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In love, never say never chapter 1086-1087-1088-1089-1090

“Don’t hurt him! You just want the contract, don’t you? I promise to give you that as long as you don’t threaten him!” I mustered my courage to grip his hand and look at his grim face. “Armond, I know you only wanted the contract, so I will give it to you. Just please don’t hurt Ashton, okay?” I pleaded.

Right that instant, there was a sudden change in his expression. He laughed scornfully at me, “My, my, Scarlett, you can only blame yourself for messing things up. Initially, it never crossed my mind to hurt you or even using you to threaten Ashton. However, you’ve spoiled my mood, and now, I’ve changed my mind.”

After that, he rose and opened the door of the cage. He stepped out and then picked up the phone on the floor to hand it to me. Squinting his eyes, he said grimly, “Call Ashton now and ask him to pass the contract to Linda. Do you get it?”

I cooled myself down, took the phone from him, and called Ashton. He answered my call almost immediately.

Upon hearing his voice, my heart flinched because of the complex emotions. Suppressing my uneasiness, I asked, “Ashton, where are you now? How are you? Is everything going on well?”

“I’m fine. Don’t worry, Don’t be afraid!” His deep, calming voice seemed to soothe my anxiety.

Nothing is more important than his safety! I would do anything, just so that he’s safe and sound…

Meanwhile, Armond was staring at me with a grim look on his face. He was waiting for me to bring up the topic on the contract. Pursing my lips, I asked Ashton tactfully, “Ashton, do you still remember where I put the sandalwood box from Grandma?”

On the other end of the line, Ashton seemed to be stunned for a moment before replying, “It’s at home. Weren’t you always aware of that?”

I knitted my brows as I started to ponder. After that incident, he never talked about the contract. Hence, I didn’t know where it was all this while! “Alright, I’m not at home right now, but I’ll get someone to go and get it later. You take care over there! Come back only after getting your matters resolved, alright?”

He replied gently, “Alright. I’m almost done with it anyway. Anyway, are you okay with being alone for now?”

Ignoring how Armond was staring at me, I pursed my lips and replied, “Yeah, I’m fine. I just kind of miss you, but it’s alright… I’ll wait for you at home. Do come back soon!”

Before I could finish my words, Armond stretched out his arm to snatch the phone away from me. Fortunately, I managed to dodge, so Ashton did not sense anything awry. He paused momentarily before replying, “Alright. I miss you too!”

Glancing at Armond, who was looking intently at me, like a beast ready to pounce on its prey, I told Ashton, “Take care of yourself. I’ll see you soon.”

He replied gently, “Alright, you too!”

After hanging up the phone, Armond snatched it from me instantly and smashed it onto the floor. I was dumbfounded to see the phone shatter into pieces right in front of my eyes.

Nevertheless, I remained silent and tried to keep a cool head. He turned and glared at me with eyes that were blazing with anger. The next moment, he dragged me from the floor and flung me onto the sofa.

Before I could react, he had pinned me down and started to run his hands all over my body, despite my struggles.

As he continued to run his disgusting hands all over my body, I almost broke down. I growled at him, “Armond, I’ve asked about the thing that you want. It’s at the villa. You can ask your men to go and get it any time. So why are you still doing this to me, you b*stard?”

I tried to push him away by force and threw punches at him, yet he was not affected at all. It was as if he was a robot without any sense of pain.

Seeing that he had totally lost his mind, I was panicked that the worst would befall me at any time. I could not understand why he was treating me so roughly and domineeringly all of a sudden.

At that thought, I burst into tears and wailed helplessly “Armond, you b*stard! Let me go. I beg you! Please let me go!” Nevertheless, he was not moved at all.

A surge of despair welled up from within me. At that very moment, I felt like ending my own life on the spot so everything would come to an end.

Bang! In an instant, it was as if the heaviness above my body was being lifted. To my astonishment, Armond’s body slanted to one side and fell onto the floor. Within such a short span of time, there was a twist in the current situation.

He passed out and sprawled on the floor with his face down, like a lifeless body. Blood started to ooze from the back of his head. I held my breath as I raised my head instinctively. Nora’s face turned pale as she was standing motionless with something in her hand. I only realized that she had bashed him hard on the head.

Everything happened in a flash, and it was just like a dream for me.

Clang! The bottle slipped from Nora’s hands and shattered into pieces on the floor. She looked at me in bewilderment, then turned to look at Armond. Blood drained from her face as she stuttered, “I-I never thought of rescuing you, I…”

I climbed up from the floor and grabbed hold of her, thinking of fleeing at once. Nevertheless, I froze in my tracks when we were about to reach the main door. Spencer was blocking our way with a few muscular bodyguards

In love, never say never chapter 1087

“Where do you both intend to go?”

