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In love, never say never chapter 1106-1107-1108-1109-1110

After dinner, I played with Summer for a while before tucking her into bed. She was quite tired, so she fell asleep very quickly.

Seeing that it was still early and not many people were at work at Fuller Corporation today, I asked Mrs. Eriksen to reheat a few dishes. There wasn’t much to eat around the area, so I drove to the office to bring food for Ashton.

Even though it was winter, there was a huge difference between day and night temperatures in K City. Despite being wrapped up in a thick wool jacket, I was still trembling away. Hence, I dashed into the office the moment I got out of the car.

There were not many people there at this hour.The only security guard downstairs remembered me, so he allowed me into the building after some small talk.

Somehow, the office looked rather desolate with just one row of lights switched on.

I remembered where Ashton’s office was, so I headed there with the lunchbox. However, I heard a woman’s flirtatious voice when I reached the door.

“Mr. Fuller, you haven’t had dinner, right? There is a new restaurant opposite our office. Shall we go there to grab a bite before coming back to continue our work?”

It was a very familiar voice. I instinctively tilted my head and saw Stella’s side profile. At the very same time, Ashton looked up and noticed that I was there.

He was probably about to respond to Stella then. Immediately, he stood up and walked toward me. “What are you doing here? It’s really cold out there, and you should be wearing more.”

“I’m brought dinner for you, Mr. Fuller.” I showed him the grey lunchbox. As I spoke, there was still some water vapor lingering in the air near my lips.

He took a look at the lunchbox and put it aside. Then, he picked up both of my hands and rubbed them in his palm while saying almost half-jokingly, “Thank you so much, Mrs. Fuller.”

I pouted and did not respond to that.

It was only then that Stella managed to interrupt us. After greeting me respectfully, she said to Ashton, “I’ll take my leave now, Mr. Fuller.”

With that, she squeezed past me to leave the room.

I watched her as she walked away with an awkward expression.

Ashton craned his neck to take a look as well, but he clearly did not get the point. “What are you looking at?”

“Nothing. Let’s eat.” I released his hand and brought the lunchbox to the coffee table.

He was indeed hungry and was not picky about his food at all. Taking bites out of every dish that I had brought, he ate his meal slowly and elegantly.

While he was eating, I walked around his office. When I saw a document about the GW Group, I picked it up and flipped through it casually.

“The GW investment bank from M Country was founded in 1920, and today, they are amongst the top one hundred investment banks in the world. While their assets are not fully audited yet, they have a conservative liquid net worth of over a hundred billion…”

I could not help but be taken aback as I read this quietly to myself. How did Ashton attract such a mega-corporation?

“Ashton,” I asked him while I held up the document, “Are you sure this is not about GW wanting to acquire Fuller Corporation but rather whether you will allow them to invest in the company?” He glanced at me and continued eating slowly while explaining, “Fuller Corporation is already a household name within the country, and it is imperative that we begin our overseas expansion. Moreover, the Aploth construction market has always been a gaping hole in GW’s portfolio. Therefore, the idea of acquisition has probably crossed their mind now that they’ve approached us.”

I brought it up casually but did not expect to hit the nail on the head. Not knowing what to say in response to his solemn look, I quietly put the document back.

When a company was listed and had the intention to expand beyond the domestic market, it would definitely have to deal with the capitalists. Those with less than stable stances might just disappear with the cash after selling off their company. All of their technical resources would then land in the hands of these capitalists. In fact, these resources could even be lost before they had a chance to venture out of the country!

In love, never say never chapter 1107

Thus, many capitalists exploited this weakness to plunder technical resources in order to expand their own businesses. At the same time, they would limit the company’s domestic development while killing off every potential competitor. This was how they fortified their control over the economy.

Clearly, Ashton would never betray Fuller Corporation. This was not only because it was his family business, but more importantly, he had his personal aspirations.

