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I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 608

I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 608

According to Killer’s understanding of the captain, he was definitely not a timid person, and he would definitely not swallow his anger if he encountered such a thing.

If he did not do anything now, the captain would look down on him.

In order to leave a good impression of himself on the captain, he had to understand the circumstances clearly even if he could not handle this matter. Then, he would report it to the captain and wait for his decision.

The two peak Dragon Rankers behind Killer could also sense that Miles had a strong background

This young man in his twenties had already reached the beginner stage of the Dragon Rank It was not something that ordinary forces could cultivate.

However, they also had a God Rank guardian as their backer.

That was why they were not afraid of the other party.

Now was the time to show loyalty, otherwise, how would they quickly integrate into Red Flame Mercenaries? “Use force? You just want to arrest me, right? Come on! Let me see if you have the guts,” Miles said indifferently. He did not believe that these people would really dare to arrest him. Furthermore, his Grandpa Abel was just next door! If these people dared to touch him, his Grandpa Abel would definitely make them suffer the consequences. “Elders, please bring him back to let the captain deal with him,” Killer said to the two peak Dragon Rankers behind him. The two peak Dragon Rankers took a step forward at the same time, revealing their strength slightly. Instantly, the room was filled with a depressing atmosphere. “Do you want to walk yourself or do you want us to take action?” “Peak Dragon Rankers? I’m so scared! Hahaha!” Miles was not frightened by the strength of those two. On the contrary, he started guffawing. The two frowned and took another step forward. They decided to just immediately take action. However, when they lifted their right leg, an even stronger strength overwhelmed the two.

This made them retract their right legs that they had just lifted. ‘What is this?’

The two were shocked. At this moment, an old man walked in through the door.

“Who gave you the guts to touch a member of the Pearson family?” The old man asked as he walked in. “Grandpa Abel!” Miles cried out happily. “Don’t be scared, Miles. I am here. No one will dare to bully you now.”

This person was Miles’ grandfather, Abel Pearson.

He was also one of the two masters who was halfway to the God Rank in the Pearson family.

Killer and the two elders from Red Flame Mercenaries were unable to move after being suppressed by the old man. At this moment, their hearts were filled with fear.

Unexpectedly, this young man had the protection of someone who was halfway to the God Rank.

They had to go back and inform the captain as soon as possible.

This was already beyond their strength.

However, right now, they had to ensure their safety and not provoke the other party. Even though there were two peak Dragon Rankers and one mid-Dragon Ranker on their side, in the face of a master who was halfway to the God Rank, they had no power to fight back.

Even though a master who was halfway to the God Rank was not a true God Rank guardian since he had not yet taken that step, this was something that a peak Dragon Ranker could compete with.

“Please calm down, Sir. We’re just doing our jobs and following orders,” Killer said, fighting back the pressure. “Whose orders? Captain Silver Face from Red Flame Mercenaries?” Abel asked.

“Yes!” Killer answered.

“Go back and tell your captain to come to me personally. You’re still not qualified enough to interrogate a member of the Pearson family,” Abel said.


“Get lost now.” After Abel said that, the pressure on the three slowly vanished. Killer and his gang wiped the sweat from their foreheads and left the room slowly.

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