Spencer asked courteously as he smiled at us. Looking at his unusual demeanor under such circumstances, my heart skipped a beat.

Nora and I grabbed hold of each other and looked at Spencer persuasively. “We have to leave this place. Spencer, please let us go!” I pleaded with him.

It was as if Spencer totally did not catch what I said. At the sight of Armond, who was lying on the floor in disheveled clothes, he shot me an indifferent glance and instructed the bodyguards, “Go check on Mr. Murphy!”

Two of the bodyguards moved toward Armond swiftly and took some time to check on him before they carried him away cautiously. Meanwhile, I was locked up in the room again with Nora.

We cowered in one corner and were still traumatized by the terrifying events that happened a while ago. Nora stared into space for quite a while before she came to her senses. Gazing at me silently for some time, there seemed to be something that she wished to tell me.

I looked at her and thanked her sincerely, “I really appreciate you coming to my rescue just now. Don’t worry. Ashton will surely try his best to save us.”

However, Nora continued to gaze at me in silence with a mixture of emotions in her eyes. After a while, she finally broke the silence. “I’ve known right from the beginning that Armond has never fallen for me, and I’m just a nobody to him. Yet, I choose to lie to myself all this while. I thought that if I follow him wherever he went and clung to him with perseverance, he would be able to notice me one day. To be frank, he actually treats me quite well whenever you’re around. He buys me things and is really considerate, although he would never touch me.”

“For instance, when we were first together, he used to smoke in the car. I was sick of the smell and asked him about it. From that day onwards, he attempted to quit smoking. When we stay at the hotel and he feels like smoking, he would rather open the window and smoke with his head poked outside so I won’t smell the smoke in the room. Don’t you think that he really minds about what I said? If he didn’t fall for me, he would not be so considerate of me. Scarlett, I’m pretty sure that he was really in love with me at that time. I’m not making up a story. I just don’t understand why he has turned into such a ruthless person all of a sudden. However, I’m sure he really did love me before! I’m telling the truth, and I really felt it at that time!” she continued to mumble with a dreamy look on her face.

At the sight of her bitter smile and teary eyes, I was at a loss for words to console her. Armond probably has really fallen in love with her before. Yet why did he say those meaningless words to me just now?

If Nora was right about him having feelings for her, why can’t he continue to cherish such a nice girl like her?

Nora cowered in one corner, wrapping herself in her own arms. Feeling upset about her current melancholic state, I did not know how I could console her and cheer her up. Letting out a deep breath, I patted her gently and said softly, “Nora, I might not have the right to give you advice, as I myself can’t handle my relationship well too. I’m overconfident at times and tend to put myself in hot water, putting the person I love at risk as well. As for Armond, I’m sorry that I’m unable to put myself in his shoes, just like how you are doing. We’re definitely in a different stance as he’s my foe. You also witnessed how he was trying to assault me earlier, didn’t you? I understand how you are deeply in love with him, and I’ve no right to persuade you to fight against him with me. Yet he must pay the price for the hideous deed that he has committed!”

I paused as my heart throbbed in pain when a girl’s figure flashed across my mind. “You know about Hailey, don’t you? The heart that keeps her alive now was actually sold to her father through a business trade between Armond and him. Do you know that an innocent girl was sacrificed just to keep her alive? Armond had indeed applied the most brutal way to fulfill the deal with her father. Consequently, poor Hailey ends up living in guilt. To me, he’s really a cold-blooded murderer in a way. Furthermore, countless children in the villages have perished in his hands miserably. It’s really unfair for them! Nora, I’ve witnessed all these with my own eyes. You must really think properly and make the right decision. I’m sure that you really love him, but he can’t be easily forgiven for his misdeeds.”

Nora looked at me with eyes welled up in tears, “What do you want me to do? I mean, what else can I do now? I’m sure he won’t trust me anymore from now onwards. Thus, there’s no chance for me to set him up again. Look at these beasts. They have just taken a meal and are sleeping soundly at the moment. However, when they are awake and hungry later, we might become their food to fill up their stomach at any time!”

She was right, but I was reluctant to give up easily on any chances to survive. I tried to motivate her by saying, “I know it’s really challenging for us to survive. Even so, we must be united to look for ways to leave this place. Since you’re able to come all the way here, it proves that you know pretty well about this villa. Hence, you’ll be able to find the way out, right?”

She was dumbfounded for a while before she nodded slowly again. “What do you want me to do?”

