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I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 915

I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 915

At this moment, all the netizens staying up late to surf the Internet realized that the Internet looked different. 

Strange news that they did not understand was popping up without any reason. 

“Breaking news! Head of Planet Boundless, Burke Lutgen, has broken through to Cosmos Rank, and he spent a large amount of money inviting the Dance Fairy, Mia Concord , to dance for him on Planet Boundless. According to sources, Mia has already agreed, and she is now heading to Planet Boundless.” 

“Breaking news! The Dallarosa family announced today that they would work hard to fight for a position among the eight prominent families of the Milky Way Empire. The Tuffin family is in danger! Once they lose this position, the Tuffin family‘s prestige will plummet!” 

“Breaking news! The Milky Way Battle Institution will hold a very rare battle among the nine institutions soon. This battle will be the biggest yet. Chief of the Primo Institution, Leonidas Hinsen, announced that there will be a 1 vs 8 battle, which shocked everyone. The other eight institutions also stated that they would teach Primo Institution a proper lesson.” 

There was more such news. 

While countless netizens felt confused, they were also very 


Hence, they began to read the news earnestly. 

The Earth‘s internet world was in an uproar. 

David took out his phone and opened a website at random. 

He was also very excited as he looked at the countless news about the Milky Way

He could actually connect to the Milky Way‘s Internet. 

He started searching for everything about the Milky Way on his phone. 

The Milky Wawas just too vast. 

There were hundreds of billions of planets, big and small. 

There were at least a million living planets, so many things would happen daily. 

David searched for half the night but realized what he understood was just the tip of the iceberg. 

However, David focused on the news about the Tuffin family. 

David already knew most of the things related to the Tuffin family. 

He was temporarily relieved. 

Although the Tuffin family was one of the eight prominent families of the Milky Way Empire, they were the weakest of the bunch. 

Also, their position among the eight prominent families seemed somewhat unsafe. 

On the surface, the strongest person in the Tuffin family was 

only Cosmos Rank. 

If this were the case, it would be impossible for them to send their strongest person over. 

As long as it was not a Cosmos Ranker, then a partial Cosmos Ranker like him should be able to deal with them. 

This at least bought him a lot of time. 

As long as he continued to improve, then the Tuffin family would not be able to do anything to him. 

Of course, he did not rule out the possibility that the Tuffin family was hiding even stronger people. 

They were a big family, so they would not display all of their strength. 

Therefore, David could not relax in the slightest during this short period. 

The sky was already slightly bright. 

David put down his phone. 

After that, he got up, washed up, and cooked. 

Soon, three bowls of fragrant buttered noodles were prepared. 

David took the noodles to the bedroom, woke Celia, and handed the noodles to her. 

Then, he pondered for a while before knocking on Selena‘s door. 

Knock knock knock! 

“Coming!” A crisp voice said from the room. 


The door opened. 

At that moment, the two stared at each other. 

David only saw Selena wearing loose silk pajamas. 

Two of the buttons on her chest were undone. 

Selena did not expect David to be the one at her door. 

Back then, it was always Celia, as David had never approached her before. 

Thus, she did not tidy herself up and opened the door in the same state she woke up in. 

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