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I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 611

I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 611

David was worried that he would not be able to find someone whom he could establish his

reputation with.

Now that the hidden sects and families were gradually coming out of hiding, the combat power he had displayed thus far was only halfway to God Rank. This strength had been enough of a deterrent in the past.

However, a master who was halfway to the God Rank was no longer enough.

Any family could send someone who was halfway to the God Rank to protect their descendants.

Hence, he had to show a little more strength so he could protect Dark Cape. After all, he could not stay here forever.

He would be returning to Somerland after the ten-year appointment.

Since the Pearson family happened to be asking for trouble, then sorry. These hidden families and sects had avoided the world for a long time, and they were still adhering to the old law of the jungle.

This was absolutely not acceptable.

Somerland finally achieved the stability it enjoyed today. It was created through the blood and sweat of many Somerland martyrs headed by Mr. Mason Stefani and it could not be destroyed by these people.

They had to change the mindset that they were superior to others. Although David’s strength was already number one in the world, he had never felt that he was superior to ordinary people. He was a young man who had received a good education in Somerland, and he had always been a student of both character and academic excellence. Moreover, he got to where he was now step by step from his origin as an ordinary person.

The belief that everyone was equal had penetrated deep into his heart.

No one should be allowed to break this balance.

Even if it was impossible to achieve absolute equality, they could not be allowed to ignore the human rights and lives of ordinary people like this. His physique had broken through to God level 10, which was equivalent to the strength of a peak God Ranker.

David felt very confident. Even if the Pearson family had God Rank guardians, he still wanted to turn the Pearson family into sacrificial offerings. Somerland used the Nichols family as an example, and Dark Cape would use the Pearson family as an example.

All the hidden families who came out of hiding had to understand that things were not the same as before. They could not use the old system in today’s society. David opened the door first and walked out of the room.


The two peak Dragon Ranker elders standing at the door bowed and called out.

“Come, come with me to meet the master who’s halfway to the God Rank in the Pearson family. I’ll show you how powerful the combat strength of those above peak Dragon Rankers

e same time, it can also encourage you to continue to move forward. Greater times are coming, and you can’t rely on just your current strength, especially Killer. Your strength of a mid-Dragon Ranker can’t even compare to some of the younger generation of the hidden sect,” David walked ahead and said.

“Yes, Captain! I will definitely continue to work hard,” Killer answered humbly behind.

He was still satisfied with his own strength.

He became a mid-Dragon Ranker before the age of forty. However, over the past few days, a large number of powerful people had poured into Dark Cape and it made him feel a huge sense of crisis.

Among these people, some young people in their twenties were even masters of the Dragon Rank

Since when were there Dragon Rank masters to be found everywhere?

Killer was puzzled. He had been busy completing the tasks that David had issued recently. He armed Dark Cape and recruited talents for Red Flame, so he did not have time to learn about this information.

It was not until now that he felt that the pattern of the world was about to change.

The great age was coming, and he had to also work hard to improve himself and keep up with Captain’s pace. He was only a mid-Dragon Ranker, so he was indeed lowering the reputation of Red Flame by being the first deputy captain. The captain was a God Rank guardian, but the first deputy captain was just a mid-Dragon Ranker?

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