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I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 878

I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 878

It was quiet in the hall after that. 

Everyone was waiting for the big gift that Luna had prepared. 

Half an hour passed quickly. 

A man walked in from outside when everyone was about to lose patience. 

David came to the address Luna had sent him. 

This time, by repaying Luna a favor, he was also fulfilling one of his wishes. 

When he walked into the hall, David saw that Luna’s left face was slightly swollen, and he could clearly see five fingerprint marks on it. 

Even so, he did not want to ask about it. 

It was none of his business. 

He just came to pay back his favor. 

That was all. 

If Luna had not rescued Celia back then, he would not want to have anything to do with this woman at all. 

When the people in the hall saw David’s face, all of them except for Luna were startled. 

All of their eyes widened, and their jaws dropped open. They could not return to their senses for a long time. 

‘I- Isn’t this the partial Super – God Ranker , Silver Face David, from the global live broadcast? 

‘He’s also the number in the world today. 

‘W-Why is he here? 


‘Is he…! 

All eyes turned to Luna. 

When they saw the joy on Luna’s face, Matthew and Wendy felt light-headed, and they collapsed on the floor. 

They were not stupid. How would they not know what Luna’s big gift was now that it had come to this? 

If she could get him to come here, Luna could basically do whatever she wanted in the world. 

They were just small potatoes. David did not even need to do anything, he just needed to say a few words to annihilate their families. 

Meanwhile, Forrest and the other core of the Shoron family were flushed with excitement. 

Luna wanted to greet David to prove their relationship 

However, when she saw David’s indifferent and unapproachable expression, she hesitated. 

Luna knew that David had a bad impression of her. He was only here this time to repay her favor for saving Celia. 

“Are you Luna’s elders?” David asked. 

“Yes, M-Mr. David, 1-1 am Luna’s grandfather,” Forrest replied excitedly. 

“Luna and I are in the same university, and I owe her a favor. I hope you won’t force her to do anything. As for the Quinn family, I was the one who killed Zachary. You should know what to do next.” 

“Mr. David, you can rest assured that we will not force Luna to do anything she is unwilling to do, and we will train her to be the next head of the family. Lastly, the Shoron family will never cooperate with the Quinn family again,” Forrest quickly guaranteed. 

David nodded. 

Then, he said to Luna, “Luna, I’ve done what I promised. I hope you will behave.” 

After he said that, David’s figure disappeared from the hall of the Shoron family. 

“Farewell, Mr. David!” 

Forrest knelt on the ground and cried. 

“Farewell, Mr. David!” 

The others also knelt on the ground and cried. 

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