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I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 612

I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 612

This gap was too big. If he did not work hard, he would be too embarrassed to continue being the first deputy captain. David brought the trio to the Black Sand Hotel. He was still wearing his silver mask.

Now was not the time to reveal the identity. “Captain!” The manager of Black Sand Hotel saw David walking in with a silver mask and immediately ran over to greet him respectfully. Silver Face, the captain of the Red Flame Mercenaries , was a god-like existence in Dark Cape.

He not only overthrew the brutal rule of Tyrant, the captain of Bloodthirsty Mercenaries, but he also exempted Dark Cape of all taxes.

Almost all crimes had been eradicated from Dark Cape now.

Everyone here felt that their life here was like heaven, so they respected David a lot. “Are you in charge here?” David asked. “Yes, Captain,” the manager replied humbly. “They’re still here, right?”

“Yes, they’ve been in the room this entire time. I’ve been watching the door on the monitor, and they definitely didn’t come out.” “Lead the way.”

“Captain, please come with me.”

The manager led David all the way to Room 16.

The manager skillfully opened the room door with the key and stepped aside. David walked in.

Then, they saw an old man and a young man sitting on the chair in the room. There were also four Dragon Rank masters behind them.

“Are you Silver Face, the captain of Red Flame Mercenaries?” The old man Abel asked.

David did not answer Abel. Instead, he looked at the other young man and asked, “Did you force yourself onto the attendant and cause her to commit suicide by jumping off the building?”

Miles turned his head to look at Abel nervously. He felt pressured as he faced David, who was halfway to God Rank

“Captain Silver Face, I am Abel Pearson from the Pearson family. This is Miles, the grandson of my eldest brother, and the most outstanding descendant of the younger generation in the Pearson family. My eldest brother has high hopes for him, so please forgive him for the sake

of the Pearson family,” Abel said. “I’m asking you a question. Did you force yourself onto the attendant and caused her to commit suicide by jumping off the building?” David asked Miles blankly. He was completely ignoring Abel, seemingly not bothered by him at all. “Grandpa Abel,” Miles looked at Abel and asked for help. “Captain Silver Face, I am giving you respect because you’re the master here, but I have given you enough face. Please don’t flatter yourself. The strength of Red Flame Mercenaries is not a deterrent in front of my family. Do you want to anger my family right here?” Abel said angrily. He had shown enough respect to David because he knew that this was the territory of Red Flame Mercenaries and both of them were halfway to God Rank.

However, David was completely disrespecting him.

How would he get himself out of this embarrassing situation as someone who was halfway to the God Rank?

“I’m asking you one last time. Did you do it?”


“Silver Face, you’re insufferable!” Abel slammed his hand down on the table and shouted after standing up. “So what? You don’t dare to mess about in Somerland, but you dare to ignore Red Flame’s rules in Dark Cape. Are you not bullying Red Flame by doing this?” David tilted his head and looked at Abel for the first time. He asked this in a calm tone.

“Silver Face, the one who died was just a normal person. You should know that we’re not within the same category as an ordinary person now that we’re in this realm. Are you seriously going to have a fallout with my family because of an ordinary person? Think about the consequences. Think about whether Red Flame can handle it!” Abel cried angrily.

He did not think that David would turn a blind eye to a threat from the Pearson family.

‘Is he not afraid that the Pearson family might destroy Red Flame Mercenaries?

‘Or perhaps, he has a stronger backing behind him so that’s why he’s not scared of the Pearson family.’

Abel wondered about all kinds of possibilities in his heart.

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