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In love, never say never chapter 1021

It’s written in a book that we must be serious when we part ways with someone. That’s because we won’t know if we’ll ever get to reunite with that person again. So, does this mean that without separation, there’ll be no purpose to wait anymore?

Summer’s surgery was very successful. In merely six hours, his surgery was done. As for Amy, she was brought back to us together with her sister, Ann.

Staring at the two sisters, I smiled, “Since you’ve already made your choice, I guess it’s time for us to say our goodbyes!” It was totally understandable for Ann to take her away. Since Amy is still a child, it probably was best to not let her undergo surgery at such a young age. Anyhow, everything still turned out well in the end.

Ann grabbed Amy’s hand and gave me a bow to express their gratitude before uttering, “Ms. Stovall, I know that you’ve helped us a lot, and we are very grateful for that. Although we can’t ask for your forgiveness, maybe we can pay you back in different ways. If possible, you guys should go to the basement of the Imperial Hotel. There might be something of your interest there. Besides that, you need to know that Brandon’s boss is the real mastermind behind all of this. That person must be eradicated before more kids become his victims and end up like us.”

After finishing her sentence, she took Amy and left. I didn’t bother asking where they were headed as I knew that a smart girl like Ann would be able to take care of both Amy and herself.

After putting Summer in Cameron’s care, I headed over to the Imperial Hotel together with Zachary. The nightclub here belongs to Armond. If anything goes awry here, I’ll be in trouble.

The Imperial Hotel looked like a desolated building during the day. There were only a few employees, who were on the day shift, standing at the front desk. Upon seeing the two of us, two girls walked up to us and asked about our purpose here.

At this moment, I signaled Zachary to make a distraction. He then proceeded to feign illness in front of the girls. Out of concern, two of them went up to help him.

“Miss, if I’m not mistaken, there’s a hotel upstairs right? My father and I are here on a business trip and we can’t seem to find a suitable hotel for us to stay in. And because of the long trip, my father is exhausted. Can you get us two rooms to rest for the time being?”

The two of them pondered for a while before answering, “Okay. However, since we also have a nightclub here, it’ll be quite noisy at night. Are you two okay with that?”

I nodded and replied, “Yes, it’s no big deal. Now, can you help my father up to the toom first while I check in?”

One of the girls helped Zachary up the stairs while the other one helped me with check in.


Suddenly, there was a loud noise outside. I went with the girl to check out the noise. Glancing out the window, our jaws dropped. The girl turned to me and apologized, “Sorry, please wait here for a moment.”

She then rushed outside to deal with the person who had just broken one of the glass windows. In the meantime, I scrutinized the lobby with my eyes, trying to find the entrance to the basement.

If what Ann said was true, then where did she find the entrance?

Having thought about it for a while, my guess was that it was hidden in Brandon’s office. At this time of the day, there shouldn’t be any people in the office area. Then, I went on to notify the receptionist just now that I was heading upstairs first.

As she was still busy dealing with the commotion outside, she only gave me a terse response. I took a glance at the person who broke the glass window before heading toward the elevator.

According to Ann, Brandon’s office was situated on the top floor. I was rather perplexed when I first heard it from her. Under normal circumstances, shouldn’t the big boss of the nightclub be the one who gets the office on the top floor? Why did a manager like him gets to have the office instead?

Without thinking too much about it, I took the elevator to the top floor. To my surprise, there wasn’t any office on the top floor. Instead, there was another floor above the supposedly top floor.

“Mrs. Fuller!”

Joseph, who suddenly appeared out of nowhere, almost gave me a heart attack. Seeing him standing at the elevator entrance on the floor above, I was a bit baffled. “What’s the matter?” I queried.

He frowned and replied, “This elevator here might be our way into the basement. However, this elevator needs a specific fingerprint in order to access it. We can’t seem to find a way to open it.”

I paused for a second. “Then, how did Ann find the way to get in?”

After pondering for a while, I came to an answer. The kid named Jody who was always wandering around at the Imperial Hotel must’ve told Ann about the secret entrance. Since Jody has been here for so many years, he would’ve known about it unequivocally!

In love, never say never chapter 1022

“We should head outside first!”

Joseph looked confused. “We’re leaving already?”

I nodded. “Armond is currently in Moranta while Brandon is still occupied with the death of his wife. At a time like this, our main priority should be to locate Jody as soon as possible. Contact Dillan. He should have some information for us by now.”

Joseph nodded and left without any questions.