Cameron and Emery had mentioned many times that Ashton was no ordinary talent. Under his management, Fuller Corporation would expand internationally sooner or later. Indeed, it took just five years for him to move the company headquarters to K City. As expected, there was more development in the pipeline within their business development plan.

Just like any other man, there was no end to his career aspirations. The more capable he was, the farther his goal would be.

Of course, like what Ashton had said, plenty of uninvited guests would come knocking when a company reached a certain scale. GW was the best example here. In order to open up the Aploth market, they humbled themselves before Fuller Corporation and practically presented funds to them with their own bare hands. While GW would rely on Fuller Corporation in order to develop in the Aploth construction market, Fuller Corporation would still be their first acquisition target in the end.

Dealing with capitalists was akin to getting blood from a stone. Therefore, Ashton was understandably grim when the topic of financing came up.

I knew that he had been very worried about it, so I changed the topic after falling silent for a while. Looking at the door, I asked, “Is the project at Moranta completed?”

From where I was, I could see Stella’s cubicle clearly. When I was talking, she was right there working away, and I could see her every movement; she would occasionally switch her position between sitting and standing.

Is this how Ashton and Stella work on a regular basis?

After some time in the corporate world, I had gained some understanding of the things that happened between secretaries and their bosses. Those lecherous bosses usually deployed subtle tricks to take advantage of their female staff. Who then arranged this vantage point for Stella and Ashton?

When I took a closer look, Stella was not the particularly attractive type. When she was looking down whilst working, she looked very obedient. Generally speaking, she just emanated a down-to-earth vibe.

The boy I met in the mall, Justin, looked quite compatible with her. However, she seemed repulsed by the idea of being with him. Is it because of Ashton?

At this thought, I subconsciously shifted my probing gaze to Ashton.

There was nothing different about him as he sat upright on the sofa. There was no expression on his face as well as he said blankly, “Joseph reported some problems during our video conference this afternoon. They will only be able to resume work after the new year.”

“Oh..” I could not help but smile as I saw his almost robotic expression.

After all these years together, I understood him well.

With his good looks and business talent, there was always an unending trail of women throwing themselves at him. Some could only flaunt their looks, while those who lacked in the looks department made up for it with their business acumen. Finally, there were also those beautiful girls with strong family backgrounds. However, Ashton probably did not even remember their faces. When it came to his staff, he treated them equally regardless of their genders, and Stella was no exception.

However, this did not erase the possibility of Stella’s continued interest in Ashton. Hence, I decided to have a private chat with Joseph later and have him come back earlier.

In love, never say never chapter 1108

While it was true that everyone had the right to pursue the things they wanted, if the direction was wrong, they should put a stop to it in order to cut the losses.

I was quite worried that Rebecca’s story would repeat itself. Apart from her personality, another reason she was reluctant to let Ashton go was that she had invested so much time, energy, and emotions in him. When things did not go her way, it was only natural for her to be disgruntled and sullen. In the end, her mind went awry.

Stella was an intelligent person who could help Ashton at work. The only problem was that her heart was not in the right place. I did not want to make a scene out of it, so I could only hope that she could see the reality when Joseph was back.

Now that I was rid of my worries, I sat down next to Ashton and accompanied him while he ate.

He stopped eating and looked at me. “It’s getting late. Go home.”

With that, he picked up his jacket and dragged me outside.

I thought it was strange and asked him as we walked, “What about your work?”

“I don’t care.” He looked very anxious while he led me outside. When we walked past Stella, she stood up to greet us, but he picked up his pace as if he did not hear her at all.

In the elevator, he looked rather agitated as his dark eyes were fixated on the information screen, but I couldn’t read his mind at all.

After buckling my seatbelt, I could not help but ask him, “Did something happen?”

“Mmhmm,” he replied. He looked serious and earnest as he placed his hands on the steering wheel. “Something trivial but very troublesome.”

I frowned and looked at him quizzically. How could a trivial matter be troublesome?

