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In love, never say never chapter 1101-1102-1103-1104-1105

He paused and then placed all the reports on the table. Patiently, he started explaining in a friendly manner, “Mrs. Fuller, I’ve been doing research on in vitro fertilization for nearly thirty years, and I’ve encountered many challenging situations. Yours isn’t the worst that I’ve seen, so don’t you worry too much. As long as you heed medical advice, it’s only a matter of time before you have your own child. It’s extremely important for you to take it easy and maintain a positive mindset. Leave the rest to me, will you?”

I was not able to identify if those were just words of comfort. Anyhow, I responded by nodding blankly in order to make Ashton less anxious.

Professor Zidd then turned to Ashton. “Mr. Fuller, what do you think? I think you’re aware that I have an international project coming up in three months’ time, so my time here in the country is very limited. Should you confirm my position as the consulting doctor for Mrs. Fuller’s case, I shall immediately convene a meeting with my assistants to discuss the diagnosis and treatment plan.”

It was inevitable for the top fertility expert in the country to have a packed schedule. The few times we went in and out of his office, we noticed the increasing number of patients queuing up in the hallway, waiting to consult Professor Zidd. Hence, it was not hard to understand why he wanted us to confirm if he’s taking over the case.

At his level, he should be treated as a national treasure who was held in high esteem wherever he went. I believed that Ashton had engaged many of his personal contacts to get a connection with Professor Zidd. Thus, of course, it was unsaid for us to try our best and follow his schedule.

As predicted, Ashton agreed right away, “You’re the expert in this aspect. We’ll follow your lead.”

He tightened his grip on my hand and then cast a glance at me. Once again, he opened his mouth and pleaded earnestly with Professor Zidd, “Please help us.”

My forehead creased as I lifted my head to look at Ashton. At that critical moment, he was like a devout believer praying to Professor Zidd, a deity.

At the spur of the moment, a proud man like Ashton, who had been living a high and lofty life, was no different than any Tom, Dick, and Harry. He had stooped so low for the sake of scoring a chance to have our own child.

Yet, I was relieved seeing him like this, a total burden off my shoulders. This side of him was way charming than the authoritative figure in any business meeting.

“I will,” Professor Zidd replied swiftly. Without further ado, he started listing a page of prescriptions. Then, he tore the page off and passed it to Ashton. Solemnly, he said, “I’ve learned about your backgrounds, Mr. Fuller. There’s still a need for me to remind you that Mrs. Fuller is my patient. In the next two months, she must only consume the medicines that I’ve prescribed. Please do not consult any other doctor rashly nor use other types of medication. I hope that you two can bear this in mind.”

I nodded obediently, not only because Professor Zidd was an elder, but his competency and professional work ethics were very convincing. As an expert, he could have just provided some treatment plans within the scope of his duties. Instead, he empathized with us and went beyond his remit to caution us of the risk of consuming conflicting medications.

People who had gone through extreme pain and grief were always yearning for a complete recovery in the fastest possible time. So, they tend to seek multiple advice from various doctors simultaneously and consume different medications to increase the likelihood of their recovery. It was understandable why one would take that approach. However, in most cases, it might produce negative outcomes due to resistance caused by drug poisoning.

Had it not been for Professor Zidd’s reminder, I would continue taking the pills prescribed by the doctor Sally and I consulted earlier.

In love, never say never chapter 1102

After pondering over this, I grew to trust Professor Zidd more.

If Professor Zidd can’t help me get pregnant again, there’s no more hope for me in this lifetime.

He gazed at us. Perhaps he found us not in the best state of mind, he commented further, “Actually, you don’t need to be overly anxious. Medical technology is very advanced these days. Having a damaged womb with an abnormally thin lining of the endometrium is no longer an incurable disease. In fact, it’s got quite a high chance of recovery with proper medication.”

I could finally let out a stiff smile. “Thank you, Professor Zidd.”

Thank you so much for giving me that glimpse of hope of becoming a mother.

“Haha…” Professor Zidd placed his hands on the desk. His benign smile and mannerisms were just like a friendly senior that I’d known for years. “Don’t thank me in advance. Getting prepared to conceive is never an easy task. We’ll have to see each other on a daily basis and go through a series of exhausting treatments and tests. I’m afraid you might blame me for it later on.”