I then met up with Zachary in his hotel room. Using the noisy environment as an excuse, we checked out of the hotel and quickly left.

When we returned back to the hospital, Summer’s surgery was done. Cameron was accompanying her during her recovery in the hospital. Fortunately, everything went smoothly.

Meanwhile, I went to find Ann and Amy. They settled down in an urban village in A City. The environment they lived in seemed a bit vile and dirty. When Ann saw my face, she didn’t look surprised at all. She then continued on nonchalantly with her cooking using the induction cooker. Since there was no ventilation, the whole room was engulfed in smoke.

“The environment here isn’t that good. Apologies!” She coughed a few times as she was saying that. After helping to set up the food on the small table, Amy sat on the bench beside the table and waited.

Although their living conditions wasn’t that good, the two of them seemed happy together nonetheless. Cutting to the chase, I directly stated, “I’ve promised you that I’ll help you find Jody. In return, I’d like you to convince him to go with us to the Imperial Hotel.”

She lowered her head and continued washing the pots. “You guys want him to lead you to the basement right?”

“Yes,” I answered truthfully.

She glared at me and uttered, “You do know that there’s no need for you guys to confirm personally right? You can just call the police. Since they don’t have time to move the goods now, they’ll be forced to wait when the police do an investigation as the elevator is the only exit.”

I smiled and responded, “I’ll consider it. That being said, I still need you to convince Jody.”

She went silent for a bit before replying, “I’m not sure if I could convince him. Have you guys found him?”

I shook my head. “Not yet!”

“I see.” She walked to the table and sat down. “Do you want to have some?” she asked.

I shook my head. I then waited quietly on the side for her to finish her food before I added, “I used to think that what I did was right. But looking back at it now, I realized how daft and juvenile I really was. That’s what I get for being so dumb.”

Confused, she raised her eyebrows. “Ms. Stovall, what are you…”

“It’s nothing. I’m just blabbering. Okay then, I should probably go now. I’ll contact you again once I’ve located Jody.”

After that, I got up and left their small and narrow house.

As I got on to the car, Joseph reported, “Mrs. Fuller, I’ve received word from Dillan regarding Jody.”

I nodded and instructed, “Get some of your men to keep an eye on the Imperial Hotel. I want to know every vehicle that enters or leaves the place.”

He nodded in response.

However, there was still this uneasiness in me that I couldn’t seem to get rid of. Is Ann’s existence part of Armond’s plan all along? The timing of her appearance seemed rather contrived.

I decided to give Nora a call. Unlike her usual exuberant self, she seemed aloof when she answered the phone. “You have finally decided to call.”

“Let’s meet up at the café!” I suggested.

“Okay!” she nodded.

After that, Joseph and I headed over to the café.

When we arrived, Nora was already there. Something about her seemed different from when I last saw her. She was acting furtively.

Upon seeing me, she acted distant and let out a faint smile. “You’re here. Take a sit!”

I sat down and stared at her quietly.

After a while, she broke the silence between us and asked, “When did you realize that he loves you?”

She was referring to Armond.

I pursed my lips and answered honestly, “When he was in Moranta, he wanted to get his hands on the management right there. In order to achieve his goal, he locked Ashton up in a refrigerating chamber. We barely escaped death.”

She pursed her lips. “I won’t pry too much into your personal matters. I’m truly sorry about what you’ve gone through. That being said, we can’t be friends anymore.”

I shrugged and replied apathetically, “I know. I respect your choice. We can put this whole thing about the Imperial Hotel behind us now. With that said, I’m not here for your apology. You know that, right?”

She asked instead, “What do you want then?”

I stayed silent for a while before answering, “Do not bring the Oberick family into this. Armond has done a lot of bad things. From trading human organs to smuggling kyanine, a lot of lives were lost because of him. He’ll be thrown behind bars once he gets caught. Nora, Mr. Oberick’s good name will be smeared by Armond when that happens. You can’t put the Oberick family at stake because of a crude man like him.”

In love, never say never chapter 1023

She looked at me with reddened eyes as she clasped her hands tightly together. “Scarlett, I can’t turn back anymore. I won’t involve Grandpa’s men in this, but as long as he’s connected to it, I’ll do whatever I can to protect him.”

I frowned but understood her obsession and calmly replied, “Okay. As long as you think it’s worth it.”

This marked the end of our friendship.

There was no use talking about it anymore.

As soon as we left the café and got into the car, Joseph said, “There’re a few trucks below Imperial Hotel. Apparently, they’re cleaning out the hotel’s junk. They’re moving stuff right now.”

