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I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 780

I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 780

‘David is actually a supreme powerhouse in peak God Rank?

‘How old is he?

‘Is he even 25?

‘This… This is really incredible!

‘Plus, he can seriously hurt Marlon, a peak God Ranker who has been famous for decades.

‘David’s strength is estimated to have almost reached the peak.

‘In other words, David’s strength has surpassed mine.’


“God bless Somerland!

“God bless Somerland!”

Mason laughed heartily.

David had such power.

Thus, even if Mason died a few years later, Somerland would still be impregnable.

No one would dare to target Somerland again.

Furthermore, David was still young, very young.

He could live a long, long time.

Perhaps he could break the shackles and progress even further.

“Grandpa, what is making you so happy?” Julia asked curiously.

“Julia, good news! It’s such joyous news!” Mason replied with a smile.

“What good new? Tell me so I can be happy too.”

“The Mosley family, one of the world’s five major forces, was razed to the ground, and Marlon, a peak God Ranker, was also severely injured.”


Julia was extremely shocked inside.

Of course, she knew the Mosley family.

It could be said that she knew all of the popular forces in the world and had studied them in depth.

‘How could such a terrifying force be razed to the ground?

‘Who could seriously injure Marlon who became a peak God Ranker decades ago?

‘Is this a joke?’

“Great-Grandpa, you’re not joking, are you?” Julia stopped the massage and asked in astonishment.

“Do you think I’d make this kind of joke? I just got the news, so it’s definitely true.”

“I see!” Julia understood in her heart.

No wonder her great-grandfather was laughing so happily. The Mosley family was also one of Somerland’s opposing forces. If they suffered

huge damages, then it was naturally something to be happy about.

“I’m laughing so happily not just because the Mosley family is suffering huge damage,” Mason added.

“What else is there to be happy about?” Julia continued asking.

“It’s because of the person who inflicted the damage.”


“You know him too, and you’ve interacted with him quite a lot recently.”

Julia was stunned.

‘I know him?

‘I’ve also interacted with him quite a lot recently?


A young figure suddenly appeared in Julia’s heart.

‘No… Noway!

‘How old is he?

‘But aside from him, there’s no one else it could be.’

“Is it… David?” Julia asked probingly.

“Precisely,” Mason laughed and answered.

“How is that possible? How old is David? How could he hurt Marlon, someone who became a peak God Ranker decades ago?” Julia asked, losing her voice.

This was too unbelievable.

It was already very shocking that David had the strength of a God Rank guardian.

Now, she was told that David was already a supreme powerhouse at peak God Rank and that he even severely injured Marlon, another supreme powerhouse.

In other words, David was almost on the same level as her great-grandfather Mason.

Julia widened her eyes as her brain struggled to process this.

“I didn’t think it was possible either, but it’s the truth! David is the one who hurt the Mosley family. God bless Somerland!”

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