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I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 916

I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 916

However, she did not care. 

She did not like any other man aside from David in this life anyway. 

She would just let him look! 

Even if David pushed her onto the bed right now, she would not fight back. She might even cooperate with him. 

When she noticed David staring at her chest, Selena purposely puffed it out 

This jolted David back to his senses. 

David looked away in embarrassment and said, “I made you a bowl of noodles. Since you were not awake yet, I brought it upstairs for you. Eat it while it‘s hot.” 

“Thank you,” Selena thanked after she took the bowl. 

“Youre welcome. I’ll leave now, bye!” 


As she watched David leave, Selena felt a little surprised. 

Back then, even though David would cook noodles for her, she would always need to go downstairs to eat them. 

This was the first time he had brought the food to her. 

This was Celia‘s special treatment, but she got to experience it today. 

Plus, Selena could feel David‘s change of attitude toward her and the difference in the way he looked at her. 

How should she describe it? 

He was treating her much better than before. 

There was even adoration in his eyes. 

‘Has he accepted me?‘ 

Selena‘s eyes lit up. 

She did not know it was because David discovered their ending in another timeline, leading to his change in attitude. 

In the afternoon, David, Celia, and Selena sat in the living room. 

This was not Celia‘s house anymore. 

Instead, this was a hilltop villa in Capital City. 

Celia‘s parents were back, so it would be inappropriate to continue staying with them. 

Thus, David changed to another accommodation, and Celia and Selena also followed him. 

“Celia, Lena, i need to tell you some things,” David looked at the two and said. 

“Go on, we‘re listening,” Celia answered. 

Selena did not say anything, but she was happy hearing how David addressed her. 

It had been so long, and she finally got acknowledged by David. 

*Now that Earth‘s Internet has connected to the Internet of the Stella Civilization Galaxy, you can read the news about the Milky Way when you‘re bored.” 

“The Milky Way? Is that where the aliens who want to dominate Earth live?” Celia asked curiously. 

Selena also looked at David curiously. 

“Yes, that‘s the place. Earth is also a part of the Milky Way, but were on the edge of it, so we‘re very far away from the center of the Milky Way,” David answered. 

“No. Aliens are evil. They want to enslave all earthlings. I won‘t go and read about them!” Celia retorted. 

Clearly, she was still resentful,of Pavan trying to enslave all the earthlings. 

“Celia, the Milky Way is like Earth that‘s been enlarged countless times. Not all aliens are bad. Just like on Earth, there are good people, bad people, and also law enforcement. The Milky Way Empire has not recognized Earth, so we‘re basically unregistered. That‘s why they dared to take action against us. However, if we register Earth, no one will dare to come to dominate Earth.” 

“Really?” Celia asked in disbelief. 

“Of course! Earth is just a grain of sand in the universe. You should look at the even wider world outside the Earth. You can‘t miss out on this chance.” 

“Let‘s go! Let‘s see what the alien world looks like, Miss Selena.” 

Celia grabbed Celia and ran upstairs.

She could not wait to go online to see the alien world.

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