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In love, never say never chapter 1111-1112-1113-1114-1115

Elated, Summer clapped her hands and snuggled up in Emery’s arms. ”Thank you, Aunt Emery! I love lollipops!”

Emery’s smile deepened when she saw Summer so happy. Seeing that, I asked her sarcastically, “I don’t see you being that patient with Xavier. Is Summer your child instead?”

“How is that the same?” Emery walked over with Summer in her arms. “Summer is a girl, and girls are meant to be pampered. Since Xavier is a boy, he needs to toughen up. Otherwise, he will grow up to be a Mommy’s boy. If that’s the case, I’ll disown him.”

I shook my head and sighed. There was no way to win a verbal argument with Emery.

Emery then continued playing with Summer, and when she saw that I was ready, she prepared to bring Summer out with her. “Alright, let’s get going. We can’t afford to be late again. Lots of doctors these days are really arrogant, and it doesn’t matter who our families are.”

I thought of Professor Zidd’s good temperament and could not help but retort, “Not every doctor is like that. For example, Professor Zidd is a great man.”

Then, I took Summer from her arms and called out to the kitchen, “Mrs. Eriksen, please come out here for a while.”

In no time, she came out.

“Mrs. Eriksen, we will follow the usual schedule this morning. You will watch Summer and let the other servants handle your chores.”

“Yes, Mrs. Fuller.”

Emery was confused, “Why aren’t you bringing Summer? I can watch her.”

Summer stood between us as she spoke, looking up at us quietly with her large, bright eyes.

Sometimes, she was very much like me. The moment she understood what was going on, she would acquiesce to the circumstances.

Last night as I tucked her into bed, I told her that Mommy would be busy in the following mornings, so she would have to stay at home with Mrs. Eriksen in the meantime.

She did not understand why I had to leave her behind again, thinking that I was going to abandon her like the time I left her with Cameron and Zachary. After a crying fit, she calmed down when I read her a few fairytales. Finally, she agreed as I patiently explained everything again.

Sighing, I asked Mrs. Eriksen to bring Summer to the backyard. After they left the room, I finally replied to Emery’s question, “Summer had just completed the bone marrow operation last year, and she had a kidney transplant too. She is recovering well, so I don’t want her to go to the hospital yet. I don’t want anything bad to happen to her again.”

Emery nodded in understanding and did not say anything else.

We walked out of the house after picking up our bags. At this moment, Ashton walked in through the entrance. Looking worn out with visible stubble on his chin, he seemed as though he had just rushed here from the office.

Emery teased him, “Hey, isn’t this Mr. Fu? Did you just come back from a mining trip or something?”

I patted her shoulder to stop her from talking before telling Ashton, “You’ve worked for a whole night. Emery can go with me today. Just go upstairs and take a nap.”

Ashton looked at me before turning his gaze to Emery, saying adamantly, “Wait for me in the car for five minutes. I’ll just do a quick shave.”

Having said that, he headed to the bathroom immediately. I could faintly hear him telling the maid to get his electric shaver for him.

He still preferred to use the shaver I chose for him.

We waited around for a while before Emery dragged me into Ashton’s car.

After five minutes, Ashton sat in the driver’s seat punctually and drove toward the hospital.

In love, never say never chapter 1112

I observed Ashton quietly through the rearview mirror. After shaving, his charming, good looks were restored with no sign of having gone through an all-nighter at all.

Being the extrovert she was, Emery started talking not long after the car sped off, “I know it is not good to compare, but look at you, Mr. Fuller. You are so busy, and yet, you still make time to bring Scar to the hospital, unlike Hunter. When we finally get a long-awaited holiday, he spends it on some random academic seminar. Tsk tsk…”

I just sat there, feeling awkward. While it was perfectly acceptable to complain to girlfriends, it was quite embarrassing for a wife to complain about her husband in front of another man. Emery seemed to be losing her filters after having her child. At that thought, I reminded myself to talk to her about it later on.

