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I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 609

I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 609

 “Grandpa Abel, are you just going to let them leave like that?” Miles asked after the trio left.

“Miles, this is the territory of Red Flame Mercenaries at the end of the day, and Silver Face is also a master who was halfway to the God Rank. If we have a fallout with him, we may not be able to retreat without suffering any damage. It’s better to keep a low profile,” Abel explained.

“Would they dare to do that? I’ll go back and tell Grandpa Reid to destroy Red Flame Mercenaries!”

“Miles, some things are not as simple as you think. If Red Flame Mercenaries can occupy Dark Cape, they naturally have their own means. You can’t destroy them just because you want to. Moreover, all the hidden sects and families are resurfacing one after another. We, the Pearson family, better not be the first to stand out. The Nichols family incident from not long ago is still fresh in everyone’s minds.”

“‘The Nichols family doesn’t even have someone who’s halfway to the God Rank. How can they be compared to us? Somerland dares to take action against the Nichols family, but they definitely dare not do the same to us.”

“Somerland is now in the midst of the storm. No one knows what condition Mason is in. If Mason still has the strength to fight despite being in the final stages, who would dare to cross him? What if we’re treated as the target that Mason uses as a final show of strength before he dies? None of the hidden families and sects can stop him, so naturally, we can’t either.”

“Is Mason as powerful as the rumors? How could one person deter so many hidden sects and families as well as so many hostile forces abroad?” Miles asked in disbelief.

“Mason is a legendary figure, so no one will question his strength. His fame was built step by step. Take a recent battle as an example, Mason alone fought against nine God Rank guardians headed by Falconia. He even killed one person and seriously injured four others. This kind of record is simply terrifying!” ‘He fought against nine God Rank guardians alone? ‘He even killed one and seriously injured four others? ‘This kind of strength is simply too terrifying!’ “I-Is that true?” Miles widened his eyes and asked in shock. “Of course, it’s true! Otherwise, do you think Somerland could become one of the two greatest empires in the world just by its small strength? Thus, we must abide by the rules in Somerland and we can’t be the one who takes the first step to break them. When Mason dies, Somerland will collapse, then it will be time for us to show our strength.” “I understand, Grandpa Abel. I’ll be more careful.” “It’s good that you know, but you don’t have to be too restricted in Dark Cape. You’ll be fine as long as you act appropriately. You can play with some ordinary girls. As long as I’m here, Red Flame Mercenaries won’t dare to do anything to you, but once you enter the territory of Somerland, you must be humble.” David was in his room, and he was carefully experiencing the changes in his physique after breaking through God level 10.

This feeling of endless power was so refreshing that he was restless and eager to try it. He wanted to see what the effect would be. However, he dared not do it here. He predicted that the castle would not be able to handle his punch and would simply crumble from the force. He should try it in a deserted place. It would be good to have a clear understanding of his strength.

So far, he had not made a proper strike yet.

Just when David was thinking of trying it somewhere deserted… Knock knock knock!

He heard someone knocking at the door.

“Come in,” David replied after coming back to his senses.

The door was pushed open gently. The first deputy captain of Red Flame Mercenaries, Killer, walked in. “Captain,” Killer greeted respectfully. “What is it?” David asked. “Captain, there are a lot of powerful people pouring into Dark Cape these last two days. There are a lot of them and it’s a little scary.”

“Oh? How many?”

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