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In love, never say never chapter 1116-1117-1118-1119-1120

“Some financing, I think. He is preparing to expand the company.” I didn’t know much as well, so I merely told her the key points.

Fuller Corporation was already a listed company, so all of their financing development was public knowledge. There was nothing secret about it at all.

“Financing now?” Emery seemed to be rather surprised as she remained rooted to the spot, exclaiming agitatedly, “They have been in K City for barely a year, and there is no telling whether they can get used to the development here. Ashton is too impatient.”

“He should have his own plans, I think.” Ashton was not the type of person who did things on impulse. Otherwise, he would not have brought Fuller Corporation to its present height.

“What plan? He is just too rash.” Emery waved her hand in disagreement and sighed annoyedly. “What does Ashton take this market to be? Just because he managed to rustle up a few huge deals these few years, he thinks he can put down roots here on this premium land? Scarlett, you’re his life partner, so you should remind him that the Moores are not the only family in K City. He has gained so much fame lately that there are countless jealous people out there waiting to stab him in the back!”

I frowned. Indeed, she was more far-sighted than I could ever be.

What Emery said was an undeniable fact.

Due to his relationship with the Moore family, the business tycoons in K City were all courteous to Ashton on the surface.

However, Fuller Corporation’s development had definitely taken up some of their market shares. No one could laugh at the face of a smaller piece of the pie.

Ashton had been the center of attention the moment he arrived at K City. Hence, there was a possibility that the other businessmen who had suffered losses would collude against him.

Emery grew more serious when she saw that I remained silent. “At this moment, Ashton should not be focusing on financing and expansion. Instead, he should concentrate on stabilizing their foundation in the city. The moment they topple here in K City, they will never be able to make a comeback!”

I let out a deep sigh and nodded. “I understand. I’ll have a chat with Ashton.”

Emery’s words were no exaggeration. Compared to J City, K City was developing at a much faster rate. Countless entrepreneurs had emerged here only to disappear soundlessly.

K City was a carnivorous city! Emery’s reminder landed me in a bed of worries for the rest of the day. Even though I knew that Ashton would not make rash decisions, I was still feeling rather anxious.

After dinner, I quickly tucked Summer into bed before I headed to Ashton’s office.

Of course, I did not forget my obligation as his wife. Like yesterday, I brought him his dinner. The only difference was that I was very edgy today.

Even though I had been part of Fuller Corporation’s management, I practically had no say in the company’s development, so I did not know how he would react if I commented on his project based on Emery’s views.

The entire K City had already resumed work by now. Most of the people going in and out of the lobby were employees working in this building. After exchanging festive niceties, they immediately dove into formal business talk. Nevertheless, probably due to the festive season, everyone had smiles on their faces.

All the lights were turned on at Fuller Corporation, and many employees were still working overtime. However, very few of them noticed me.

Those who did were about to greet me when I lifted my index finger to my lips and signaled them to keep quiet. I then headed directly to Ashton’s office

In love, never say never chapter 1117

Coincidentally, I overheard Ashton reprimanding his employee, “We just resumed the project in less than twenty-four hours, and this happened? Explain yourself!”

No one had the guts to answer him.

I tilted my head to see several employees who worked overtime observing the drama outside the office. With a smile, I entered the office.

Upon turning around, I had a clearer picture of what was going on.

Two young employees dressed in white shirts were standing quietly in front of the desk. They dared not even lift their heads to look at Ashton.

With his back facing them, Ashton leaned against the desk and let out a heavy sigh.

As I had closed the office door gently, he did not notice me coming in. A few moments later, he exploded once again. “Contact the family members, and make sure the media do not pick this up!”

“All right, sir!” the employees replied.

Ashton picked up a pen holder and threw it in their direction. “Go!”

Obviously, he did not aim the pen holder directly at the two young men as it hit the water dispenser next to them.

Even I got a shock as I had never seen Ashton throw a fit like this before. The poor young men were so terrified that they instantly turned around and left his office.

Ashton finally noticed me when he looked at the door out of the corner of his eye and softened his voice. “How long have you been here?”

“Just arrived.” My lips curled into a smile. I lifted the lunchbox to get his attention. “Dinner for my beloved Mr. Fuller.”

Having said that, I walked over and unpacked the lunchbox on the coffee table.

Ashton took a deep breath and walked over to embrace me. “Thanks, Honey.”

“You’re welcome.” I gave his shoulder a pat. “Come. Eat while it’s hot.”

Only then did Ashton release me and pick up the utensils.

Mrs. Eriksen knew what he liked, so she prepared all his favorite dishes. Although Ashton gobbled the food in the lunchbox, it was clear that he was not enjoying his meal.