I laughed. “You must be joking, Professor Zidd, why would we?”

“I wasn’t kidding.” Professor Zidd turned to Ashton and said, “Mr. Fuller is a busy man, but it’s critical that you adjust your work schedules for these two months and take good care of your wife. Having a baby involves two individuals. The following days are extremely important, so I hope that you can accompany Mrs. Fuller to each of the upcoming appointments.”

I gasped. Just as I was about to ask him to be more lenient on Ashton, he cut me off and replied, “Absolutely!”

For the second time within the same day, I gazed at Ashton in disbelief.

He seemed to have turned over a new leaf after the new year. I could feel a sense of security just by knowing that he was present, even without him saying a word.

I did not interrupt him. Subsequently, Professor Zidd gave Ashton some reminders about diet. It was nothing special, but we were supposed to avoid spicy food and consume more nutritious meals.

Upon collecting the medicines, Ashton brought me home.

During the journey, he received a call. I vaguely heard something like “GW Group,” “Hold him up,” and “I’ll be back soon” before he hung up.

I had only been in Fuller Corporation for a short period of time and did not recall Ashton had worked with that company before. Casually, I asked him, “Is GW Group a new partner of Fuller Corporation?”

“Yes, the development of Fuller Corporation in K City is looking good, but we still need some capital injection from foreign consortia to achieve an ideal state. Based on our partnership criteria, GW is one of the best investment banks on Wall Street. The other party has verbally agreed to this collaboration, but I still need to iron out a few unreasonable requests that they’ve made.”

I did not expect Ashton to share that many details with me. Pursing my lips, I crafted a simple response, “I see. Then, you should leave earlier tomorrow.”

With his hands on the steering wheel, Ashton burst into laughter and teased me, “I see that you’re talking through your pregnancy brain before the baby arrives. Their representative is already waiting for me at the company. Once I send you home, I’ll have to rush there right away.” Stunned, I asked again, “So soon? Aren’t you only going back to work tomorrow?”

He threw a look at me and then continued to focus on the road. “Letty, there are no fixed holidays for a businessman. After all, no one can ever resist a good opportunity. Although Fuller Corporation is going on steadily, it doesn’t mean that we can rest and relax now. We need to plan strategically to enter a bigger market with larger funds. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, and we’ll lose out eventually if we don’t work hard enough.”

In love, never say never chapter 1103

I understood his perspective. Fuller Corporation had developed so well in J City and had also finally stabilized its operations in K City. There was no turning back now, so he could only keep expanding his territories.

“You haven’t had much rest lately.” I felt sorry for Ashton.

The festive season could be very tiring. When he finally had a day of rest, he had to accompany me to travel back and fro between two hospitals in the morning and then rushed to the office to handle some business matters in the afternoon. That man was like a spinning top, constantly working.

Feeling smug, he muttered, “I see that someone is missing her man already. Ahem… Should I cancel the appointment later?”

I rolled my eyes at him. “Stop being so full of yourself. Who misses you? Don’t use me as an excuse if you plan to idle at home instead of working.”

“Hahaha…” Ashton chuckled. I followed suit, but with my face turned the other side, looking out the window.

The sky in K City was typically murky as if it was enveloped with a permanent layer of fog. It gave people an overwhelming dejected feeling.

Professor Zidd said that it would take three months to confirm the possibility of my pregnancy. I couldn’t tell if that’s good or bad news. Anyhow, the treatment process had already commenced.

People always say that the days are long but the years are short. Summer has grown up without us knowing. How long can three months be?

Once these ninety days pass me by and I could still get pregnant, what should my pursuits be?

I was in a daze all the way home.

Since Ashton insisted to walk me to the door, I dragged him inside of the house too.

We could already hear Summer’s voice before entering.

“Xavier, I’ve got lots of allowance. Shall I buy you some candies?”

“Grand Aunt, can Xavier stay here and play with me?”

Seems like Emery and Hunter are here.

