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In love, never say never chapter 1121-1122-1123-1124-1125

If I was already living such a mundane life in my late twenties, what would happen to me in the next ten or twenty years?

I had enrolled in a Master of Laws program last year, but due to unforeseen circumstances, I had to put my studies on hold. Since I could still remember what I had studied before, I was confident that I would be able to resume the course with ease.

Besides, as Ashton continued to expand his business, he would have to confront a lot of legal issues. I would be able to assist him once I obtained the license to practice law.

It’s about time for me to further my studies. This time, I must follow through till the end, and the same goes for my pregnancy as well.

Despite his hectic schedule, Ashton still took some time off to accompany me to the hospital for my regular checkup.

Professor Zidd was pleased to inform me that my uterus had recovered, and he said we could carry out the in-vitro fertilization while undergoing the treatment.

Besides continuing with the estrogen and progesterone injections, I would have to undergo the ovulation induction treatment consecutively for a week too. This was to prepare my body for the in-vitro fertilization process.

Since I had to get sufficient rest throughout the week, I had to stop delivering dinner to Ashton’s office.

Apart from taking care of Summer, I also bought the latest reading materials to prepare for my studies. I would study them after Summer had gone to bed.

While I was going through the reading materials today, I heard someone coming into the study. Upon lifting my head, my eyes met with Ashton’s.

“You’re home early.” With a childlike smile, I stood up and welcomed him.

I began to understand how excited Summer was every time she saw me.

This is how we react when the people we love the most appear before our eyes, isn’t it?

“Professor Zidd said that we could proceed with the in-vitro fertilization tomorrow. You should go to sleep earlier so that you’ll be in good shape tomorrow.”

Although Ashton was dead serious about it, I couldn’t help letting out a laugh. I gently tapped on his chest and teased, “Do you really have the willpower to sleep early and not touch me tonight?”

Instantly, Ashton grabbed my wrist and smirked. Staring at my hand, he said in a lustful voice, “I don’t. That’s why I need this hand to work its magic on me.”

“Dream on!” I pulled my hand away from his. When I was about to leave the study and get back to the bedroom, I saw Mrs. Eriksen standing by the door with a tray in her hands.

Mrs. Eriksen must have stood there for quite some time. She was surprised to see me walking out of the room at first but gave me a baffling smile and pretended as if she was oblivious to everything that had happened.

Nevertheless, the look on her face made me blush, and I bit my lips in embarrassment.

Right then, Ashton came up and grabbed my shoulders before he asked Mrs. Eriksen in a deep voice, “Yes?”

Being the tactful person she was, Mrs. Eriksen turned around and answered with a lowered head, “It’s been some time since you’re back this early. I’ve made you soup. Here you go.”

“Let me.” I reached out for the tray but was too embarrassed to look at her. “Thanks, Mrs. Eriksen.”

Mrs. Eriksen placed her hands into the apron’s pockets and grinned. “I’ll take care of Summer. You two have a good rest.”

What she said rendered me speechless, and my cheeks became even more flushed.

In love, never say never chapter 1122

Yet, Ashton said something that made me want to punch him. “There’s no use in drinking this soup anyway since we have to follow the doctor’s instructions and not act as we please.”

Upon hearing that, Mrs. Eriksen froze and gave him a puzzled look. “Huh?”

To stop Ashton from spouting more nonsense, I immediately diverted Mrs. Eriksen’s attention. “Hey, did you hear that? I think Summer’s crying. Can you go and check on her?”

“Really? I didn’t hear anything, though,” Mrs. Eriksen got even more confused.

“Yes, I’m sure she’s crying,” I said earnestly. “Why don’t you check on her and see if she needs anything?”

“Oh, okay. Don’t worry. I’ll take good care of her.” Mrs. Eriksen then ran toward Summer’s room.

I felt sorry for making that up, but that was the only way I could think of to end the awkwardness.

Without saying a word, I turned around and shot daggers at Ashton, but he shrugged his shoulders as if he was not bothered by it. He then stuck his hands into his pockets and walked toward the bedroom.

