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I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 778

I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 778

After David finished speaking, he rose into the sky without any fear.

At this time, the remaining members of the Mosley family crawled out of the ruins one after another.

Paolo looked at the ancestral house that had been razed to the ground, too heartbroken for tears.

‘Damn, a new problem arose before the old was solved.

‘We only lost a late God Ranker last night.

‘Today, we’re attacked by a peak God Ranker.

‘Even the family’s hundred-year-old ancestral home was destroyed.

‘Who the hell did the Mosley family offend?’

Paolo felt the urge to curse.

“Oh no! The Mosley family is doomed! Boohoo… We have disappointed the ancestors of the Mosley family.”



The whole place was in tears.

When the surviving members of the Mosley family saw this, the grief in their hearts surged instantly.

Paolo wanted to cry too.

He was the current patriarch of the Mosley family.

Now, the main residence of the Mosley family had become like this.

The Mosley family’s glory was gone.

He was the one who had let down the ancestors of the Mosley family.

“What are you crying for? We can rebuild the family after we lose it. If the old master is still here, the Mosley family will never collapse. We’re still one of the five top major forces in the world,” Paolo scolded loudly.

“Yes, Grandmaster is still around! We still have a chance.”

Paolo’s words awakened the people present.

Everyone looked up at the sky together.


A loud voice came from the sky.

Clearly, the two peak God Rankers had started fighting.

In the sky among the clouds, David and Marlon were standing opposite each other.

“Who the hell are you? You’re not among the old school peak God Rankers, and your strength doesn’t look like that of a newly-emerged peak God Ranker,” Marlon stared at David and asked.

“You talk too much nonsense!”

David did not answer Marlon.

He directly rushed over to fight Marlon.

Boom boom boom!

Thud thud thud!

Smack smack smack!

All kinds of loud crashing sounds resonated across the sky.

Even the thick clouds dispersed from the vibrations.

Marlon had been a peak God Ranker for decades.

He was considered pretty powerful among the peak God Rankers.

Meanwhile, after David upgraded his mind power to God level 7, he had arrived at the top of peak God Rank and was about to move into the next realm.

Based on their realms, David was superior to Marlon.

Marlon had more combat experience, but David had powerful mind power and a keener line of thought.

Both of them did not use any weapons.

Therefore, David always had the upper hand.

Marlon became increasingly horrified.

This peak God Ranker that he had never seen before was so strong.

He had been in recluse for so many years, so had the world changed?

However, every once in a while, Paolo would report to him all the major events that had happened in the world.

He had never heard of such a powerful peak God Ranker.

David was getting merciless, and his courage grew as the battle progressed.

Not only was he a peak God Ranker, but he was also someone who knew Somerland Ancient Traditional Medicine.

He would always attack his opponent’s weak spots and then use the different strong points of his body to attack him.

At the same time, Marlon was becoming increasingly unable to endure this fighting method enduring major injuries in exchange for landing small blows.

If this continued, he would surely die here.

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