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I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 918

I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 918

Weapons and equipment were useless to them. 

Personal strength was the most important thing here. 

Humans were nurtured by science as soon as they were born to stimulate their potential. 

Even if the weakest people came to Earth, they would still be number one if you did not consider special cases like David. 

So, in this case, the Milky Way did not prohibit the sale of weapons. 

Of course, if the weapon‘s power exceeded a certain limit, ordinary people would not be able to purchase it. 

Such as strategic military weapons like the Octagon. 

One could only buy it if their combat power of their family‘s combat power reached a certain level. 

David looked at the price and saw that the Octagon was only 200 million Galaxy Dollars. 

‘Is it so cheap?‘ 

Based on the system, he could only get one lavish point after he spent 100 million. 

So, he could only get two f*cking lavish points from buying the Octagon. 

As for other basic vehicles like spaceships, they would need 

more than 10 million Galaxy Dollars. 

With this price, David felt like he was back on Earth decades ago. 

‘How many things do I need to buy to break through to Cosmos 


Ten billion Galaxy Dollars! 

‘How can I spend all of that in a short time?‘ 

David tried to open a link to a spaceship. 

The spaceship was priced at 18 million Galaxy Dollars. 

There was also a series of introductions describing the spaceship. 

David did not even look at it before he clicked buy. 

Suddenly, a window popped up, asking David to register with his real name. Otherwise, he would not be able to buy the item. 


David could not hold himself back from cursing. 

Now, the Earth was still unregistered, so how could he register with his real name? 

If that was the case, did it mean he would not be able to buy anything? 

David felt that this was getting serious. 

He tried other shopping websites, and the result was still the 


He could not buy anything. 

He even tried to randomly register, but it still did not work. 

He could not get past the authentication stage at all. 

“Oh no! If I can‘t buy anything, then I can‘t earn lavish points. 

‘If I don’t get lavish points, how will I upgrade to another realm

‘I am back at the same spot again. 

What should I do now?‘ 

David collapsed on the chair. 

He thought he could buy the items from the Milky Way online to squander money. 

The Earth‘s address was hidden by the system anyway, and the system was a remnant of a God Tier Civilization. 

Hence, David was not worried about exposing the Earth‘s location. 

He would not be worried no matter how much money he spent. 

He even thought that he could quickly upgrade a few ranks. 

That way, he would not need to be afraid of anyone anymore. 

Just great! He could not buy anything without registering with his real name. He had money, but he could not spend it. 

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