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I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 900

I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 900

Once a human reached Satellite Rank through cultivation, their physical strength would be significantly improved, and they could travel in space freely. 

A person whose combat power had not even reached Satellite Rank wanted to kill a beginner Planet Ranker. 

If they did not have any special weapons, then it would be simply impossible. 

Even if the Planet Ranker did not fight back, there would still be no way to break through their defense. 

Therefore, at that time, Pavan did not panic. 

However, it was different now. 

David’s combat power had reached peak Planet Rank, so he would be able to kill Pavan easily. 

When Pavan was facing the threat of death, a chosen one from the Stella Civilization Galaxy was no different from ordinary people. He would still fear like the rest of them. 

“W-What’s his current combat power? Is he still improving?” Pavan asked nervously. 

“Master Pavan, not anymore. David’s combat power has temporarily stopped at peak Planet Rank.” 

When they heard this answer, everyone in the Octagon’s control room breathed a sigh of relief. 

They obviously knew what would happen to them once David reached Stellar Rank. 

At this moment, these people just wanted to leave this strange planet. 

“Start the Octagon. Turn on the power and leave the earth as fast as possible. Let’s go back first. This planet is a bit weird, so we can only send more powerful people from the family to conquer it,” Pavan quickly ordered. 

He did not want to obtain Cursed Blood Beads nor David’s unknown means now. 

He would only decide once he got out of here. 

The mecha guards had all been destroyed. 

However, the value of this indigenous living planet was too great, and it could make up for it all. 

As long as he returned to the family, reported the location of this planet, and asked his family to send people to conquer the earth, not only would he be exempt from punishment, he might even reap some benefits. Of course, if Pavan could conquer the earth himself, then he would get unimaginable benefits. 

Unfortunately, he did not have that ability. 

Hence, he could only settle for the next best thing. 

Pavan was the chosen one of the Stella Civilization Galaxy, so naturally, he was smart. 

If he knew he could not do it, then he should take a step back. 

At least, he could still get some benefit out of this. Besides, he was shocked just now. 

He was worried that David’s combat power would continue to rise and break through to Stellar Rank. 

If that happened, he would be doomed. 

Not only would he not get any benefits, but he would also even lose his life. 

“Yes, Master Pavan!” 

The controllers in the control room answered at the same time. 

They also wanted to leave the earth as soon as possible. 

Thus, they quickly acted once they received Pavan’s order. 

They set the Octagon’s power to the minimum and prepared to leave. 

At this moment, the Octagon trembled gently, and it was a little shaky. 

Everyone in the control room knew that David had to be attacking the Octagon. 

However, they were not too worried. 

The product of the Milky Way Empire in the Stella Civilization Galaxy was very reliable. It could temporarily resist the attack of a Planet Ranker. 

So, even if David were a peak Planet Ranker, he could not break the defense of the octagon in such a short period. 

The Octagon was at full power, and they would leave the Earth soon. 

The next time they came here, it would not just be them and the Octagon. Instead, it would be a more advanced spaceship and the elites of the Tuffin family. 

When the time came, Pavan wanted to see how the aboriginals would resist them. 

Pavan thought savagely, ‘I have to come with them when the time comes. 

‘I’ll kill everyone related to David to quell my anger. 

‘I want these aboriginals to know the consequences of opposing me.’

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