Taken aback, I hesitated for a while before I replied, “Let’s go there now!”

He nodded and started up the car.

When we reached Imperial Hotel, four or five trucks were parked by the entrance, and there were several men moving things into the trucks. Thus, Joseph parked the car outside.

“Why are they suddenly moving all these? Where are they bringing them to?”

After watching them for a while, I noticed that they were bringing out tables, chairs, cardboard boxes, and white quilts. They seemed to be old items that the hotel did not want.

As I stared at the white quilts that had been loaded into the truck, I pondered for a moment before I asked, “Can you do something to make the truck with the quilts catch fire?”

Joseph was stunned for a moment, probably because he was thinking the same thing as I was. Then, he nodded. “I can!”

Subsequently, he called made a call and arranged for someone to tamper with the car.

Soon, a noise came from inside. We watched from our car as the truck started to catch fire, emitting smoke. “Make use of this messy situation and get someone to see if there’s anything wrapped in the quilts.”

Joseph nodded and spoke into his headset. Shortly after, he looked at me and replied, “There’re weapons wrapped inside!”

“Call the police and the fire department. Also, get some men to surround the area. Don’t let anyone get out.” As long as this succeeded, Armond would be called to come back, therefore leaving him no time to deal with Ashton.

Shortly after that, I heard police sirens and the fire engines then arrived. As I watched the horde of men rush into the hotel, I was able to breathe a sigh of relief.

I turned to Joseph and said, “Come on, let’s go and meet Dillan!”

However, Joseph did not drive and simply looked toward the front of the car. Following his gaze, I was stunned when I saw that familiar face. “Abe? Didn’t he die in Moranta?”

Joseph was also taken aback and frowned.

Seeing that man hurriedly enter Imperial Hotel, I was about to get off and follow him in before Joseph stopped me. “Mrs. Fuller, wait in the car while I go down to check on the situation. Don’t get out of the car no matter what!”

I furrowed my brows, but as soon as I thought of Ashton’s words, I simply nodded and waited in the car.

However, not long after Joseph went in, I heard gunshots from inside the building. I instantly tensed up. What’s going on? They’re actually acting so savagely in this country?

I dialed Joseph’s number, but it would not connect. Just as I wanted to get off the car, I hesitated. If I get down now, not only would I be unable to do anything, I’d also be putting myself in danger. But if I don’t get off now, I wouldn’t know anything about Joseph’s situation.

In the end, I could only sit in the car and wait. Feeling helpless, I gave Boris a call for help.

His background seemed to be very noisy. As soon as he picked up, he asked, “What’s wrong, Ms. Stovall?”

Listening to the flustered voice on the other end of the line, I suddenly had a bad feeling. “Boris, are you okay?”

He coughed for a while before he replied, “Mr. Moore and I were tricked by Dillan. We’re trapped in his villa now, and the house is on fire. Mr. Moore has lung disease and the situation isn’t looking too good right now!”

Panicked, I hurriedly replied, “I’ll call for help right away. You should call the police!”

After I hung up, I got out of the car and hid beside it. I wanted to enter the hotel to search for Joseph, but there were constant sounds of fighting coming from inside. Since Abe was a fugitive, naturally, human life would not mean anything to him.

Before I even entered the hotel, I noticed two dead bodies beside the truck that was on fire. They appeared to be the drivers of the truck, which was still burning and could accidentally explode.

Luckily, not many people were around this area. When I still did not see Joseph, I started to get anxious. I wanted to give him a call, but again, the call did not get through. Soon, special forces soldiers had surrounded Imperial Hotel, which only made me more anxious. If they arrested Joseph, things would become troublesome.

However, if I entered then, I would be shot right away. I tried to call him again, and it finally got through this time. Joseph said anxiously, “Mrs. Fuller, are you okay?”

“I’m fine. Hurry and come back out. There’re special forces outside Imperial Hotel now. My dad and Boris were tricked by Dillan and are trapped there right now, so we have to hurry over.”

“Okay, but I can’t get out right now. Imperial Hotel has a back door, so you should drive away first, and I’ll come out to meet you.” As soon as he was done, he hung up.

As I studied my surroundings, I noticed that the special forces were closing in on Imperial Hotel and quickly ran back to the car and started the engine. Suddenly, a man appeared and blocked the car. I barely stepped on the brakes in time before I hit him.

In love, never say never chapter 1024

When I raised my head to look at the person, I was stunned for a moment. “Danny, why are you…”

He hurriedly got into the car while bleeding and said, “Go now!”

