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I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 571

I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 571

“The director of River City Hospital.”

“D- Dr. Lake???” The young nurse gasped in astonishment before shouting in alarm.

At that moment, Charles’ call got picked up too.

“Tom! Come over to where my grandfather is.”

Charles hung up the minute he finished speaking.

“Y- you really know Dr. Lake?” The young nurse asked nervously.

“Of course! Why would we lie to you about this?” David said.

“Um… well, I’m so sorry. I did not speak politely just now, but… but the intensive care unit truly isn’t someplace where people can come and go as they please,” the young nurse stammered nervously.

She was at a loss as to what she should do.

If she let them in and anything were to happen to the patient, there was no way she would ever become a licensed nurse, and she would get fired.

However, if she did not let them in and ended up offending Dr. Lake, the outcome would be the same.

What should she do?

‘Am I destined not to have this job that I love?’

This was already the third hospital she was interning at.

At the first hospital she interned at, her manager was a pervert who often laid hands on her. She had endured all of that, but in the end of it, he had told her she needed to spend a night with him if she wanted to become a licensed nurse.

Obviously, she could not accept that.

Thus, she had left that hospital.

At her second hospital, she had encountered a situation nearly identical to what had happened at her first hospital.

The pervert had just changed from being the head nurse to the attending physician she worked with. She had ended up leaving because she could not stand it anymore.

Now, she had finally found a good hospital

No one stared at her leeringly.

No one tried to touch her indecently either.

She had always worked responsibly.

Who would have thought something like this would happen just before she was about to get her license?

She could not help but wonder if there was a curse preventing her from becoming a nurse.

Even so, becoming a nurse had always been a dream of hers.

She had always admired nurses who helped save lives and treat the injured.

The young nurse was so anxious she was near tears.

“It’s alright! We’ll wait for Tom to arrive before we go in. That way, you won’t be blamed for being irresponsible,” David said smilingly.

That one sentence was enough to make the young nurse swoon.

She gazed at David, who had a slight smile on his face.

David had just seemed like a scammer before, so why did he seem so pleasant now?

He was good-looking!

He had a good temper!

He treated others politely!

Moreover, he dared address the director by his first name.

He was not a force to be reckoned with.

He was the man of her dreams.

The young nurse was still staring at David in a daze when Tom raced over.

“Mr. Luther! Ms. Luther! Mr. Liddell!” David greeted them politely.

“Dr. Lake! I want to go in and visit Old Master Luther!” David said.

“Of course, of course! This way, please, Mr. Liddell!” David said as he hurried forth to open the door to the intensive care unit.

David was just about to walk in when he turned around to glance at the young nurse who had stopped them from going in as he said, “Dr. Lake, this young nurse did a good job. She is very responsible! I think she can be put in an important position!”

“Yes, sure, alright! Anything you say, Mr. Liddell! I think the newbie is good too. I’ll make sure she stays at River City Hospital and receives the best training,” Tom hurriedly replied.

David did not say anything more as he walked into the ward. Charles and Sandy walked behind

him while Tom followed from the rear.

The young nurse was left standing alone in the corridor, so touched that tears threatened to flow from her eyes.

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