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In love, never say never chapter 1056-1057-1058-1059-1060

“By the way, my mom mentioned Nick is in K city. We should find some time and have a meal together. After all, we’re a family and I’m his sister. We should really have a meetup.”

“Sure. You can go ahead and make arrangements. We’ll travel down south after I get back from A City. It’s winter and it’ll be nice to go to the beach. You’ll love it.”

I nodded slightly at his proposal. His movements were gentle and light as he blew dry my hair. I snuggled in his embrace and started to doze off.

When he was finally done, he tucked me in and went to take a shower himself. I could sense him coming over to the bed and pulling me into his arms after he was done showering. I was so tired I just let him do whatever he wanted.

“Scarlett?” his breath tickled my ears as he mumbled my name. “Uh-huh,” I replied without opening my eyes.

His hands started fondling my body before he asked for permission. “Can we?”

I opened my eyes slightly when I understood what he was implying and met his compelling gaze. “It’s been a long time,” he added.

A hot flush spread across my cheeks, looking at him. “Well…”

I could not bring myself to say anything. It was not like I needed to say anything explicitly. Our actions were already enough to show what we both wanted.

Night passed and morning came.

I was aware that Ashton woke up early, but after a passionate night, I really could not get out of bed to send him off. I lay in bed and watched him wash up and gather his luggage.

Before he left, he stopped at the door and turned back with a smile on his face. “I almost forgot!” he said, dashing back to the bed and planting a kiss on my lips. “Rest well. I’ll be back soon.”

Seeing me nodding shyly, the smile on his face widened.

We had been married for years, but sometimes I still felt embarrassed in front of him. I continued sleeping after Ashton left. It was not until my phone rang that I woke up again.

It was Cameron. “Letty, you up? What time are you coming over for lunch? I’ve just sent the driver over to pick you up, so go get ready.”

“I’ll just eat something at home, mom. You don’t have to send the driver over. I’ll go to your place later in the afternoon.”

“Ashton already called me this morning. It’s almost noon already. Get out of bed and come over. You can sleep all you want after you have lunch.”

“He called you in the morning?” I sprang up and looked at the clock. It was already twelve in the afternoon. I must have slept for a long time.

After hanging up the call, I got out of bed and got ready to leave.

Ashton’s flight took off at nine in the morning and he had not reached yet. I quickly packed some stuff and went over to Moore Residence. Emery and Hunter were already there when I arrived.

Xavier had grown a lot when I saw him sleeping in Hunter’s arms. Emery was cooking in the kitchen. She shot me a smile and asked me to wait while she got lunch ready.

I went over to Hunter and asked him about applying for graduate school. “Hunter, sorry to bother you about law school again, but do you happen to have anything I can study to prepare for grad school?” Since I had some free time at home, I decided to do some revision and prepare for the entrance exam next year.

He was surprised I brought up the matter. “I thought you weren’t keen on applying anymore since you didn’t take the exam the last time. Anyway, sure, I can go get you something to study tomorrow. Hopefully, I’ll be able to find you something helpful.”

I thanked him with a forced smile on my face.

Hunter realized the change in my expression and comforted me. “Summer seems to be doing well. We should really plan an outing together and bring the kids along. You should discuss with Mr. Fuller and see if you guys can make time.”

We actually did have time for vacation, but we would have to wait until Ashton was back from A City.

“What are you guys talking about? Mind if I join?” Emery asked, walking out of the kitchen with a plate of fruits in her hands.

“We’re talking about grad school. Hunter is getting me some stuff to read through before I take the exam.”

“I see. I’m sure you’ll be able to ace it,” she remarked, taking over Xavier from Hunter. “I’ll take Xavier upstairs and tuck him in. Nick is coming later, so you go get the door later.”

Before I could even process what Emery said, the sound of a car engine came from the outside.

Mom came out from the kitchen and saw me in the living room. “Go get Nick, Letty. I think he’s here with his friend.”

I nodded and went out to the yard. From the black buster came a tall and slim man dressed in a grey suit. I could not recognize him at first sight, but after taking a closer look, I knew it was Nick.

In love, never say never chapter 1057

After he got off the car, he went over to the passenger’s seat and opened the door before he escorted a lady out. I was totally not expecting him to bring a woman—an elegant woman, to be precise. I thought he would come with Jackson.

I lost myself for a second, looking at the lady.

But I quickly collected myself and went ahead to greet them. “It’s been a long time, Nick. You’re still as dashing as ever.”

Nick smiled back at me politely. The childishness in his manner was long gone already. “It’s been a long time. You’ve gotten thinner.”

“Aren’t you going to introduce your friend to us?” I asked, looking at the lady beside him.

He nodded and held her hand. “This is Rose, my girlfriend,” he said, before turning toward the woman. “Rose, this is my sister, Scarlett.”