Without thinking too much, I quickly drove out of the area and left the scene. Then, I looked at him and asked, “Why are you here? Are you still working with Abe?”

Due to the injury on his arm, he frowned as he looked at me. I continued, “I’ll send you to the hospital!”

“You can’t!” he shouted. He was already pale because of the pain.

A while later, I realized that if he went to the hospital then, the police would question him very soon. Since there was a shooting case in Imperial Hotel that day, even if Danny said he was not at the scene, his gunshot wound would still arouse suspicion.

Thus, my only option was to take him to meet Joseph first.

As soon as he saw Danny, Joseph’s expression instantly darkened. The only thing he did not do was to take a knife straight to Danny’s neck and ask him what exactly was going on.

Without too much delay, I gave Joseph a brief explanation then drove straight to Dillan’s villa. The firefighters were already there when we reached, and Zachary had just been carried into the ambulance.

I looked at Boris and asked, “What exactly happened? Dillan actually set fire to such a huge villa?”

Despite it being in the suburbs, the villa was still worth tens of millions. What was he planning when he set it on fire?

Boris sighed and replied, “You head to the hospital to check on your father first. I’ll take care of the rest.”

We were indeed surrounded by many people, making it inconvenient for me to continue asking him questions. Thus, we headed to the hospital together as Boris suggested. The doctor concluded that Zachary had inhaled too much smoke but would be okay after resting for a while.

Joseph had to settle the matter with Imperial Hotel, and Boris was handling the issue with Dillan.

Meanwhile, Danny and I sat on the seats along the corridor for ages. After a long while, I said, “I know you are with Abe, so I won’t ask too many questions. But considering that I have helped you today, can you tell me why Abe isn’t dead?”

Danny’s injury had already been treated by a doctor, and he was sitting beside me silently the whole time.

After a long while, he replied, “The man who died in Moranta wasn’t Abe. Imperial Hotel is jointly operated by Abe and Armond, and the operating room in that factory you went to is also theirs. However, Armond had transferred everything over to Abe these past few days.”

I frowned. “What do you mean?”

He looked at me as he said, “I know you’ve been trying to find evidence of Armond’s illegal activities. Armond knows it too, so when you went to the village to find that family, he made a deal with Abe. They’d been doing business for so long that many of their things were old and damaged. Armond was worried since there was no way to openly get rid of them, but you gave him an opportunity. The things you managed to find out are all true. Armond wanted you to make them public since Abe would be punished in the end, not him.”

I was taken aback for a moment, then asked, “Why does he think he can use Abe as he pleases?” They were both proud men, so things were definitely not as simple as just shifting blame.

“You probably don’t understand Abe as a person. It’s true that he’s cruel and only thinks about profiting, but he actually treats his men very sincerely. After the issue in Venria was revealed, we were at a dead-end. We came over because Abe wanted to work with Armond so that his men could settle down. He would then help Armond clean up his mess.”

I froze. “So right from the beginning, Armond purposely led me on to investigate this matter just so that when I finally exposed everything, it would put an end to all these dirty businesses.”

He nodded in reply.

There was an unexplainable feeling of shock in me. From the beginning, everything that Armond did was to lead me to this point. He had taken the initiative to call me, revealed that there was an organ trade going on in A City, and even gave me his name card. His ultimate motive was to let me discover those dirty secrets and expose them.

I hesitated for a long while before I replied, “Was he also the one who planned everything that had happened to me at Imperial Hotel?”

Danny nodded. “He purposely used the child to provoke you so that you would become determined to take action on Imperial Hotel.”

Does it mean he has planned the whole thing step by step, just waiting to lead me into his trap and eventually making me the person who would help him succeed in his plan?

At that moment, I did not know if I should laugh or cry. After all this time, I was just someone’s puppet?

Noticing my grim expression, Danny pursed his lips slightly as he apologized. “Sorry!”

I shook my head, feeling a little tired. After dealing with the matter for so long, everything just turned out to be a well-planned conspiracy.

Just then, I thought of Ashton and widened my eyes as I said, “Danny, have you left Abe?”

He frowned slightly but did not answer me.

Without knowing his answer, I continued, “Can you head to Moranta and help me protect Ashton in secret? Since Armond had planned such a huge trap, there must be something else waiting for Ashton. Can you do that for me?”

In love, never say never chapter 1025

Danny looked at me with a slight frown on his face and replied helplessly, “Sorry, I can’t leave A City right now. Now that Mr. Abe’s been arrested, Dante and I will be too. The police should be looking for me everywhere, so I can only hide around the city now and can’t head to Moranta.”