Ashton focused on driving and did not respond right away. I thought he didn’t hear it and was about to heave a sigh of relief when I heard his low voice pipe up.

“I did not manage to protect her properly the last two times. If I don’t make up for it this time around, I will have no comparative advantage over Professor Zane.”

It was a perfect response. Ashton did not deny that he was a good husband, but he did not run down Hunter either. This was the best way to protect the dignity of both men. I let out a laugh upon hearing that. Meanwhile, Emery was dumbstruck as she had not expected that the joke would be on her.

Since Ashton had raised Hunter to such a high pedestal, it would be too much of her to keep complaining about him.

With that, silence ensued in the car and soon, we reached the hospital.

Professor Zidd did a routine examination on me and beckoned Ashton and Emery back into the room with a rather serious look, which worried me. I had the feeling that we would get some bad news today.

After a long silence, Professor Zidd finally looked up and stared at Ashton solemnly. “Mr. Fuller, don’t you even know your responsibility as a husband?”

All three of us were taken aback by this strange question.

Then, his expression changed, and he sighed a little before saying, “I thought that when you looked for me, you would have done your research. Didn’t you know that both of you’re not supposed to get intimate throughout this treatment?”

His tone was grim with a hint of anger. Both Ashton and I were flabbergasted at the same time before blushing rather bashfully.

Always up for a good show, Emery attempted to stifle a laugh and commented, “Cough, cough, Doctor, do try to empathize with them. It has been a difficult journey for them, and now that they have finally gotten together, it is difficult for them to hold back their passion.” My face blushed even more furiously after Emery said that. I then pursed my lips and turned to shoot a warning glare at her.

However, she was clearly not threatened by me at all. Emery was still laughing heartily and only stopped out of respect for Professor Zidd. “Fine, fine, I’ll stop talking now. You guys continue. Just pretend that I’m invisible.”

Professor Zidd’s face remained grim for quite a long time before he looked at Ashton and me solemnly. “I did not remind you yesterday, so I’m at fault too. However, I really hope that you will remember this from now onwards. You are both still young and passionate, and yes, some things tend to happen naturally. But you need to make your objectives clear. The whole in vitro fertilization process takes about two to three months, and together with the pregnancy, it’s only about a year. If you can’t even keep your hands off each other throughout this one year, I think we can all stop wasting each other’s time.”

In love, never say never chapter 1113

At the end of the day, he may have sounded rather harsh, but it was all for our own good.

Feeling guilty, I looked down and was about to apologize when I heard Ashton’s almost hoarse voice. “It’s my fault for not being able to suppress myself. Don’t worry, Professor Zidd, I guarantee that this situation will not happen again.”

Hearing that, Emery coughed out loud a few times which embarrassed me greatly. I did not even dare to look at her then.

When Ashton saw that Professor Zidd’s solemn expression remained, he fell silent and reached out to hold me by my shoulders as he looked at Professor Zidd sincerely. With a heartfelt voice, he said, “Professor Zidd, we have already experienced the excruciating pain of losing a child twice.”

Then, he choked on his voice slightly before looking at me with affection. “My wife has suffered greatly because of these two miscarriages. Trust me. I really want this in-vitro fertilization process to go smoothly more than anyone else. As her husband, it was negligence on my part, and I will not seek excuses for myself, but I still hope that you will empathize with our desire to be parents and give us another chance. We will definitely not disappoint you again.”

I was actually quite moved by what Ashton said, and at that very moment, I wanted nothing more than to be by his side.

I reached out to put my hand on his and smiled as I looked up at him. Then, I turned to look at Professor Zidd earnestly and said, “Professor Zidd, I was the one who seduced him last night, so you can’t blame him!”

I spoke loudly, thinking that I was being righteous.

However, the moment I finished speaking, it was as if every single molecule in the air had frozen on the spot!

In an instant, Emery burst out laughing.

