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I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 896

I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 896

David was not weak at all when it came to strength. 

He killed a mecha guard with a casual smack, so he gave the hundreds of mechas on the opposite side some lingering fears. 

The mecha guards were made of unique materials , and their advantage was their super defense. 

However, David could get through the mecha guard‘s defense and directly injure the person inside. 

Hence, the humans of this indigenous planet were the complete nemesis of mecha guards. 

Even if they were specially trained , mecha guards were people too. 

All creature had fear, and while facing this natural nemesis, their hearts began racing as well. 

“Pavan, I told you that before you hurt the human beings on Earth, that you could take your people and leave and I would not have stopped you. But now, you dared to disregard human life. Nearly 100,000 people in a city died in your hands just like this. You can‘t leave now. Stay and be their burial offerings!” David said seriously, staring at the Octagon behind hundreds of mecha guards. 

“Hahaha! David, aren‘t you afraid of hurting your tongue 

when you bluff like that? Do you know what this is? This is the Octagon built by the Milky Way Empire, and even Planet Rankers can‘t break through it. You‘re just an aboriginal who is not even at Satellite Rank, and you dare to say something as crazy like killing us? If it weren‘t for your unknown means of restraint, we would have already planted the slave mark on earth, and you would have already been made my slave, a title you would never have been able to shed. Right, another minute is up. Another wave of humans will die because of you. Tremble before me, earthlings! This is the power of a level 3 civilization, and it is not comparable to an indigenous planet that‘s not even a level 1 civilization.” 

Pavan laughed wildly. 

At the same time, another corner of the Octagon began gathering energy. 

This time, it was aimed at Somerland. 

Mason‘s heart tightened, and he clenched his fists. 

He had never felt as powerless as he was now. 

The Somerlanders watching the live broadcast had their hearts in their throats. 

This attack was clearly aimed at Somerland , and no one knew which city it would hit. 

It was possible that in the next moment, they would become ashes, leaving no traces. 

Although most people did not blame David, a small number of people felt resentful. They thought that David should give the items back to Pavan. 

Even if Pavan planted the slave mark, it would still be better than death! 

The Octagon‘s energy gathering was complete. 




A huge explosion resounded throughout Dark Cape. 

The laser cannon did not fire. Instead, it just left the launcher and detonated on the spot as if something had blocked its path. 

Most of the impact from the explosion was taken by the Octagon. However, just like Pavan said, the Octagon had a strong defense. 

Even though the laser cannon exploded at the launcher, it still could not hurt the Octagon one bit. Since David just never thought Pavan would attack ordinary earthlings, he was completely unprepared back then. 

Hence, it led to the destruction of a city in Falconia and the murder of nearly 100,000 people. Now, he would not give the opponent another such opportunity 

His enormous materialized mind power directly blocked the attack of the laser cannon, and it exploded immediately as it launched. 

Of course, David would suffer side effects if he did this. His materialized mind power was not invincible. 

However, after three years of improvement, David‘s mind power was already terrifyingly powerful. 

Therefore, he could still bear this side effect. 

If it was three years ago and David dared to use his mind power to block the laser cannon attack, he would have been rendered unrecognizable. 

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