“Ashton will be here in a while. However, he would not be able to enter this villa as the wall is too high. Thus, the only way for us to get out of here is to look for Holden so he can team up with Ashton to rescue us!”

Silence ensued for a moment before she replied hesitantly, “I’ve stayed here for quite some time. Even though I can’t assure that I know every corner of this villa well, but I guess there’s still no problem for me to give a try.”

Then, she turned to look at me abruptly, “But, Scarlett, you have to be prepared to have your life at risk if you intend to get out of here. Do you think you can accept it?”

In love, never say never chapter 1088

I was stunned and baffled by what she meant. She gestured to me as she stole a glance at the mastiff sleeping soundly in the cage.

It suddenly struck me that she was hinting that the mastiff could strike us at any time. The very thought of the mastiff pounding on me brought me out in a cold sweat. Restraining my fear, I calmed myself down and replied firmly, “Yes, I can!”

She nodded and handed me a knife. “All the best to you! Take care of your own safety!” she warned me and approached the cage to unlock the main door.

Once the main door was unlocked, the mastiffs were still motionless and sleeping soundly.

Standing near the cage, Nora took a deep breath and incapacitated one of the mastiffs with an electric baton.

In a split second, the mastiff howled in pain as the electric baton inflicted electric shock on it. She then moved aside swiftly.

That one mastiff’s deafening howl triggered the other mastiffs as well. They woke up one by one and glared at both of us viciously.

Raising the electric baton in her hand, Nora looked at me with chattering teeth. With a quivering voice, she reminded me, “Grab hold of the knife tightly and protect yourself!”

I nodded as my heart pounded tremendously with fear.

All the mastiffs moved out slowly from the cage and fixed their ferocious gazes on us as they snarled at us.

The mastiff which was incapacitated by Nora earlier approached her as if it knew that Nora was the one who had woken it up earlier.

Looking at Nora, I was scared stiff as I asked, “Nora, what are we supposed to do?”

Still holding the electric baton, she gritted out, “Scarlett, I mentioned earlier that your life would be at risk. So… I don’t know what we’re supposed to do next!”

At the same time, another mastiff was moving toward me, making my whole body tremble with fear. I stuck myself closer to the wall, with the knife tightly clenched in my hand as I stepped back.

The enraged mastiff’s intimidating stare sent chills down my spine. Even though Nora mentioned that the mastiffs had just taken their meals and would not eat us, it didn’t mean that they wouldn’t bite us! For some reason, I felt like we would be easily torn into pieces with just one deadly bite!

The sight of me holding the knife must have provoked the mastiff in a way. That explained why its agitation was triggered at once, and it was ready to pounce on me. Standing rooted to the floor, I could only shut my eyes and screamed at the top of my lungs. At the same time, I could not help mourning for myself at the devastating fate which would befall me soon.

At the eleventh hour, I was taken aback by the ear-piercing sound of gunshots. Thud! The beast, which was still pouncing on me seconds ago, collapsed onto the floor. It writhed in pain and lay motionless on the floor within seconds.

What a close shave! I was still petrified and remained frozen. By then, all the other mastiffs were also lying motionless on the floor, with a syringe poked onto each of their necks. They were apparently injected with some sort of anesthesia.

“Both of you shouldn’t have infuriated them!” Spencer said in an icy-cold tone as he glared at us. He was standing with the other bodyguards at the main entrance of the room.

Nora and I nodded in embarrassment. Meanwhile, Nora looked at Spencer with her teary eyes and asked nervously, “Spencer, how is Armond? Has he woken up? Can I go and see him?”

Spencer frowned slightly as he replied, “Mr. Murphy has just woken up. Ms. Oberick, don’t worry, he’s fine.”

Heaving a sigh of relief, Nora asked Spencer pitifully, “Spencer, can you bring us to see him? I’m really sorry for what I’ve done just now. But it was never my intention to hurt him. I just really love him, so I was blinded by my jealousy. I couldn’t watch him do that to another woman…”

Spencer let out a deep sigh and said, “Let’s go. Just don’t be so impetuous next time!”

After that, he led us out of the room without saying anything. Unexpectedly, the mastiffs were left unattended on the floor.

Once we stepped out of the room, it was locked again. Trailing behind Spencer, Nora gazed at me meaningfully, hinting me to find ways to escape.

I nodded silently at her.

As Armond’s villa was too spacious, I could not guarantee that I would not end up losing my way here. Nevertheless, I could only try my luck as that was the only chance for me to escape at the moment.

Before I could think of a brilliant idea, the siren blared abruptly with a high-pitched sound. I immediately covered my ears.

Spencer furrowed his brows and turned to look at the bodyguards behind him. They left at once after he threw them a glance. I presumed that he had instructed the bodyguards to attend to some urgent matters in the villa.