I was stunned for a while before I saw the weird look on Professor Zidd’s face. As if taken aback by what I had said, he stretched his neck. Averting his gaze, he pushed up his glasses before he found his voice again. “Women at this age do have a stronger desire. Please try to hold back for the sake of the treatment. If you really can’t do so, just remember not to go too deep…”

Despite his hesitation, I understood what he was trying to say. He was willing to forgive our mistake and continue with our treatment. I nodded away happily like a woodpecker and said, “Don’t worry, Professor Zidd. I will remember that. Not too deep…”

It was only then that I realized how crude I sounded!

When I looked at Professor Zidd again, he was frowning while pretending to look through my file instead of continuing the conversation. I was so embarrassed that I was beet red as I looked at Ashton, who was holding back his laughter. When he realized that I was looking at him, he quickly stopped and reached out to pat my head.

But what use could that be of?

Meanwhile, Emery was the terrible friend who completely reveled in this awkward situation I was caught in. Even when I was too embarrassed to turn around, I could imagine her reaction as I heard her trying to hold back her laughter.

She will have no more respect for me from now on.

Professor Zidd then arranged for me to get my estrogen and progesterone injections at the nurse’s station. I was told that I could leave once that was done.

When I left the doctor’s office, Professor Zidd pulled me aside to have a quick word. “Mrs. Fuller, I know that it is difficult for you to practice abstinence with Mr. Fuller’s good looks. If you have problems doing so, please have a discussion with Mr. Fuller to make temporary separate sleeping arrangements.”

In love, never say never chapter 1114

Embarrassed, I was rendered speechless, and my face reddened instantly. After mumbling a response, I immediately ran out of the room.

Ashton had been waiting by the door. When he saw me looking rather upset, he came up to me and asked in a low voice, “Did Professor Zidd lecture you again?”

I shook my head. “No.”

On the other hand, Emery teased me, “He wants you to make sure that your wife gets plenty of rest, so don’t make her too tired at night.”

“Tsk.” I rolled my eyes at her by way of a threat, but she continued to look at me with a devious smile while pretending to zip up her lips.

Ashton did not say anything and merely patted my back as he led me to get my injections.

This estrogen treatment was to solve the issue of my overly thin uterine lining so that the in-vitro fertilization process could begin after my uterine lining reached a certain level of thickness.

Ashton had minor germaphobia. Therefore, he brought my prescription to a private hospital instead of allowing me to get the injections at the public hospital.

The main advantage of a private hospital was that there were much fewer people in there.

Ashton was rather well-known here. The moment we arrived, a nurse followed us all the way to cater to our needs. From checking our prescription to administering the injections, it was a very clear-cut process that took barely ten minutes. As a result, we saved a lot of time that would otherwise be spent waiting at a public hospital.

Therefore, private healthcare had its advantages despite being expensive.

Ashton supported me as we walked out of the clinic. In the corridor, we actually ran into Nick at the obstetrics and gynecology department.

He was supporting Rose, and they looked very affectionate. It had only been a year, but he had changed his hairstyle, looking a lot more sophisticated. Indeed, he seemed more like the head of a family now.

When they saw us, their smiles remained on their face. Rose greeted us politely, “Scarlett, Ashton.”

Nodding, Ashton did not say anything. After all, he never paid attention to networking.

Right then, I noticed that Rose’s hand was draped over her stomach. With a smile, I asked, “So… will we be hearing some good news?”

Rose glanced at Nick shyly before nodding and looking at her stomach fondly. “Yes, it’s just been two weeks, and it’s still a tiny little thing.”

The arrival of a new life could bring so much joy, and I think I was able to understand their bliss now.

“Congratulations!” I was truly happy for them.

It seemed like the dust had settled since Nick was starting his own family.

For some reason, I thought of Jackson. How is he doing in M Country?

As Nick and Rose exchanged glances, one could tell that they were happy to hear such words.

A moment later, Nick looked at me and said sincerely, “I’m sure both of you will get good news too in no time.”