However, he did not say anything else, stepping onto the accelerator, and in less than half an hour, we arrived home.

Mrs. Eriksen welcomed us at the door. “Welcome home, Mr. and Mrs. Fuller.”

“Mm,” Ashton responded nonchalantly before pulling me upstairs, making Mrs. Eriksen more confused than ever.

The moment we got into the room, he pressed me against the wall. After he kicked the door shut, he bent down to kiss me. His kiss was domineering and possessive, and it didn’t take long for my breathing to turn heavy.

His unpredictability caught me off guard. Before I completely lost all sense of rationality, I struggled to push him away. Then, I panted heavily while asking, “What’s going on with you? Didn’t you say you had something to deal with?”

His breathing was uneven, and his eyes looked like they were on fire. He seemed as though he wanted to eat me up with his Adam’s apple bobbing up and down. “I’m dealing with it right now.”

“Oh?” I was confused.

“Do you remember this morning’s checkup?”

“Yes, I do…” I nodded. It was only then that I remembered that we did different checkups. My face immediately turned red as I bit my lips and teased him, “So you have been holding it back for the entire day?”

His eyes darkened as he picked me up in one fell swoop and walked into the bedroom. Then, he smothered me with kisses, and everything happened naturally.

It took him almost two hours before he let me go contentedly.

I lay down to rest while he took a shower. Propping up the pillow, I waited for him to come back to bed. He’s going to be busier when work resumes tomorrow.

However, he came out of the bathroom in a bathrobe and headed straight to the wardrobe. When he emerged again, he was dressed impeccably in a suit again.

“You are going back to the office?” His appointment with Professor Zidd was at 9 a.m., so going back to the office at this hour meant that he would not be back too early. At that thought, I started worrying that he wouldn’t have time to sleep

In love, never say never chapter 1109

He walked to the bedside and bent down to plant a feathery light kiss on my forehead. Softly, he said, “I’ve something to settle by tonight. You go ahead and sleep first.”

“Alright.” I sighed as I knew I should not get in the way of his career, but I could not help but remind him, “Come back earlier and don’t sleep in the office as you could catch a chill there.”

He smiled. “Don’t worry. I’m fully recharged now, so I can work through the night.”

I blushed and pretended to nag him, “Be quick then, and come back early.”

He hummed in response and left with his phone.

The moment he was gone, silence filled the house, and I was not sleepy anymore.

When I took a look at the time, it was only 11 p.m. The most exciting part of the night had just begun.

Recalling Professor Zidd’s advice, I got dressed and got off the bed to take my medication. At the same time, I got rid of my previous supplements.

Prescription medicine usually had a short shelf life. Regardless of whether Professor Zidd would continue to be my doctor, I had no more need for these supplements.

Suddenly, I recalled that Summer was a light sleeper, so I put on a jacket and went into her room. It was not until I saw that she was in deep sleep under her covers that I felt relieved.

I was still very awake when I was back in the bedroom, so I sat up against the bed to scroll on my phone idly.

Within minutes, Emery sent a WhatsApp message: Are you waiting for someone to chat with you, lonely wildcat?

I laughed out loud. How could she still say things like that as a mother? But I still replied: Name your price.

I burst out laughing after I sent the message.

How is this appropriate conversation content for two mothers?

Almost immediately, Emery called me up. “What’s up with you? Why are you all alone like me?”

I laughed as she was incredibly spot-on at times. “Isn’t Professor Zane at home?”

She complained disgruntledly, “Don’t even get me started. He rushed to that seminar in the middle of the night. I don’t get it. Why couldn’t he just stay at home during this festive season? Do these academics have a different brain structure or something?”

Emery had always been like that. Although she had a ruthless tongue, her heart was warm and caring. Knowing that she could not bear to be without Hunter, I teased her, “Professor Zane is not just young and accomplished but handsome as well. Why didn’t you go with him? Aren’t you worried about those devious girls?”