I puffed out my cheeks and followed right behind him.

Once we got into the room, I placed the soup on the bedside table and slammed the door. “Can you mind your tongue in front of Mrs. Eriksen next time?”

“But I was only telling the truth,” Ashton said while removing his tie and threw it on the couch.

When he was about to walk toward the home bar, I dashed to his front and extended my arms to block him.

“No drinking, mister.” I knitted my brows. “We need to go through a medical procedure tomorrow.”

Though technically, I was the one who would be going through the procedure, he would still need to contribute his sperm. Hence, I needed him to be completely sober.

What if his sperm got drunk because of the alcohol? Hmph!

Professor Zidd was extremely mad at us the last time because the progress was disrupted when we got physically intimate. Hence, we must not make the same mistake again. At that moment, Ashton was still trying to reach for a bottle of wine. He tried to negotiate with me, “Just one sip. Okay?”

“No way.” I was determined. No means no! I’ve had enough with all the injections, and I sure as hell don’t want to go through that again!

A line formed between Ashton’s brows, and he looked at me with a pair of puppy eyes. “My life feels incomplete right now.”

That pitiful expression on his face softened my heart for a moment, but I was not ready to give in just yet. “Drink this soup instead. It’s good for you.”

Ashton raised his brows and asked as if he was genuinely considering the option, “What if I can’t keep my hands off you after drinking the soup? What if I…”

“Stop it!” Oh, God! Why is this man so horny!

But I guess he’d have to make a choice between the soup and the wine.

If Ashton decided to go for the wine, our efforts would be in vain, and I really wanted our kid to grow up healthy and strong.

I gave it some thought before giving him my consent. “Drink first, and we’ll talk about it later!”

My hands can still do the trick if he insists.

To my surprise, he instantly gave up the idea of drinking wine and gobbled down the soup in one shot.

After putting down the empty bowl, he turned around and gave me a cheeky smile. “See? I told you. I can’t seem to control my hands anymore!”

In love, never say never chapter 1123


But it hasn’t even been ten seconds since he drank it!

However, I couldn’t take back my words because Ashton didn’t give me the chance to respond. Instead, he strode toward me and carried me into the bedroom.

Ashton only let go of me after we had done the deed for nearly an hour. When it was finally over, my hand was thoroughly sore.

I lifted the blanket and went to the bathroom to wash my hands. Nevertheless, Ashton came with me and hugged me from behind. He then grabbed my palms with his and washed them gently.

“Why have you been doing it for an increasingly longer time recently?” I pursed my lips and teased him.

People say that sexual prowess decreases as a man ages. In that case, why is he different?

“I’m not sure.” Although Ashton spoke composedly, his voice was pleasing to the ears. “Maybe because you seduced me?”

“When did I seduce you?” I wriggled free from his arms and turned around to stare at him disgruntledly.

You call yourself a man? How could you blame it on me!

Ashton’s lips curled into a sensuous smile as he chuckled, “Hehe, when? Don’t you know that your presence is already a seduction to me?”

Upon hearing it, I blushed and felt a little guilty. What’s wrong with Ashton? Where did he learn to whisper sweet nothings?

This is… too much!

Since I didn’t respond, he bent over and was about to kiss me. Jolted out of my thoughts, I escaped from his arms and ran out of the bathroom.

“That’s enough, Ashton! You’ve taken enough advantage of me. Get a shower now and go to bed!” I stood at the door and crossed my arms in a domineering manner.

I’ve got to teach him a lesson, or else he would go overboard.

Ashton seemed to be a little disappointed, yet he still went to take a shower.

Upon hearing the sound of the shower, I turned around and went to bed. Then, I covered myself with the blanket and began scrolling on my phone.

As soon as I swiped the screen, I saw a new friend request on Instagram.

When I clicked on it and looked at the profile picture of the person, I realized that it was Rose.

She had sent the friend request to me half an hour ago.

Since she was Nick’s wife, I didn’t think much and accepted her request.