Having lived with him for almost a decade, I knew Ashton like the back of my hand. From his knitted brows, I could tell that something was bothering him, even though he tried hard to hide away his emotions.

“Something happened?” I poured him a glass of water.

Ashton froze for a bit before reaching for his food with a calm expression as though everything was fine. “Just a minor problem. My men should be able to solve it soon.”

Why then did he throw a fit if it was just a minor problem?

I could tell the changes in his voice that he was not telling me the truth

So Emery was right after all. Ashton must be in deep trouble.

“Ashton,” I gently tapped his thigh and asked tentatively, “Can’t you put the GW’s financing project on hold?”

Hearing that, Ashton gave me a surprised sidelong glance and inquired, “Who told you this?”

Although he did not seem mad about it, I couldn’t help feeling awkward. I avoided his eye contact and said sheepishly, “I’m just… asking…”

Somehow, I managed to muster up the courage and looked at him in the eye. “What I’m trying to say is, you’re already a busy man, and we’re preparing to conceive a child. If you have to focus on this financing project, do you think you’ll have the time and energy for our family?”

In love, never say never chapter 1118

After all, I could not sell Emery out by telling Ashton that she did not like how ambitious and reckless he was.

But my worry was just as valid. He had to do everything by himself because there was no one he could trust, and because of that, he did not even have time to rest! I was afraid that he might collapse due to exhaustion one day.

Upon hearing that, Ashton responded with a casual voice, “Don’t you believe me?”

“That’s not what I meant.” I lowered my head and mumbled, “I’m just worried for you.”

Putting down the cutlery, Ashton inched his face closer to mine and teased, “You look like a little lost lamb that needs protection. I guess you want me to ‘take care’ of you like how I did yesterday, huh?”

He even intentionally emphasized the last line and smirked!

Why do men always think with their members! Argh!

I turned around and stared at him. “Stop it. I’m serious.”

Yet, Ashton did not take me seriously. Holding up his chin, he leaned against the couch and gave me a sensuous look. “I’m serious too. Look at me and tell me what you want, Mrs. Fuller.”

As the heater was turned on, Ashton only wore a thin shirt. He left the top two buttons undone, revealing his tanned chest and abs when he lazed on the couch.

I swallowed the fluid lodged in my throat and looked away. “Watch your behavior. You’re still in the office.”

“What behavior?” Ashton continued teasing.

After regaining my composure, I put on a serious face to tell him that I meant business. “You can’t be…”

The moment I turned around, I realized that Ashton was already standing right in front of me. Instantly, I got tongue-tied.

A corner of his lips quirked up, and he squinted his eyes seductively. I could feel this warm breath on the back of my neck when he continued to inch closer. Immediately, my mind turned blank completely, and I did not remember what I wanted to say anymore. He managed to change the topic sneakily, leaving me at a loss. As he approached me, I could catch a whiff of his scent, which had a hypnotizing effect on me.

All of a sudden, someone knocked on the door before things spiraled out of control.

Ashton’s expression instantly changed. The moment he noticed Stella standing by the door, he returned to his seat and said calmly, “Come in.”

While I was tidying up my clothes, Stella had already entered the office.

After greeting Ashton, she shifted her gaze to me with a hesitant look on her face as though she was not sure if she should speak in front of me.

By right, that should be her least concern since I was a shareholder of the Fuller Corporation.

“Go on.” Ashton put on his usual professional look.

Stella lowered her eyes and passed a document to him. As he was flipping through the pages, she explained, “We have had verbal agreements with all the persons in charge of these projects early this year, but all of them called in the afternoon and expressed their intention to cancel the collaboration with us. Many have confirmed that they’re withdrawing from our partnership, whereas Mr. Rosenthaler is still trying his best to convince a few more to stay with us. But according to his secretary, Mr. Rosenthaler is not confident that he could turn things around, and he hopes that our company could step in and manage the situation as soon as possible.”

In love, never say never chapter 1119

Ashton knitted his brows, and his expression turned grim as he replied, “Got it. Schedule a meeting for me tomorrow. Get all the department heads to attend it.”

Once again, I recalled what Emery told me. I asked Stella, “Are these the existing projects in J City or the new ones in K City?”

The Fuller Corporation had a strong presence in J City, and the entire construction industry depended on them. Hence, it was unlikely for these companies to burn bridges with them so easily.

“The new projects, Mrs. Fuller,” Stella answered.

A line formed between my brows. It looks like Emery was right. Those people in K City have started making their moves now because they are jealous of Ashton.

Ashton took a glance at me and closed the file. He then turned to Stella and said, “You can leave now. I’ll call you when I need you.”

“All right.” Stella then walked out of his office.