Walking into the living room, I caught Emery teasing Summer, “You love Xavier so much, don’t you, Summer? Why don’t you ask your Mommy to deliver you a baby brother?”

Sigh… I approached them while grumbling, “You’re really going all out to persuade me to have a child, aren’t you? I think you should make Professor Zane work harder and give you a number two while you guys are still young.”

As soon as she heard my voice, Summer dashed toward me with a lollipop in her hand. “Mommy!”

Seeing Ashton by my side, she greeted him courteously, “Daddy!”

I picked her up to sit down on the sofa with me. I also took a piece of tissue and wiped off the sugar stains around her lips. “Did you forget that you’ve promised me to only eat lollipops once every two days? Otherwise, too much sugar will lead to cavities.”

Little children could never resist sweets. If I didn’t control her, she wouldn’t know when to stop.

Feeling wronged, Summer pouted her lips. “Grand Aunt gave it to me. She said that kids should enjoy more candies during the festive season.”

Emery chimed in, “It’s no big deal, just one lollipop. Let her enjoy it. You’re going to hinder her development if you continue being a helicopter parent.”

I refuted, “This has got nothing to do with her development. Too much candy is bad for your teeth and skin.”

“Once in a while is all right,” Emery defended herself while Hunter advised her, “That’s enough. Don’t interfere when Scarlett is educating her child. You can do the same when you deal with Xavier in the future.”

Emery shrugged her shoulders. “Okay.”

Then, she pointed at Ashton who was still standing, and asked, “Where did you two go? Mrs. Eriksen mentioned that you left super early in the morning.”

In love, never say never chapter 1104

“We had some matters to attend to.” I quickly urged Ashton, “There’s pending business yet to be resolved in the company, right? You should get going.”

“Yes.” He nodded, exchanged greetings with the Zanes, then off he went.

As soon as he exited the door, Emery asked, “Why is he so busy? Isn’t it still the holiday season?”

“He has to meet some investors from another country. Like what Ashton said, there are no fixed holidays for a businessman, so he has to go along with their schedule. Please excuse him as his hands are tied too,” I explained on his behalf.

Ashton had broken an unsaid law by being absent when there are visiting guests at home.

Hunter waved his hand and responded indifferently, “Work is more important.”

Emery, on the other hand, cast a glance at him and then changed the topic, “So, what’s your thought about what I’ve just said?”

“About what?” I was completely baffled.

“To grant Summer a brother,” Emery said excitedly while grinning from ear to ear. “Frankly speaking, Summer is too lonely. With Ashton being a workaholic, Fuller Corporation will only grow to become bigger in the near future. I’m sure he needs someone to take over his businesses. Are you seriously not going to consider having a baby?”

I was almost rendered speechless. “You can really go on and on about this.”

“Hey, hey, hey, what’s with your expression? I’m thinking for your sake. I don’t usually care so much about others, and you know that, right?” Emery communicated her intention confidently in a high-pitched voice.

Summer, who never quite understood our conversations, seemed to get the main point this time. Wrapping her chubby hands around my neck, she requested coquettishly, “I want a brother, Mommy!”

As soon as Emery heard that, she became all energetic and excited. “Oh, did you hear that? Summer has spoken. Now, it’s not just me who’s asking for it.”

Hunter and I exchanged glances and laughed. Emery had sure been brainwashing Summer about having a baby brother, that was why the cheeky girl had it etched in her heart.

Right then, Mrs. Eriksen served us some hot tea. I then took the opportunity and called out to her, “Mrs. Eriksen, please bring Summer for nap time.”

“All right, Mrs. Fuller.” Mrs. Eriksen gestured to carry Summer. “Come, Summer, it’s time to take a nap.”

“I don’t want to!” Burying her head in my arms, she tightened her grip on my neck, having no intention to let go at all. “I still want to play with Xavier.”

Ugh… The older the child gets, the harder it is to discipline them, especially when there are others around.

I suppressed my emotions and put on a stern look while pulling Summer aside. Staring into her eyes, I said sternly, “Take a nap first. When you wake up, you can continue playing with Xavier, okay?”

Since I was seldom strict with her, the trick worked. She noticed my upset expression and followed Mrs. Eriksen upstairs obediently.