After that, I opened the Facebook application.

Perhaps Ashton was worried that I would be affected by bad news while I was preparing for pregnancy. That was why he kept his problems to himself, especially the ones involving the company. Hence, I could only scroll through the Facebook newsfeed to get some clues.

I wasn’t interested in trivial matters because I knew that Ashton could definitely handle them. As for the major issues which were circulated online, there was no way I would let Asthon face them alone.

Fortunately, after scrolling through the newsfeed for quite some time, I didn’t see any bad news about Fuller Corporation.

Suddenly, my phone beeped.

I felt a little curious. It’s rather late now. Could it be Emery?

The next moment, I was surprised to find out that it was a text message from Rose.

A pregnant woman would normally sleep earlier. Therefore, I initially thought that she had gone to bed right after sending me the friend request.

Was she waiting for me?

Her text was short and simple: Scarlett, are you still awake?

I quickly replied to her message as I didn’t want to disappoint her: Not yet. It’s rather late now. Why haven’t you gone to bed?

Rose replied almost instantly: I’m not sleepy yet because I took a long nap during the day. Scarlett, do you have time tomorrow?

I asked: Do you need anything?

Rose answered: It’s not a big deal, actually. Nick is always busy, so he doesn’t have time to keep me company. Since you’re preparing for pregnancy, I was wondering that perhaps we can go shopping together?

In love, never say never chapter 1124

I pondered over it for a while. Since I only had to meet Professor Zidd in the morning and would be free afterward, I accepted her invitation: Yes, but I’m only free in the evening. Are you okay with it?

Rose replied: Sure, evening it is! I’ll come to your house tomorrow. Well, I should stop bothering you since it’s getting late. Good night.

Upon seeing the moon emoji at the end of the message, I couldn’t help but smile. Despite their years of marriage, Nick seemed to have protected Rose well. It was apparent from her cheerful words that she was still young at heart.

Meanwhile, Ashton had finished taking his shower and came out of the bathroom. When he saw me smiling, he half-kneeled beside the bed and inched closer to me. “What’s so funny?”

Ashton smelled good after stepping out of the shower. Putting my phone aside, I wrapped my arms around his neck to take a whiff of his scent. After a while, I replied delightedly, “Rose added me as a friend on Instagram and asked me to go shopping tomorrow. I agreed to it.”

“Rose?” Ashton was startled for a moment before he continued, “Is she Nick’s wife?”

“Yes!” I nodded and continued, “We met her in the hospital two days ago. Have you forgotten about it?”

Since Ashton was occupied recently, I wouldn’t blame him if he didn’t have any impression of her.

“I remember.” Ashton grabbed my hand and sat on the bed. Then, he took me into his arms and asked with a pensive expression, “Are you two close to each other?”

“Not really.” I remembered that I met Rose less than five times, so we were only considered acquaintances. “Anyway, she’s Nick’s wife. Besides, it’s the festive season now, and I don’t have the heart to reject her.”

Ashton tilted his head and stroked my nose gently. “You should stop saying yes to others all the time. Why must you force yourself to do something that you don’t like to please them?”

“I’m not forcing myself.” Although I was easygoing, I wouldn’t make concessions to the extent that I had to abandon my principles. Hence, I rebutted defiantly, “I only agreed to it because we’re considered relatives. Don’t worry. I definitely won’t go out with strangers. After all, I have learned my lesson from Summer’s incident.” However, Ashton merely nodded and put on a slightly disdainful smile. It was apparent that he didn’t believe my words.

Dissatisfied with his response, I decided to be more assertive. I squinted and said wryly, “Hmph… Mr. Fuller, are you trying to stop me from leaving the house like I’m your pet canary?”

I knew that I probably thought too highly of myself, for I was not as young or as gorgeous as the chicks out there. Nonetheless, I didn’t think a woman who was pregnant or preparing for pregnancy had to stop socializing.

Due to the misconception, many companies nowadays still included unfair clauses in their contracts, stating that a woman, who was pregnant within five years of working with them, had to resign automatically.

