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I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 892

I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 892

The impact stirred up waves hundreds of meters high that spread everywhere. The waves would hit Dark Cape soon. 

At this time, Pavan decided to stop acting. 

Since the Earthlings had already taken action, it seemed impossible to opt for a peaceful solution now. 

That being the case, he should suppress the Earthlings by force! 

Pavan was also not afraid of David being disobedient. 

Once the slave mark was planted , he would control the fate of all human beings on Earth. 

David had so many friends and family on Earth. 

So, at that time, he had to obey no matter what. Pavan stood up, and his body slowly rose. 

He wore a golden crown, and his entire body also exuded a pale golden light. 

He looked like an ancient emperor, and everyone who saw him would want to surrender and worship him. 

Except for David, of course. 

What realm was David in now? 

Only he himself knew. 

Pavan‘s body rose tens of meters and stopped. 

“I, Pavan Tuffin from the Tuffin family, the ninth chief of the Milky Way Battle Institution in Stella Civilization Galaxy , am making you and other earthlings my slaves forever. Elders, plant the slave mark!” 

Pavan sounded like he was God as his voice reached everyone‘s ears. 

“As you wish, Master Pavan,” the four elders said respectfully. 

At the same time, they instantly appeared around the huge ‘slave‘ word in the sky. 

At this time, the golden ‘slave‘ word was almost completed. 

If one zoomed in 10,000 times to look at it, one would notice that this word was made up of countless other dense and tiny slave‘ words. 

There were at least 100 billion of them. 

Pavan‘s words offended all the earthlings. 

It turned out that many people thought these aliens were friendly, but it seemed that they were exactly as David said. 

They wanted to enslave every human on Earth. 

A lot of people started yelling at Pavan. 

Mason and the others could not stand it any longer. 

Although they had no idea what a slave mark was, they knew that it was certainly not a good thing. They could not just stand idly by and let Pavan finish what he was trying to do. 

They glanced at David and found that David was not doing anything As they were thinking of charging over to stop it regardless of their own life, they heard Pavan‘s laughter. “Hahaha…. Accept my gift, Earthlings! It is your honor to have me, Pavan Tuffin, planting the slave mark on you. This is because I am destined to become the Master of the Milky Way, and in the future, you will feel proud of what you‘ve received today.” 

The slave mark was completed. 

David spoke suddenly as the four elders were about to start planting slave marks. “Pavan, since you haven‘t hurt anyone on Earth, I‘ll pretend nothing happened if you leave with your people now.” 

When Pavan heard David‘s voice, he was stunned for a 

moment. Then, he guffawed and said, “Hahaha! David, who do you think you are? Do you think you are the Master of the Milky Way? For your information, the slave mark is already finished. No one can stop me today. Do you know how long I have waited for this day? When I discovered you, your fate was already preordained. You have no choice except to let me plant my slave mark on you and serve me for generations. Elders, do it. Plant the slave marks now.” 

A box appeared in each of the four elders‘ hands. 

Before they could do anything, they suddenly realized they could not move. 

‘What‘s going on?‘ 

It was not just them, except for David and the earthlings, everyone from Stella Civilization Galaxy could not move, including the nine winged unicorns. 

David exuded his mind power right after Pavan finished speaking and instantly enveloped the entire space to restrict the body of all enemies. 

Now, his mind power was countless times stronger than it was three years ago. 

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