Ashton immediately turned his attention to me the moment Stella shut the door. “Tell me what you know.”

“Hmm?” I froze for a bit and gave him a confused look.

Ashton sighed and said, “You’ve distanced yourself from the Fuller Corporation for quite some time, and you don’t know much about the construction industry either. Therefore, you wouldn’t have asked Stella that question all of a sudden unless you heard something from someone. We’ve been married for ten years, Scarlett, so I can read your mind easily.”

Hearing that, I let out a laugh. I was pretty sure he could still read my mind even if we were not married since he was good at doing that. “All right, you got me. I came here to discuss this with you.”

This sabotage was no laughing matter. I placed my hand on his and looked at him seriously. “I know you’re a capable man, but can you not push yourself past your limits at this point? You’ve just relocated the company’s headquarters to K City. Why don’t you strengthen the company’s foundation first before considering the financing project? Since you agree that something’s amiss with the GW Group too, why don’t we take a step back and reevaluate our options?”

Ashton’s eyes darkened as he squinted them. Then, he went deep in thought before asking, “What did Emery say to you?”

Although he did not sound annoyed, his tone was intimidating nonetheless. I twitched my lips and answered matter-of-factly, “She’s only worried for us.”

Ashton kept mum for a moment and walked to his desk. “I’ve been managing this corporation for years. Do you really think I’m unaware of the concern Emery told you?”

After a brief pause, he started looking for some documents from a drawer under his desk. Then he walked up to me and tapped on the documents. “Construction and trading are the two major sources of income for the Fuller Corporation. Before shifting my focus to K City, I’ve established my connections here, so by right, everything’s good to go. Yet, take a look at all these documents. They all turned their backs on me. Even those who have yet to leave are merely staying temporarily because of the Moores. They might not end up signing the contract with us too.”

After going through all four documents, I realized that the sum involved in these projects was at least ten million. That was a lot of money.

Without connections and resources, a company could never run a business properly. This was exactly the problem Ashton experienced when he made a foray into K City.

In love, never say never chapter 1120

At this point, I knew I should not dampen Ashton’s spirit, but I could not keep quiet and watch the Fuller Corporation crumble.

I hesitated for a moment but decided to voice out my opinion. “Let’s go slow, okay? Without a strong foundation, the company will collapse easily. We should spend time accumulating our resources and building our connections.”

Ashton shook his head in disagreement. “It’s not as easy as it seems.”

He gave me a sullen gaze and continued, “The Moores has been trying to stop me since they heard that I was venturing into K City, so it’s only normal that my other business rivals are now doing the same to sabotage me as well.”

Of course, I was aware of the dilemma he was in. But I only wanted him to be safe in this trying time as that was my biggest concern.

Noticing the changes in my expression, he grabbed my hands and leaned on the couch. “But you see, I’m still in one piece. Besides, there’s no turning back now, Scarlett. Even if I don’t expand my business empire, my rivals would still think of ways to take us down. Instead of waiting to be butchered, I might as well take them down first.”

I was shocked to learn how ambitious he was, but at the same time, I totally understood his logic. Besides, no one could stop Ashton if he was determined to get something done.

Instead of dampening his spirit, I should support his endeavors. But at this point, how could I not be worried?

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there. Even if you have no intention of defeating your rivals, they will not hesitate to destroy you, and the winner will take it all.

Though I had the same concern as Emery, I decided to keep my opinion to myself and trust Ashton wholeheartedly.

I never believed that women were more inferior to men, but I had to admit that Ashton was more visionary than I was. After Ashton had finished his dinner, I left his office and went home directly.

While I was on my way back to the villa, I gave Emery a call and told her what Ashton said. She remained quiet for quite a long time, just like how I reacted in Ashton’s office.

She then made this remark, “Your man is one of a kind, Scarlett.”

A corner of my mouth quirked up. “I think everyone knows that.”

“I’m not trying to kiss his ass,” Emery said in a serious voice. “But with his ambition and courage, nothing’s going to hold him back from conquering the world.”

I could not agree more as that was exactly what I had in mind when Ashton told me his thoughts.

After another round of small talk, I ended the call and looked out the window to calm my mind, but I still could not shake off the uneasiness I felt.

Those who wished to sabotage Ashton had already settled down in K City for decades. Hence, he would definitely have a hard time dealing with them if he wished to take them down.

Something Ashton said earlier also reminded me how lax I had become.

Not only had I kept my hands off the Fuller Corporation during this period, but I had also turned into a housewife, not having any goals in life.

I did not mind being a housewife if I had all the house chores to keep me occupied, but since Mrs. Eriksen was in charge of all the tasks, I spent my days taking care of Summer and delivering dinner to Ashton.

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