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I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 607

I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 607

 The manager of the Black Sand Hotel brought Killer and his gang to the door of Room 16. “Knock,” Killer said. Knock knock knock The manager knocked on the door.
“Who is it?” A young man’s voice came from inside.
“I’m the manager of Black Sand Hotel.”
“Get lost!” The man in the room cursed.
The manager turned his head to look at Killer helplessly.
As the manager of the Black Sand Hotel, he was aware of the situation. He could not afford to offend any of the people who were staying at the hotel over the past two days.
“Have someone bring the key and open the door,” Killer said.

“Yes, Deputy Captain Roland!”
The manager summoned someone on the walkie-talkie after speaking. It did not take long for an attendant to come over with the key. The manager took the keys, opened the door, and stepped aside.

His strength was low and he was only at first class, so he dared not be the first to enter.
If he was attacked, he would have died in vain.
Killer stepped into the room first, followed by two peak Dragon Rankers.
Ever since they learned about the strength of their captain, the two of them were now committed to Red Flame.

As long as they closely followed the captain, with their strength, they would definitely be able to get to a high level in the future. When that happened, their lives would be much more comfortable. When Killer entered the room, he saw a young man in his twenties lying on the bed. “Who let you in? Are you looking to f*cking die? Get out of here!” Miles sat up and scolded loudly.
“I’m Killer, the deputy captain of Red Flame Mercenaries. An attendant who went out of your room more than an hour ago jumped from the top of the building and died. According to her autopsy, she was sexually assaulted before her death. I hope you can cooperate with our investigation,” Killer said calmly. It was not that he had great patience, instead, it was because he did not want to cause trouble without knowing the strength and background of the opponent. At first glance, this young man was not easy to deal with. At a young age, he had the strength at the beginner stage of Dragon Rank, so his background
was definitely not weak. In the end, it would be up to the captain to decide.

(What does it have to do with me if the attendant died? You people from Red Flame just want to cause trouble for yourselves , don’t you? Don’t think that just because you have someone who’s halfway to the God Rank that you can be so arrogant in front of me. You can’t afford to offend my family. If you’re smart, you will send me a beautiful girl every day, and I will leave when I have enough fun!”
“I’m asking you to cooperate with the investigation now, we didn’t come here to apologize to you! Please be clear about this. This territory belongs to Red Flame Mercenaries, so since you are here, you must obey our rules.”
“You’re asking me to cooperate with the investigation? You’re asking me to abide by the rules? Who the f*ck do you think you are? What if I don’t cooperate and I don’t abide? What can you do to me? Listen closely, so what if I raped that girl? Come on, arrest me! Do you have the balls to do that?” Miles said arrogantly. He was the dignified son of the Pearson family! Furthermore, the Pearson family was also one of the top ranked forces among the hidden families.
Red Flame Mercenaries was just a second – tier force with someone who was halfway to God Rank. How dare they make him abide by the rules?
What were the rules?

The law of the jungle were the rules!
The rules were set by the strong.
Was a garbage second-tier force qualified to set the rules? How hilarious!
“If you refuse to cooperate, we’ll have to use force,” Killer said with a blank face.
If the captain did not show his current strength, he would not have dared to do this.
This young man was secure in the knowledge that he had support. Hence, his support had to be very powerful. There was at least one person that was halfway to the God Rank behind him, or he might even have a God Rank guardian behind him.
That was why he dared to ignore Red Flame Mercenaries.
However, there was also a God Rank guardian in charge of today’s Red Flame Mercenaries.
The strength shown by the captain also greatly increased their confidence.

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