Sister! The word really sounded stiff and distant coming from Nick.

Rose looked at me and put on a sweet smile. “Nice to meet you, Scarlett. You’re just as beautiful as Nick described.”

“He must have exaggerated. Come on in. Lunch is almost ready.”

I ushered them into the house and asked them to take a seat. There were some burning questions I wanted to ask, but I did not. I wanted to know what happened to Jackson. I wanted to know if Nick intended on marrying this woman since he brought her home.

I never asked Nick about Jackson since I figured their relationship was not as simple. I thought both of them would continue seeing each other, but it turned out that was not the case.

When mom was finally done cooking, dad had reached home after work. Everyone sat at the table and Nick introduced Rose to everyone. “Mom, I’m planning on marrying Rose. This is why I brought her with me today. Her family’s from K City, so I guess it’ll be easier if we let you take charge of our engagement since you know this place best.”

Cameron was taken aback by Nick’s direct statement, but it was not like she did not see this coming. “I’m glad you’re finally settling down. I’ll make sure the engagement ceremony turns out perfect. Let me know if both of you have any preferences.”

Nick smiled warmly and shook his head. “We don’t have any preference, mom. Something simple will suffice. Maybe just get the two families together for a meal.”

A satisfied smile broke out on Cameron’s face as she listened to Nick. She was glad to see her children finally settling down and getting married. This was what every parent hoped for their children.

Everyone had a good talk over lunch. I could not help but realize there was something off between Nick and Rose. They looked so rigid and polite around each other. If someone had not told me they were a couple, I would not have thought so.

After dinner, Cameron brought Rose upstairs. I figured she must have a gift for Rose.

As for me, I went outside and saw Nick in the backyard with his face downcast. “I heard mom said you’re moving the company to K City? Are you planning on staying in the city in the future?”

He turned around and nodded. “Mom asked me to come over and manage Anderson Corporation with you. I thought that’s a good idea. After all, it’s always better to be around your family.”

I nodded and hesitated a little before I continued, “Did Jackson come to K City with you? I still can’t reach him after such a long time. Did he change his phone number?”

Nick froze at the mention of Jackson, but he quickly recollected himself. “I’m not sure. We haven’t been in touch for some time already. He probably went to M Country. He’s spent some time there before.”

“What happened? Did you get into a fight with Jackson?” I felt something was obviously wrong.

Nick stopped for a while before shaking his head. “We’re good. There’s nothing to be worried about. How have you been? I haven’t heard from you for such a long time. I heard from mom that Summer was sick some time ago. How is she now?”

Jackson and Nick took care of Summer for quite some time. If Nick were asking about a random child, I would have understood his casual tone, but it was Summer we were talking about. He and Jackson took her as their own daughter. There was no way Nick would talk about her in such a detached manner.

“Nick, I know what happened between you and Jackson is your privacy. But I’m your sister, and I’m also Jackson’s friend. You have to at least let me know what’s happening. Do you have any idea how sick Summer was? She had acute leukemia, and she almost died because of it. I have no idea what happened between you and Jackson. I texted and I called, but none of you picked up. If both of you still take me as a friend, you will let me be in the know. I don’t understand why you guys are suddenly so cold to Summer and me—so much so that you would ignore us when we needed you all the most.”

In love, never say never chapter 1058

Nick was genuinely shocked when he learned about Summer’s illness. It was apparent that Cameron did not fill him in on the details.

He fell into silence for a while before he looked at me again. “How is Summer? Is she okay?”

“She did a bone marrow and kidney transplant. She’s feeling better now but they’re still putting her under a five-year observation. If there is no sign of rejection from her body, then she doesn’t need to go through another transplant. But Nick, we’re not talking about Summer now, I want to know what happened between you and Jackson.”

Nick held his hands and tried to control his emotions. “He got a girl pregnant and went back to M Country with the woman,” he said after some time.

Nick sounded apathetic, but I was totally caught off guard by his statement. “What happened? I thought you liked him?”

Nick pursed his lips and looked at me in the eyes. “Do you find me disgusting?”

I shook my head in determination. “I believe all relationships are equal. The reason I asked is that I could see there was something between you and Jackson. I know both of you care for each other a lot. I had no idea what happened between the two of you, but now that I know, I just hope you guys find your happiness. Meeting and parting are part and parcel of life, but I really want to see each of you finding where you belong.”

“I think it’s best we both go our separate ways,” Nick said with his gaze fixed on the ground.

I could hear the regret and sorrow in his voice. After some thought, I asked him another question. “Do you like Rose?”

No one was perfect. We could not do everyone justice by giving them the affection they were due, but we could at least try our best and be accountable to ourselves.