I exchanged a look with Nora right then. She asked Spencer inquisitively, “Spencer, why is the siren blaring suddenly? What happened?”

There was a momentary weird look on Spencer’s face before he squeezed a smile. “Ms. Oberick, you don’t have to worry so much. The bodyguards are checking on it now. It’s probably caused by the system which malfunctions at times. Here, let me lead you to Mr. Murphy.”

Nora nodded constantly and asked deliberately, “Armond is currently in his bedroom, right? I’ll go and see him now.” After that, she trotted eagerly toward his bedroom. Fearing that she would unintentionally stir up any troubles again, Spencer quickened his pace to catch her up. Meanwhile, I purposely slowed down behind them, trying to grab the golden opportunity to wander around by myself in order to find ways to flee the horrible place.

In love, never say never chapter 1089

Seeing that, I strode forward, following the route that Nora had told me in advance. Only the fourth floor of Armond’s villa was occupied at that moment. Nonetheless, it was exceptionally challenging to locate the stairway leading downstairs because the place was humungous. He might have possibly built it that way on purpose to make it difficult for people to find the staircase.

Remembering what Nora told me, I managed to locate the exit and quickly headed downstairs to the living room.

I was stunned to see several hundred policemen besieging the villa. Right then, I also noticed Ashton in their midst.

It had been a few days since I last saw him. That man stuck out like a sore thumb in the crowd, wearing a dark-colored trench coat, looking as dapper as ever.

I was taken aback for a moment until our gazes were fixated on each other. A fuzzy feeling arose in me, and I ran toward him without the slightest hesitation.

Oh, how I’ve missed him and longed for his embrace these days. My overwhelming emotions fueled me to dash toward him relentlessly like waves hitting the shore.

Simultaneously, he was darting across the room to me. Nothing else mattered at that moment besides falling into his arms and hugging him tightly with my head buried in his chest.

The reunion made me tear up. “I thought I’ll never be able to see you again in this lifetime. I thought I’ll have to face everything on my own this time. I thought you’ll never come. I…”

“Silly girl!” He assured me in a low voice while hugging me, “How could I let you face this alone? Not now and never will.”

Resting in his arms, my body started to warm up as I calmed down. I could feel my heart beating normally again with him beside me, and that felt good. I felt like I owned the whole world only when he’s around.

Moments later, he said gently, “Let’s get this mess sorted.”

I nodded in agreement. After all, the main priority was to settle the matters at hand.

At that moment, the policemen had the entire villa surrounded. The person-in-charged consulted Ashton, “Mr. Fuller, should we barge in?”

Ashton nodded and ordered, “Locate Armond at once while controlling the rest. Try to keep the site as it is and reduce any possible damage to the least.”


Subsequently, the troop entered the villa. I reminded them, “Armond’s pets are on the third floor. Beware, they are mostly venomous snakes and scorpions.”

The leader of the troop acknowledged, “Thanks for the reminder, Mrs. Fuller.”

Meanwhile, I remained outside of the villa with Ashton. His composure piqued my curiosity. “When did you return? It takes at least four hours to get from A City to K City.”

He stared at me and replied, “Before Holden came here with you, he sent me a message. To be honest, Armond wouldn’t call you here for nothing. If he failed to get the sandalwood box, it’s expected of him to detain you. Moreover, the Murphys are anxious to obtain the contract. Hence, it’s a necessary step for him to look for you.”

“So, you came back as soon as you got the message?”

He nodded. “When Holden has gotten full knowledge of the situation in the villa, I brought in the police. With Holden’s help, Armond will definitely go to jail.”

Nodding my head, I continued asking, “How did the investigation go in A City? Did you manage to find some solid evidence? Did they confess?”

“Yes, they’ve confessed. Joseph will follow up with the rest.”

This chapter was finally closed.

Earlier, Armond fell unconscious after getting hit by Nora. Hence, the raid was conducted successfully, where items found included numerous Class 1 protected wildlife species and weapons.

Charged with a crime, Armond was taken away directly. On the other hand, the others at the villa were required to record their affidavits before being released. As for the Murphys, they were all affected because of what Armond did.

The less-than-ideal stock market plunged even further, resulting in a severe crash. In the end, Armond was held in police custody.

After a tiring night, I woke up to a loving Ashton next to me.

He looked me in the eyes and curled his lips. “You’re up?”

I nodded as I let out a coquettish smile unknowingly. Snuggling in his embrace, I said with a hoarse voice, “I dreamt of you last night and thought that you’ve left for a business trip. I was thinking to myself how disappointed I’d be if I couldn’t see you when I woke up. Thankfully, you’re here with me, and this makes me glad.”