Taken aback, I then realized that he had easily figured out why we were here. “I hope you are right.”

Nick nodded before his eyes fell on Ashton. “Mr. Fuller, your audit season should be coming soon. What do you think of passing some of the work to Harrison Credit?”

With that, he began talking about work. As I observed him, I realized that he had really become his own man.

However, Ashton did not look like he wanted to continue the conversation. “Let’s not talk about work during our personal time. We can discuss it in my office later on.”

“That’s a good idea,” Nick said without pursuing the matter further. “I’ll take my leave first, as there are other checkups to be done.”

With that, he led Rose away.

In love, never say never chapter 1115

We watched them as they walked into the nearest elevator. It was only when Ashton pinched my shoulders that I came back to my senses. He then brought me out of the hospital.

In the car, Emery tried to look for an opportunity to speak again.

“Wasn’t that Cameron’s son? The one who just took over their family business?”

Even though Emery grew up in K City, she was not familiar with the people here. Moreover, Nick had just returned to K City. Hence, even though she was very well-informed, she had difficulty matching people’s faces to their names.

I nodded. “Hmm, he could be considered my brother too.”

“You have quite a lot of family members, don’t you?” Emery grumbled before she went on to change the topic. “But this Nick looks rather decent, and his wife is classy too. One of these days, he will definitely surpass his father’s achievements.”

“That is definitely going to happen.” I had always felt that Nick was very capable as he took charge of the company since he was quite young. After seeing his current state earlier on, that feeling became stronger than ever. “Very few people can manage such a large family business at his age.”

It had been some time since Nick took over the Harrisons. The last time I saw Cameron and Zachary, they did not complain about him, so he must have been doing well.

Emery snorted and pursed her lips. Then, she pointed her chin toward the driver’s seat and said, “Oh look, we have one right here.”

Baffled, I looked in that direction. From my position, all I could see was Ashton’s aloof back view.

Indeed, Ashton was more outstanding than Nick. When he took over Fuller Corporation, he was a lot younger than Nick was. Through the decision of bringing Fuller Corporation to K City, he had proved himself to be a rare business talent.

However, there were good and bad sides to everything. All people saw was that Ashton acquired such a high position and immense wealth at this age, but they did not see his hard work and how he practically lived in the office. There was nothing he could do about it, even when he was going through something as life-changing as procreation.

I could not help but sigh as melancholy emerged on my face. Ashton is not a machine, so how much longer can he last like this?

While I was staring into thin air, Emery suddenly spoke to Ashton, “Ashton, based on your expression earlier, you’re uninterested in collaborating with Nick, am I right?”

Is that so? Why did I not see that?

But he invited Nick to his office. Wasn’t that an opportunity?

I regained my composure and looked at Ashton curiously. Together with Emery, I waited for his response.

He focused on driving and gave a curt reply, “I’m considering it.”

“What is there to consider? You should save the benefits for your own family. Isn’t Nick Scarlett’s brother? Since that’s the case, their company is definitely more trustworthy than other companies out there. Moreover, they have other businesses here in K City. If you give him some benefits now, you will have endless profits in the future. Work together as a family, and you’ll be the most powerful team in K City.” Emery analyzed it very well, almost as if she were part of the industry too.

However, Ashton merely replied coldly, “Mmhmm.”

His curt reply stopped Emery from continuing the conversation, and it infuriated her so much that she crossed her arms in front of her chest. If not for me signaling at her, she probably would have fought with Ashton there and then in the car.

We fell into silence once again. After Ashton dropped us at the villa entrance, he went back to the office.

We only entered the house when we saw his car vanish around the corner.

As we walked on the cobblestone path leading to the villa, we continued with the previous topic. Of course, it was Emery who initiated it.

“Ashton’s attitude is rather suspicious. He seems to be deliberately avoiding the topic of working with the Harrisons. Do you know what he has been working on recently?” Emery had some economic knowledge and was particularly interested in studying the psychology of key business leaders.

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