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I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 613

I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 613

“The person who died is just an ordinary person and an inferior person in your eyes, but to me, her life is nobler than you beasts!” David said sarcastically. “Silver Face, you are so presumptuous! How dare you insult the Pearson family like this! I think you really don’t want to live anymore. Do you really think the Pearson family won’t dare to touch you?” Abel’s face was red as he pointed at David and said angrily.

Abel would have killed David on the spot if David was not halfway to God Rank and he was not confident because he could not see through David’s strength.

He even compared them to beasts. Abel had lived seventy or eighty years and had never been insulted like this. “Aren’t you? After being insulted by the son of the Pearson family, the attendant jumped off the building and committed suicide without the slightest hesitation. Do you think beasts like you can compare to this kind of woman who values chastity more than life? In my opinion, her life is a hundred times more precious than yours!” “Silver Face…” Abel growled through gritted teeth. “What? You can’t bear it anymore? Do you want to act against me now? I haven’t finished yet! I am flattering you by calling you beasts. Your family is nothing but rubbish that is even lower than low!” David sarcastically said. “You’re asking for death!” After Abel said that, he rushed toward David. At such a close distance, he appeared in front of David in the blink of an eye. He stretched out his right hand which was surrounded by some black gas and struck the part of David’s chest where his heart was with his palm. This was the ancestral martial art of the Pearson family—the heart-crushing slap! It was so powerful that it could directly shatter the victim’s heart.

He was going to make David pay for what he said.

This was the first time the Pearson family had been so insulted in so many years.

Even if he could not kill David today, he would go back and tell his brother so that he could personally kill this person who dared to insult the Pearson family.

Not only did he want David to die, but he also wanted everyone in Red Flame to die too!

At this moment Abel had been blinded with rage.

Abel displayed joy in his eyes when he saw that his palm was about to hit David’s chest. If he managed to strike David with the slap, even if David was someone who was halfway to God Rank like him, he would be seriously injured. The Pearson family’s heart-crushing slap was a top martial art that has been passed down for generations, and it was very lethal.

Moreover, the human heart was the most vulnerable organ.

The ancestors of the Pearson family created this powerful technique to target the most vulnerable parts of the human body.

Abel was not the only one with joy in his eyes. Behind him, Miles and the four Dragon Rank masters from the Pearson family also showed their joy.

They naturally knew the power of the heart-crushing slap. It was no exaggeration to say that as long as a master of the same level was hit in the chest by the heart-crushing slap, they would be seriously injured even if they did not die.

As long as David was seriously injured, Abel would have an advantage over him. They might even be able to kill David.

If David was dead, the rest of the Red Flame Mercenaries would be completely useless when facing Abel, someone who was halfway to God Rank. They would not be able to withstand a single blow from him. The heart-crushing slap surrounded by black gas was getting closer and closer to David’s chest.

Abel was already smiling. He did not expect the sneak attack on David to go so smoothly. David seemed to be frightened. He was motionless and was allowing Abel to attack him.

In reality, the heart-crushing slap was not without its shortcomings. It had to hit the middle of the chest or at the center of the back, the two positions closest to the heart, to exert the greatest power.

If the person being attacked blocked it with other parts of their body, the power of the heart crushing slap would be greatly weakened, and it would only cause minor injuries.

Therefore, this sneak attack carried the greatest advantage. In frontal combat, the effectiveness of the heart-crushing slap was limited.

No one would expose their chest or back so that you could hit them.

It was human instinct to protect their most vulnerable areas.

Furthermore, minor injuries did not really have much impact on people of their level. However, Abel did not expect David to not move at all. Now, even if David reacted, it would be too late to do anything because the heart-crushing slap was about to get reach David’s heart. If David was seriously injured, Abel would have the confidence to kill David right there and then.

After that, Abel would be famous for killing someone who was halfway to God Rank while he himself was also halfway to God Rank.

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