“Rose is gentle, kind, and beautiful. She reminds me of you when you were younger. She’s a little stubborn and conflicting sometimes, but I think she’s the right person to spend the rest of my life with. If she is the one to marry, I’ll have no regrets for the rest of my life.”

I was surprised Nick would say that. Since he had made up his mind, I decided to respect his decision.

When Cameron and Rose came back down again, she was holding a set of jewelry in her hands. It was not something of an exorbitant price, but it was apparent that Rose liked her gift.

The lot stayed back for some chit-chat after lunch until evening. Hunter had a gathering with his colleagues at night, so he, Emery, and Xavier went home before dinner time. Not long after they left, Nick and Rose took leave too.

Just as I was thinking about spending some time with Summer, Camelia called. I almost forgot her as she had not contacted me in a long while.

“Hey, Camelia.” I hesitated and picked up the call.

“Hey, Scarlett. Are you busy? Down for a drink?” She sounded tired.

“Sure, where are you?” I replied without a second thought.

“I’ll send you my address,” she replied before hanging up.

I planted a kiss on Summer’s head and said sorry before leaving for the bar.

I wonder what happened to Camelia?

I made my way into the bar and spotted her right away. She was dressed in a stylish punk fashion. No one would imagine she was already a mother.

“What’s up, Camelia?” I asked. I was taken by surprise when I saw her heavy makeup.

From her drowsy look, I could tell that she had drunk a lot before I arrived.

“Hey, Scarlett, take a seat!” she greeted and pulled me over to the seat beside her. “Brandy, please. Thanks,” she told the waiter.

“Just a glass of juice would do,” I hastily told the waiter.

“You’re not drinking? We’re at a bar,” Camelia said.

“Well, it’s not a must to order spaghetti if you’re at an Italian restaurant.”

“True. And it doesn’t mean you’ll find love if you’re married,” she said dejectedly.

I knew something must be bugging her. “So, why did you call me over? Not just for a drink, I suppose?”

Camelia gulped her drink and coughed furiously. She was breaking out in tears and started choking badly. “I’ve tried everything I could to become just like you, but he still doesn’t love me. I’ve changed how I talk, how I behave, and even what I like and dislike, but it just doesn’t work. What should I do?”

In love, never say never chapter 1059

A frown settled on my brows when I finally knew why she called. Marcus was really a difficult character. He must have put the woman through a lot of ordeals for her to become this haggard.

“Scarlett, can you tell me how you made him fall in love with you?” she asked again.

I looked at the desperate woman before me and recalled how attractive she looked when I first saw her on the plane.

She looked at me intently with an imploring gaze, and it broke my heart to see her in this state. “Just leave him, Camelia. Do you still remember how you used to be? You were happy and confident.”

“What did you say?” Camelia looked at me, befuddled.

She was making my heart break. “Do you still remember how you were when we first met? Your blonde hair was shining and you were absolutely stunning. You’re attractive just the way you are. You don’t have to become anyone else. Don’t throw away your unique self just to mimic other people. When you find someone worthy of your love, that person will bring out the best in you, so why give up on yourself for someone who doesn’t even appreciate you?”

Camelia looked lost and helpless. “But I have no one else besides him. Where can I go without him? We already have a child together.”

It was unimaginable how a fruitless relationship could eat away the charm of a woman. “Camelia, you are your own self. If you’re willing to take charge of your own life, you can still find yourself again and be the spirited woman you used to be. Your child should not be your excuse. The White family can take good care of your kid. What you need to think of is how to regain the confidence you’ve lost.”

There were two things women should never stop doing throughout their life. The first was to stay beautiful. They should do everything they could to make themselves attractive. Not for anyone else, but for themselves. The second was to enrich themselves. Women should earn their own money and keep improving themselves. No matter how harsh life was, no one should stop feeding their soul so they could become stronger and more independent.

I didn’t mean to say that women should never believe in true love. The love we were after should be one that made us better, not worse.

I was not sure if Camelia would take my advice seriously. She was wasted and kept complaining about how unfair Marcus was treating her. After all these years, Marcus had even given up on making up lies to her.

When I came to think of it, men were really fascinating creatures. They would always dwell on things they couldn’t get their hands on. However, when they got what they wanted, they would not appreciate and take care of it. They ended up being alone because they stubbornly clung to the love they could not have and pushing away the love they had always had.

Marcus was not John. I could not tell if Marcus would fall for Camelia one day. All I could do was to encourage her to love herself. Regardless of whether she would earn his love one day, one should always care for her own wellbeing before anything else.

Life wasn’t perfect. There were bound to be many regrets in life. Not being with the person we loved as one of those regrets was not a big deal. After all, it was not like romantic love was the only thing in our life.

All of us had to tread down the path of life whether or not we had someone by our side.

I had to say Camelia could really drink. I even lost count of how many glasses of brandy she took before she lay on the table, still muttering for more drinks.