He chuckled. “You can come with me on all of my business trips in the future. It’s always a real bummer when I don’t see you the moment I open my eyes in the morning and when my arms hug nothing at night.”

I buried my face against his chest. “Now that Armond’s case is settled, isn’t Rachel taking care of everything in A City? You can now remain here instead of traveling to A City and Moranta. Oh, by the way, Nick is getting married soon.”

In love, never say never chapter 1090

He nodded and then cast me an intense gaze. “We’ll organize our very own wedding as soon as Nick is done with his. How’s that?”

He had me flabbergasted. “Our wedding? Didn’t we have one already? It’s so troublesome to do it all over again. It’s better the channel the energy to plan for a trip when the weather gets better soon. It’s been ages since I traveled.”

He laughed. “We’ll surely go traveling, but only after our wedding.”

Squinting my eyes, I hugged him. “Let’s think about that in the near future. Any ceremony that we hold right now is considered our anniversary celebration.”

Chilling with him on the bed made me feel sleepy. At that thought, I checked the time and realized that it was already noon. Lifting my head, I asked, “Are you hungry?”

Arching his brows, he responded with more questions, “What about you? Are you hungry?”

I admitted, “Quite. But, we don’t have that many groceries at home, and the helper isn’t around. What shall we have for lunch?”

After pondering for a while, I suggested, “Why don’t we eat at Aunt Sally’s? Apparently, she’s bought a new place in the city, and it’s quite near to K University. We can visit the university library thereafter and spend some time reading. How does that sound?”

He brushed his finger lightly on my nose and replied affectionately, “Sounds like a plan.”

I sat on the bed briefly to clear my mind. After showering and getting dressed, Ashton walked out from the walk-in closet.

He saw me and asked, “Are you still sleepy?”

I shook my head. “Not anymore. Any reason why you’re not wearing your black jacket anymore?” I was surprised to see him wearing something that was not black. His first?

He carried me up and lugged me around his waist, then placed me on the bathroom countertop. With a smile, he handed over the toothbrush to me, with the toothpaste squeezed in advance. “Don’t you like seeing me wearing other colors?”

In a muffled voice, I explained, “It’s not that. It’s refreshing to see you in other colors. You look so handsome that I’m falling head over heels for you. I’ll doll up just to match you when we go out.”

Hugging me, he stared at my reflection in the mirror. “You’re dressing up because you’re going to the university!”

I giggled. “That’s one of the reasons. However, my first priority is to look good for you.” After gargling, I struggled to get off him. He obliged and sat me on the toilet seat.

Frowning, I asked, “Hey, I’m not done.”

His gaze fell on my feet, then he reminded, “The floor is cold. Don’t walk around barefooted. I’ll bring you your slippers. Stay here.”

After a while, he came back with a pair of slippers and put them on for me. Pecking my cheek, he said, “I’ll go make some breakfast. Come down when you’re ready.”

I nodded and continued washing up.

After I had freshened up, I searched high and low in the walk-in closet and found a lovely pink dress for the occasion. I wondered where Ashton got it from since it had just been newly released by a famous brand early this year. The style was quite ladylike, different from my regular picks. Wearing it to see Sally would be like a breath of fresh air.

After getting dressed, I put on some make-up and blow-dried my hair. It had been a long time since I glammed up, and my hair had grown to reach my waist. Sitting at my dressing table, I simpered as I was quite pleased with my hairdo.

Frankly speaking, I didn’t remember losing any hair. It was still as dark and thick as ever. My skin and smile looked brighter, and in fact, I appeared more relaxed than before.

I had heard from some elderly people that when a couple became more charming, it was a sign that they were getting more compatible, and things would only get better.

Now that I thought about it, it did have some truth in it. Ashton and I had been together for years. Hence, we’d seen it all and also endured multiple hardships. Yet, things seemed to have just begun falling into place, and everything was just blissful.

Not only that, but we were also seemingly becoming better versions of ourselves. When I reminisced about the past, there were only sweet memories.

By the time I got downstairs, Ashton had prepared some fist for breakfast. He waved at me excitedly while reaching out for the utensils. “Come over and try this!” Everything seemed so natural.

However, I felt a little surreal when our stories unfolded so well. Although Ashton and I had just started our relationship not too long ago, I felt that we had been through multiple cycles of ups and downs.

As I was staring into space blankly, he smiled at me and asked, “What are you thinking about? Come over.”

His words interrupted my thoughts. I took a seat at the dining table and then looked at him in disbelief. “When did you learn how to make fish soup? It looks delicious.”

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