Right after Summer left, Emery had her own maid take Xavier to the guest room to rest.

They were quite familiar with our house because it was not their first time here.

Silence permeated the living room after the children left. After a while, I told them about Professor Zidd.

Emery was so thrilled that she could not stop clapping her hands. “Really? That means you’re likely going to have a child this year?” I pressed my lips into a thin line and nodded with a smile.

I’m truly glad to be able to conceive again. I guess this is how I feel right now.

“That’s awesome! You two are finally going to have your own baby. This family is now complete, and I don’t need to worry about you anymore.” Emery was utterly relieved. The next moment, she slapped Hunter’s thigh as an idea flashed through her mind. “Since Ashton is so busy with work, why don’t we accompany Scarlett to the hospital?”

In love, never say never chapter 1105

Before I could reject the offer, Hunter said after faltering, “Well, at first I could, but the economics scholars in K City are organizing an interactive seminar. Hence, I’ll have to attend that every day starting tomorrow.”

Upon that, Emery was rather displeased. She mocked, “Why didn’t I hear this from you before?”

“The memo was released yesterday,” Hunter answered. “It’s held in K City for a month, so I contemplated. But seeing how hard Mr. Fuller works motivates me to follow in his footsteps. Thus, I’ve just sent a message on my phone to notify them I’ll be there.”

“You only have two months of holiday in a year. Now, you plan to spend a month interacting with scholars? Have you forgotten about your wife and son?” Emery’s expression turned sour.

“Haha…” Hunter leaned over and hugged her shoulders. He said carefully, “I’ve registered on your behalf too, so we can go together. My parents will take care of Xavier. In this case, I’m still spending time with you.”

“Save it.” Emery avoided him and moved away to the opposite side. “I’m not up for any sophisticated interaction during the festive season. You have a good time while I accompany Scarlett to the hospital.”

“Haha…” Hunter gazed at her lovingly. He’s indeed a very patient man.

Though they seem to always pick on each other, the fact was, none of them could live without the other. It did not take long for Emery to come up with an excuse to take an early leave and spend quality time with Hunter at home.

I went straight to bed since I woke up early that day.

When I got up, it was already seven in the evening.

Summer was playing building blocks in the living room. As soon as she saw me, she darted toward me and commented, “Mommy, you napped for so long. You’re a lazy pig!”

“Haha… If I’m a lazy pig, then you’re a lazy piglet.” I picked her up and played with her as we headed to the dining area. “Mrs. Eriksen, did Ashton come home?”

Mrs. Eriksen walked out from the kitchen while wiping her hands on her apron. “No. Madam, could you call Mr. Fuller and ask? Dinner is ready. I’ll serve them once he’s home.”

“All right.”

I put Summer down and called Ashton.

He answered the phone immediately, “What’s wrong?”

“Will you be home soon?” I asked.

“I’m still here at the office. You don’t need to wait for me. I probably won’t be able to return in time to have dinner with you all,” he said over the phone.

“Are the matters with GW not settled yet?”

“They gave in, but I have my own bottom line. I’m not working on that right now. Since it will be my first day back to work tomorrow, I’m trying to complete some of the pending projects. Or else, I won’t have time to go to the hospital with you tomorrow.”

I knew Ashton would be very busy when he got back to work. However, I did not expect him to be so overloaded with projects. Hence, I felt so sorry for him. “Emery said she can accompany me, so you don’t need to show up every day. The company can’t do without you during this critical period of growth, so don’t push yourself too hard.”

“I know what to do. You just need to take care of your health and leave the rest to me. Oh, remember to consume the pills after a meal. Also, don’t take those medications given by Aunt Sally.”

He was quite long-winded. Sulking unknowingly, I nodded. “Okay, I will. Anyway, you should get back to your work.”

After hanging up, I faced the kitchen and announced, “Mrs. Ericksen, Ashton won’t be back for dinner, so we can go ahead without him.”

Shortly after, Mrs. Eriksen plated all the dishes on the table.

Surprisingly, Summer had a very good appetite that day and licked her plate clean. She even insisted on shelling the shrimps and ended up with her hands full of roes.

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