Men in their thirties were generally more attractive than those in their twenties. At this stage, they would become more mature and sophisticated. On top of that, they would have attained a certain level in their careers. Hence, men like Hunter, who were more sensitive and caring, would appear incredibly attractive to young girls.

I had always felt that Hunter probably attracted more women than Ashton did, given that he was working in a university.

Emery snorted, “Whatever, I don’t care. He can be my guest if he wants to look for a pretty young thing since I’m sick of being a professor’s wife anyway. If that happens, I’ll get myself a young guy. There is no way I will lose out to him here.”

I was speechless as I knew that this was something she would definitely do. With her eloquence, many girls would have fallen for Emery’s sweet talk if she had been born a man.

Seeing that I did not respond, Emery continued, “Actually, I don’t really care whether Hunter can be at home to keep me company. To me, the main problem is with my in-laws. You know what I’m talking about. Even though we have been married for so long, I still don’t feel completely at ease with them. The moment Hunter is away, his parents and I become so incredibly polite to each other, it feels like we’re strangers rather than family. The atmosphere is so awkward that I can barely breathe!”

In love, never say never chapter 1110

Emery had been complaining about Hunter’s parents since they were newlyweds. She thought it would get better after they had children, but the problem still remained. After giving it some thought, I comforted her, “Fate has brought you together as a family. However, it is normal to have a gap between two generations. It would be best to have more communication with them since they are your husband’s parents. No one would love you two more than they do. Think about it, if your parents were still around, would you find it hard to communicate with them?”

“Maybe,” Emery was still not very enthusiastic and replied listlessly. “My dad was very old when I was born, and we barely enjoyed any quality time as a family when he passed on, so I can only imagine what it would have been like. But it is clearly not working, hence my complaints to you now.”

Hearing her heartfelt words, I realized that she was quite right. Emery was about my age, and after her father passed away, the only family she had was Zachary’s family. Even though they were supposed to be like family to her, there was still a gap between them. This was why she did not understand what it was like to have a good family time.

Everyone was different, and some things simply could not be forced. But there was nothing much I could do except coax her. “Just vent and rant as much as you want if you are unhappy, as long as you don’t say all these in front of Hunter’s parents.”

Emery’s voice suddenly hit a higher pitch. “I’m not dumb. I am hiding in my bedroom right now. Scarlett, you have underestimated me. Even though I am not very happy with this family, the person I want is Hunter. As long as we are fine, I will be able to keep it together. Do you understand?”

Before I could respond, she answered the question herself, “Whatever, you won’t understand since you don’t have in-laws to deal with. Anyway, I should head to bed. Oh wait, what time are you going to the hospital tomorrow morning?”

I guess she only wanted to go to the hospital with me to avoid staying at home. “Nine in the morning.”

“All right, I’ll be there too. Just wait for me at home.”

With that, she hung up.

I stared helplessly as my phone screen went blank. For generations, there had been constant issues arising between in-laws. However, I was sure that Emery would be able to handle it well.

After all, what are these little family tiffs to a woman who’s successful in K City?

All these are just trivial matters, so I’m sure Emery won’t bear grudges.

These thoughts put me at ease. After putting down my phone, I went to bed. The next day.

I was just making my way downstairs when Emery arrived. The moment Summer saw Emery, she ran up to her and greeted, “Grandaunt!”

“Good girl, Summer. Did you miss me?” Emery enveloped her in her arms before complaining, “Hang on, we are about the same age, but why am I part of the older generation? Summer, you should just call me Aunt Emery from now on. Calling me Grandaunt makes me sound older than I am!”

As a precocious child, Summer immediately understood Emery and greeted her in a sweet voice, “Auntie…”

Instantly, this brought a smile to Emery’s face as she responded to Summer, “Oh, you are so smart, Summer. Come! I’ll reward you with a lollipop!”

With that, she fished out a lollipop from her Hermes bag and stuffed it into Summer’s plump little hand.

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