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I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 622

I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 622

“I second this motion! I agree that we work together!” “I also second this motion! Let’s work together!” Soon, a few masters from different forces who were halfway to the God Rank agreed to work together to fight David. After all, David’s words were too unpleasant to the ears.
On the otherhand, an upright sect like the Krums would not bother to work together to take action against David. David was beaming underneath his mask at this moment.
Come on then!
‘Hurry up!
“The more the merrier!

‘I won’t say that all of you are bullying me because I am alone.’ At this moment, a voice that was full of vigor could be heard. “Silver Face, enough is enough! Everyone is here to participate in the ten-year appointment to compete for luck, there is no need to fight! This is not good for anyone! You should all restrain yourself! Don’t cross the line!”. “Who do you think you are? Do you think we’ll restrain ourselves just because you told us to? We’re being restricted in Somerland and now that we’re in Dark Cape, we can’t even indulge ourselves? Then what’s the point of us resurfacing? It’d be better to just stay home and wait for death!” Someone immediately retorted.

“Yeah, we’ve had enough in Somerland! Why should we suffer this grievance now that we’re in Dark Cape? Mason is not here, so what are we afraid of?” “I agree! After we kill Silver Face and destroy Red Flame Mercenaries, this place will be our paradise!”

The vigorous voice said again. “I asked you to restrain yourselves for your own good. As for who am I? I am Augustus King from the King family!” ‘Augustus King from the King family?’ Everyone present was shocked. “Master, could this be the most mysterious hidden family, the King family?” Lorraine asked hoarsely. “Exactly,” Taylor replied. Lorraine looked excited at this time. The ten-year appointment this time actually attracted the King family.

This was the most mysterious and powerful hidden family according to the legends. They had never revealed their full strength and had existed for thousands of years. It was said in comparison, that the Krums were inferior to them.

The old man who had just spoken to refute Augustus was in a panic at that moment.

He was rude at that moment, but he did not expect to bump into someone from the King family. He was truly courting death! Even if the other party was in the same realm as him and they were both halfway to the God Rank, the person was not someone he could compare with. Furthermore, the strength of the King family had always been a mystery. The unknown was the most terrifying. According to the recorded history of the family, whenever the King family resurfaced, their strength would shock everyone.

Therefore, he quickly said, “Mr. Augustus, it’s you! I’m so sorry for being impolite. Please don’t take what I said just now to heart, Mr. Augustus. I will definitely listen to you and I will not violate the rules of Dark Cape.”

Then, no one dared to continue speaking because no one dared to cross the King family. In the records of the other hidden families and sects, this family was definitely not to be messed with.

Whenever the King family came out of hiding, they would only send a few people. Thus, no one knew how powerful their family was. They only knew that this family was not to be messed with.

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