I laughed bitterly.

Everything was destined. I could not change anything as it was all already arranged for.

Ten days later, Abe had been sentenced to death as Imperial Hotel was found to have hidden weapons and had participated in the organ trade.

Brandon was also charged for being Abe’s accomplice.

Cameron and Zachary had brought Summer back to K City, and Dillan’s family seemed to have disappeared without a trace. There was no way we could find them.

Although things seemed to be over, I was not as happy as expected and was still angry. After toying with me, Armond had hastily ended everything just like that. I had lost my child due to my own stupidity, yet he was able to gain something and even managed to walk away unscathed.

However, I was no angel and would not just leave it at that.

On Thursday, I headed to the mall.

As an apology for not attending Tabitha’s wedding while I was busy in K City, I had asked her and Laurel out to go shopping together.

Having not seen her in such a long time, Tabitha seemed to have put on some weight. After some careful questioning, I found out that she was pregnant.

Laurel joked, “It’s indeed different when you become a mother. Your gaze has become so gentle. By the way, the customers have been asking when you’ll be back for work ever since you stopped going to work. Isn’t it a bit too early to be taking time off when you’re only two months pregnant?”

Tabitha smiled slightly. “It’s mainly my husband who’s feeling uneasy about it. If I go to work, he’ll be worried the whole day and will want to find me at work. In the end, he’ll be distracted from his own job. Seeing that, I quit my job and stay at home, his parents will be there to take care of me, and that’s a load off him.”

Laurel’s gaze was full of envy as she looked at Tabitha. “You’re so lucky. Your husband’s gentle and caring, and your in-laws are willing to take care of you. Look at me. I’ve been married for six years now, but it feels like I’m a widow. I’ve been raising my son alone too. Although my mother-in-law helps to take care of him, she always picks a fight with me. You don’t understand how annoying things are for me at home.”

Tabitha replied comfortingly, “As you said previously, you just have to accept life as it is! Your husband’s starting his business now, so it’ll definitely be tough on him. Aren’t you also taking care of your son while you work for the sake of your family? If you persevere, I’m sure you’ll be able to enjoy life later on. My husband’s the same. He has it tough, so we try to understand each other and compromise. You can’t just focus on the unhappy parts of your marriage and ignore the good part.”

Laurel sighed as she looked at me. “How about you, Scarlett? How have you been these few months? Your husband’s both rich and handsome, so you should be the happiest among us. Nora called me to complain some time ago, saying that Armond seemed to be ignoring her. You guys are already so rich, so why do you still work so hard to make money? You’re not short on it anyway.”

I smiled slightly and replied, “A lot has happened recently but I asked you guys out as soon as I had some free time. By the way, have you guys seen Tessa recently? I haven’t seen her in a long time. I wonder how she’s doing.”

Laurel replied, “I met her some time ago. I heard she has adopted a five or six-year-old kid, so she’s probably not intending to get married. Tessa’s already thirty-six or seven, so it seems like she wants to live alone with the child in the future. But the last time I saw her, she was driving a Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Apparently, she also bought a house a few days ago. Didn’t she say that she was poor? Why’s she suddenly able to buy a car and a house. Do you guys know what kind of business she’s doing recently?”

Tabitha shook her head. “No, I don’t really contact her. I’m not that interested in her affairs, so I don’t really bother checking on whatever she bought or did.”

Laurel paused for a moment, then said, “Tabby, you don’t seem to like Tessa very much?”

Tabitha was a straightforward person who wore her heart on her sleeve. Thus, she shrugged and replied indifferently, “I neither like nor dislike her since we’re just acquaintances. Anyway, we don’t belong in the same world as her. I’m sure you know that she’s overly ambitious. She probably sees us as mere passers-by who aren’t significant enough.”

I laughed lightly as I listened to their conversation. “It’s okay, we’re just having a casual chat and sharing some gossip. If you guys don’t like something, you don’t need to talk about it. I was just a little curious about where Tessa’s adopted child came from. Is it even legally possible for an unmarried woman to adopt a child now?”

Laurel nodded. “I think it’s possible as long as you meet the requirements. Apparently, a woman between thirty and forty who’s unmarried and is doing okay financially is qualified. I think Tessa also mentioned that the child isn’t an orphan. The child’s mother died in a car accident and his father was sentenced to death because of some severe offense. Therefore, the child was trusted upon her.”

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