Right after I got her out of the bar, we were met with unwelcomed guests. K City was really not a safe place.

Two drunkards approached us when they saw two of us stumbling out of the bar. “Hey there, sweeties. Craving some company after a drink? How about some fun tonight? I’m sure you’ll be begging for more.”

As the spoke, two of them reached for us.

“Keep your filthy hands to yourself!” A woman’s sharp voice pierced through the night.

I was startled at the woman’s voice. It took me a while to recognize the woman with her heavy makeup on. It was Kristina. Her wig sat awkwardly on her head, and she looked far from appealing.

The two men smirked when they saw her. “Mind your own business before I kill you, ugly hag!”

Kristina glared at them coldly. “Kill me? I dare you to.”

The two men exchanged uneasy looks and spat at her. “I’m not gonna get my hands dirty touching you. You’re disgusting.”

In love, never say never chapter 1060

With that said, the two men turned and left.

I watched them leave before looking back at Kristina. It was then that I realized she had a name card in her hand.

I wondered what that was, but the question was not pressing enough for me to ask her about it. Instead, I thanked her in all seriousness.

She did not reciprocate my affection. “This is not a safe place, so just stay away.”

I wanted to ask her why she was here.

Yet before I could say a word, she held out her name card to a man who just came out of the bar with a lascivious smile on her face. I was stunned by her sudden change of expression. The man threw the name card on the floor and I caught a glimpse of it. There was a picture of an attractive woman printed on it. Beside the picture were her phone number, address, and a price tag.

It did not take much effort to recognize the person in the photo. It was Kristina herself. I was at a loss for words. I wanted to say something, but I had to try so hard to swallow my emotions back in. “Do you need money?” I asked without much discretion.

My brutal question elicited a painful expression on her face as she pursed her lips. “Of course I do. Who doesn’t need money? No one can live without money.”

“You know I don’t mean it that way.” I tried explaining myself.

She clenched her name cards tighter and shook her head. “It doesn’t matter. Just leave before you meet another drunkard.”

I stood where I was, refusing to leave. “Is it because you have to do chemo?” That was the only reasonable explanation I could think of. She had lost her hair and she looked battered. Even her face looked pale.

She covered her face with thick makeup and even had a wig on. I knew she was a prideful person. There was no way she would stoop so low just to earn money. It must be because of the expenses for chemotherapy.

“You mind your own business. Stop getting in my way. I need to get customers,” she said coldly.

What I heard about her illness must be true. She must have lung cancer.

I knew she had her ego. There was no way she would accept my help. “Since you want to do business, you’ll have to do as your client wants you to. You’re coming with me tonight,” I said with a commanding tone.

She fixed her gaze on me. “What do you want, Scarlett?”

“I’m your client now, so just do as I say,” I repeated.

“I only take male clients. I don’t have time for you if you’re just here to shame me. If you’re getting revenge on me because of that kid, karma has already hit me hard enough, so just leave me alone,” she said with a hint of remorse in her voice.

“Just follow me, please. I know you feel guilty toward Summer, so you’re obliged to listen to me. You must live nearby. Bring me over to your place,” I said with a sigh.

Kristina looked at me for a while before she finally relented. “Follow me.”

She led Camelia and me down an alley. Before long, I stopped and cried out, “Kristina, don’t you think you should help me out a little?” Camelia was already so wasted she could not even walk properly.

Kristina looked back at me. “I can’t carry her. Walking itself is already difficult enough for me. This is the truth, whether you believe me or not.”

I smacked my lips and shrugged helplessly. “Just lead the way then.”

It was not like I could force her to carry Camelia.

We finally reached after some time. “You should just go back to J City. I’m sure Dr. Ludwick will do everything he can to cure you. You can’t just stay here all on your own. You’re gonna get more sick.”

“We all die someday. I’d rather die somewhere I want to. I’ve been striving so hard my whole life just to go up the social ladder. If there was an afterlife, I hope I would be born in this city, so I can be nearer to the things I’ve always wanted to achieve,” she said, pouring me a glass of water.

Kristina was really a woman I could never understand. She came from a relatively good family, but it was her worldview that I could never understand. She had always wanted to pursue wealth and status. Ashton was her first target, but when she knew there was no hope with him, she turned to Jared instead. Her motivation was clear as day—she wanted to marry a rich man. But why, I could not tell.

Was it because of money?

Her family lacked nothing.


Ashton and Jared had money but not power.


That was impossible. If it were love she wanted, she would not move on from one person to another so easily.

“Both of us need to stay overnight here,” I said, “I’ll pay you at your rate, but you’ll have to stay here with us. Also, stop taking customers. You know what sort of men come in and out of the bar. Your body won’t be able to take it. What if you get STD? Do you want to die earlier?”

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