Moreover, I had handed over my tasks to others at Fuller Corporation a year ago and became an idler since then. Hence, I might even become too lazy to take care of Summer if I was barred from socializing. In that case, I would be no different from pigs in a pigpen.

A glint flashed across Ashton’s eyes as I finished speaking. Suddenly, he tilted his head and scanned my face. A few seconds later, he put on a wry smile and replied, “It’s a good idea…”

Upon knowing that he really had such thoughts, I was rendered speechless.

Feeling embarrassed and angry at the same time, I grabbed the pillow below my head and threw it at him. “Don’t ever think about it!”

In love, never say never chapter 1125

I wasn’t a housewife. Even if I was, I could still pick Summer up from school. However, I wouldn’t even be able to leave the bedroom if I was his pet.

More importantly, Ashton probably had a wilder idea, which was to restrain me to the bed. I can’t let it happen!

He grabbed the pillow effortlessly and took it into his arms. Then, he giggled as though he was rejoicing at the prospect.

Men would still be childish regardless of their age, thinking that bullying the women they loved was a way of expressing their affection.

Although such a thought was a little despicable, it somehow brought fun to a couple’s life.

I gave him a cold-eyed stare for a while. Knowing that there was nothing I could do to him, I grabbed the blanket and turned around to sleep with my back facing him.

You’re not the only one with a trump card! ”Go to sleep alone tonight!”

I snorted and tightened my grip on the blanket. Deep down, I was hoping that he would coax me.

On second thought, I had no right to say that Ashton was childish. Even with Summer around, I would sometimes behave like a little kid in front of him.

Perhaps when we realized that our loved ones would never leave us, we would unknowingly reveal our hidden personalities, thereby wreaking havoc with our relationships. Despite that, we wouldn’t worry about losing them because we knew that they would always stay by our side.

Even though I was a little upset at that thought, I still felt touched while my lips unwittingly curled into a smile.

Initially, I thought that Ashton would come to me and coax me with sweet nothings. When I felt some movements behind me, I took a sideways glance at him. It turned out that he had lain on the bed, hugging me from behind. Without uttering a word, he put his face close to my neck. Since he didn’t move after taking a deep breath, I guessed he had fallen asleep.

Shortly afterward, I could hear his snoring.

Turning around, I saw that he had fallen asleep. At this moment, he was sleeping on his side with one hand curled up before his chest. Given that he was 1.9 meters tall, I thought he would feel uncomfortable sleeping in this posture.

But he seemed to be sleeping soundly, his lips curled into a faint smile. Nonetheless, his brows knitted as though he was worried about the company’s problems that he hadn’t solved yet.

He’s too tired.

Feeling sorry for him, I lifted my hand to caress his brows. Then, I carefully moved his body so that he could lie on his back comfortably.

After that, I leaned on his chest and laid the blanket over us before drifting off to sleep.

The results of Professor Zidd’s treatment were promising. It was then the eighth day of my pre-treatment, and I was ready to undergo a hormone injection for superovulation.

After exiting the hospital, I recalled that I rarely kept Summer company recently. As such, I decided to bring her along to meet Rose later.

Before today, I had always thought that I wouldn’t meet Jackson again, at least for a long time. Nevertheless, when we visited a maternity store, I was shocked to bump into him. Moreover, there was a lady standing next to him.

“It’s been a long time,” I broke the silence first. In the past, Jackson would greet me excitedly whenever he saw me. But now, he merely stood still and looked at me blandly in a way that none could read his mind.

Initially, Summer was playing with the toy Rose bought for her with her head lowered. She only looked up curiously after we stopped walking. As soon as she saw Jackson, she spread her arms and lunged toward him to hug his legs. “Mr. Jackson! Mr. Jackson!”

Apart from Ashton and me, Summer was closest to Jackson. Probably because she didn’t know how to express her emotions, Summer pursed her lips and fell silent. She then rested her head on Jackson’s shoulder and sobbed slightly.

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