.

At five in the evening on the first Sunday we waited for our pregnancy results, which was also the twelfth of March in K City, Fuller Corporation announced that Ashton owned 30% shares of a company in Dartan. They also issued an acquisition notice in Dartan, hoping to acquire Eisen Corporation.

Fuller Corporation had proposed a contract of acquisition to Eisen Corporation and it would last for two months. Ashton was generous with the money and it was estimated that there would lead to an increase in the shares transferring not long after.

We were having dinner together when Rachel barged into our house.

We could hear the clacking sound of her stilettos on the floor before we even saw her and it suited her haughty personality so much.

She entered the living room and looked around. I noticed her first and I asked, “Ms. Zimmer, have you had your dinner? Would you like to eat with us?”

Upon hearing my voice, she turned towards me. Only then did I realize that besides her heavy breathing, she also had an expression on her face that told people not to mess with her.

Rachel walked over and instantly threw the folder she was holding at Ashton. “Why didn’t you discuss this matter with everyone, Mr. Fuller? Our own AI research project is starting to show results. Why did you buy over the Eisen Corporation right now? Are you trying to get the whole team fired?”

Even though this wasn’t the first time I experienced her temper, I was still shocked. I could tell that she had no ulterior motives so I quickly told her, “Please calm down. We can sit down and talk about it.”

Rachel crossed her arms and was still furious. It didn’t seem like she wanted to have a peaceful conversation at all.

In love, never say never chapter 1140

She had never liked me and was quite agitated when she saw Ashton ignoring her while feeding me soup. She was so pissed that her face was red.

He was actually just worried about me but he had accidentally made me a vixen in her eyes. I quickly nudged him and gave him a look to say that there was business to take care of.

Only then did he put down the bowl of soup slowly. Ashton turned to look at Rachel with a cold expression and said, “This is a decision made by the senior executives of the company. You’re only a technical staff, Rachel. Know your place.”

His words were a bit ruthless, but it wasn’t unreasonable. The woman was knowledgeable and had the skills, but she was only a senior technical staff. The way the company operated was indeed not within her scope of duties.

Ashton was already being really patient with her as she was just a technical staff who barged into her boss’s house and questioned him. If it was someone else, they would have fired her already.

Still, Rachel was always eager to do well in everything. Instead of admitting to her mistakes, she said arrogantly, “Yes, it’s true that I am only in charge of technical issues of the company. But Mr. Fuller, the company had invested several billion in AI technology last year, and multiple foreign enterprises earned a lot from it. It’s because of this that Fuller Corporation was so anxious to set up our own AI department. Every worker under me has been working overtime every day and we finally got results. What position does that put us in now that you acquired Dartan’s robots?”

I could understand what Rachel was trying to say. The company had a limited budget and it cost a lot to acquire a company. This meant that the budget of the company’s AI project would be cut down, hence slowing down their progress and discouraging the researchers. If they were not careful enough, the money for the earlier research would be thrown down the drain too.

Rachel was the one who built up AI in the company so it was no wonder that she had such a big reaction. However, Ashton had no intention of compromising.

“I can only tell you the same thing. This is the company’s decision. You have no right to intervene.”

Rachel snorted in disbelief. “No right to intervene? Is this the answer you’re giving me, Mr. Fuller? You’re telling me to appease my team with these four words?”

She was a high-achieving expert who returned from overseas. She was also an authoritative figure in the country’s AI field which was what caused her to think so highly of herself. However, Rachel failed to take note that the person before her was Ashton Fuller, a fighter who was about to enter the arena.

His face turned icy cold when he felt her aggressiveness. Then, he got up and walked towards her, stopping when there was only about a fist’s distance between them. He looked down at her with darkened eyes and his voice was cold as he said, “If one more word comes from your mouth, I will do as you wish and just make the whole of the R&D Department disappear.”

He could definitely do it.

The woman knew very well how ruthless Ashton was. She swallowed her saliva anxiously and avoided eye contact with him. In the end, she retrieved her folder and left hurriedly.

I couldn’t help but sigh as I watched her leave in such an upset state. He was actually quite gentlemanly with her but she didn’t know her place. If she had spoken properly, Ashton wouldn’t have been so ruthless.

Both of them were just looking out for the company so it was hard to say who was in the wrong. Rachel had innate intelligence and I was worried that Ashton would actually proceed with his ruthless acts so I couldn’t stop myself from asking, “Are you serious? Are you really going to disband the R&D Department?”

His face softened upon hearing my voice and he sat back down beside me. After picking up his fork, he answered as he continued eating, “How is that possible? We’ve already invested several billion into that department. None of them can think about leaving if I don’t see the results I want.”

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