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I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 573

I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 573

All he had to do was collect the herbs. River City Hospital would not be held responsible for anything, regardless of whether Old Master Luther’s life ended up being saved!

“Sure! Thank you for doing this, Tom! But you’ll need to be quick! The Luther family will be indebted to you if we manage to get through these tough times,” Charles said as he handed the list to Tom.

“Thank you, Mr. Luther! i’ll get started straight away! Please wait for a moment!”

Once Tom finished speaking, he hurried off with the list.

He felt as if he had found a new purpose in life upon hearing what Charles said.

Tom had just passed his 50th birthday, and he had been the director of River City Hospital for over ten years.

Initially, there had been a chance for him to climb the ranks. However, due to his humble origins and family background, he ended up being replaced by someone less-qualified than himself.

If the Luther family helped him, he would be able to once again climb up the ranks.

He had no cravings for money or women. All he wanted was to move up in society and see what things were like there before retiring.

Charles’ statement ignited a spark of hope within him once more.

“Let’s wait in your ward! Take this chance to tell me what’s going on between the Greg family and the Nichols family.”

“Alright! This way, David!”

The trio was about to leave when David turned and said to the pretty young nurse, “Nurse! Thank you! See you!”

The young nurse gazed dazedly at David as he walked off.

He was perfect!

He’s also knowledgeable in the art of healing!

What should I do?

I think I’m in love!

The young nurse blushed as she thought to herself.

Two hours later…

David and the other two were talking in the ward.

Charles hurriedly retrieved his phone and answered it when it began ringing.

Tom was on the other end of the line. The herbs had been gathered, and they were being delivered to River City Hospital.

Both Charles and Sandy were overjoyed.

Another hour later…

All the herbs had been delivered to River City Hospital.

David began prepping the herbs and then managed to successfully boil the concoction.

Finally, they brought the concoction over to Old Master Luther’s intensive care ward.

David also had a set of silver needles in his hands.

Old Master Luther did not just require medication this time. David also needed to use the silver needles to stimulate his meridians and areas where he had suffered internal injuries to speed up the process of medicinal intake.

Moreover, Old Master Luther was unconscious now. They needed to wake him up using the silver needles so he could take his medication.

Tom took off Old Master Luther’s oxygen mask.

Next, Charles took off Old Master Luther’s shirt.

David began placing his needles.

Soon, his entire upper body and forehead were covered with silver needles.

The entire process took slightly more than ten minutes as the Luther siblings watched nervously from the sidelines.

Shortly after the needles were placed, Old Master Luther regained consciousness and opened his eyes slowly.

“He’s awake! He’s awake! Charlie! Grandpa is really awake!” Sandy called softly from the sidelines.

Charles was much more stoic than she was.

However, one could tell from his tightly clenched fists that he was also feeling extremely emotional.

When David noticed that old Master Luther had regained consciousness, he hurriedly said,” Quick, give Old Master Luther his medicine.”

Charles hurriedly brought the concoction over and fed it to Old Master Luther.

Having just regained consciousness, Old Master Luther had no idea what was going on. However, since his grandson was feeding him the medication, he drank every last drop of it.

It was just a small bowl, but Old Master Luther used nearly ten minutes to finish the decoction.

“Old Master Luther, don’t say anything yet. Rest up and relax so that the medicine intake process will be completed quicker. We’ll be back to visit you later.” David left the ward alongside everyone else once he finished speaking.

Old Master Luther had just regained consciousness, and he needed to recuperate in silence. Thus, it was not ideal for him to speak to anyone right now. He would feel much better once the medicine had entered his system.

Charles and Sandy both wanted to speak to their grandfather. However, they did not dare disturb him after hearing David say their grandfather needed to rest.

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