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I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 572

I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 572

David entered the intensive care unit and gazed at Old Master Luther, who lay in bed with an oxygen mask over his face.

Placing his hand over Old Master Luther’s hand, he began practicing the art of Somerland Ancient Traditional Medicine and made some careful observations.

He soon managed to find out the cause of Old Master Luther’s illness.

It was pretty much as he had guessed.

It was from a wound he had received many years prior, and problems were starting to arise now as he grew older.

When he was young, he had been able to suppress it, but now that he had grown older, it was becoming difficult to keep it under control.

However, not all was lost as Old Master Luther was not too old.

By now, most humans had an average lifespan of between eighty to ninety years, and powerful people like Mason who frequently took care of their health using magnetic fields were able to live up to a hundred and thirty years old.

David formed a plan in mind after making a diagnosis. Thankfully, the herbs required were not too expensive. Moreover, the Luther family was so. influential that it would not be difficult for them to obtain the herbs.

David released Old Master Luther’s hand.

As he turned around, he beckoned for Charles and the others to leave the room before exiting the ward quietly.

Old Master Luther was still weak, and it would be best if they did not disturb him.

The young nurse had already returned to her post when they returned to the corridor.

When David and company walked out, she gazed at them happily. Her happy expression was

especially apparent when she looked at David.

“What do you think, David?” Charles asked impatiently.

“Dave! Can my grandfather be saved?” Sandy asked.

\ “Don’t worry! It’s not a major issue. I already know the cause of Old Master Luther’s illness, and all we need to do next is gather all the necessary medicinal herbs. He can be saved,” David said.

“Amazing!!! Thank you, Dave!” Sandy said happily.

“David! Thank you!”

Tom was stunned.

He had thought they wanted to go in and say their last goodbyes to Old Master Luther.

However, it turns out they wanted to save Old Master Luther.

Was that even possible?

He had conducted a medical checkup on Old Master Luther himself, and there was no way he could be saved.

His life was merely being sustained now.

He could die at any given moment!

However, David said he could be saved?

Tom wanted to rebut his statement. His actions were showing massive disrespect toward River City Hospital!

They were professional doctors.

Moreover, David had once asked the doctors of River City Hospital to save his mother’s friend!!

If he could save Old Master Luther, why did he need to ask their hospital for help in the first


That made zero sense!

However, when he recalled the societal gap between them, he decided to forget it. There was no need to offend this man.

After all, they had been unable to save him.

It would be a good idea to let David try to save him too. By then, he could direct all the responsibility onto David.

That would prevent the Luther family from blaming River City Hospital in the future.

“We’re friends! No need for all these formalities! Old Master Luther has helped me a lot in the past. I’ll write a list of the required medicinal herbs now, and you should get someone to gather them all as quickly as possible. Old Master Luther’s illness cannot be taken lightly any longer. He must receive treatment as soon as possible,” David said.

“Yes, sure, alright!!! Please write it down quickly!” Charles urged.

They did not have a pen or paper with them.

After this, the group walked over to the nurses’ station and asked for a pen and paper.

David began listing the medicinal herbs required.


A list of over ten kinds of medicinal herbs was detailed.

David handed the list to Charles.

Charles took the list and prepared to phone someone to take the list and purchase the herbs.

Just then, Tom said, “Mr. Luther! Why don’t you give me the list? Our hospital has a traditional medicine department too, and I can ask them if they have any of these herbs. If they don’t, I can call the traditional medicine hospitals and ask them.”

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