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I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 601

I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 601

“Call the police! There’s been a murder!” Countless people cried out in horror. The place was chaotic… This was the case in many places in Somerland.
Originally, the major hidden families were not prepared to resurface so soon, and they would often just some members to inquire about news and contact their partners.
However, Lorraine turned the ten-year appointment into a stage for the younger generation of Somerland.
Countless hidden heirs who knew this news came out of hiding in advance to participate in this grand event.
Everyone wanted to make a name for themselves at this time. This also led to many hidden sects and families resurfacing one after another. After all, these people had been hidden from the world for many years and they still adhered to ancient customs.
In their understanding, the law of the jungle was the law of survival.
This greatly contradicted the belief that everyone was equal in the eyes of the Somerland law.
Although they already knew a little about the laws of Somerland, after jointly resurfacing, they would have interacted with ordinary people, so it was inevitable that there would be some conflicts.

Once there were conflicts, the two sides would start arguing. In addition to that, from their perspective, it was completely unacceptable for them to be scolded by ordinary folk.
Then, fists would be involved. When fists were involved, how would ordinary folk be a match for these martial artists?
The final result was that the ordinary folk would often suffer minor or even serious injuries inflicted by the people from hidden sects and families.
Thus, the Special Task Force was very busy during this time and as they urgently policed Somerland.
Even Team Dragon got involved.
They had no choice as there were too many masters in these hidden families and sects and the Special Task Force did not have enough manpower. Therefore, they could only ask the people from Team Dragon to help out.
After Team Dragon acted, they were basically able to stabilize the situation.

Although there were many hidden sects and families, most of them still obeyed the laws of Somerland, and only a few of them refused to obey. Those few were the ones that Somerland were currently targeting.
Furthermore, the matter with the Nichols family started to ferment and it gave a severe warning to these people.
The head of the Nichols family who was a peak Dragon Ranker and two elders who were at the late stage of the Dragon Rank had died. Meanwhile, everyone else was imprisoned. This was no joke.
Three days had now passed, and the Nichols family had not released any news yet.
They should be too scared to fight against Somerland. After all, a single MP from the Somerland Parliament could wipe out the entire Nichols family with the strength they currently had.

When David was destroying the Nichols family, what he said was also circulated. “Those who mess with Somerland will be punished!” This sentence boiled the blood of all Somerlanders, but it was taken as a motto by all the passionate youngsters of Somerland. It also greatly curbed many hidden sects and families. After all, the Nichols family was an example to them. Even though a lot of the strong forces were turning their noses up toward this matter, Mason was still alive.
No one wanted to come forward and stand out from the crowd.
Hence, aside from some small conflicts, the current Somerland was still pretty stable.
However, there was one current problem in Somerland.
Everyone was waiting for news of Mason’s death so that they could fight for the bountiful resources of Somerland.
Even though David healed Mason, he had never shown his face until now.
He was still mulling over his big move, and was preparing to fight the forces from outside the country. Hence, he would put the internal issues of the country aside for the time being. As long as he was not dead, Somerland would not be in chaos.
However, the forces outside of the country were not the same.
Right now, they were frequently testing the limits of Somerland. Almost all of the MPs of the Somerland Parliament had been sent to the borders. They must give those foreign forces a heavy blow by now.

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