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I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 569

I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 569

 “I won’t know until I see him, but I am at least 80% sure,” David said confidently.

Somerland Ancient Traditional Medicine was no joke.

This was a skill that took him 3000 lavish points to learn.

He could even save Mason, an old man whose organs had failed and was already on the brink of death, let alone Old Master Luther.

He was only seventy or eighty years old, so it was not his time yet.

His current situation should be caused by his old injury from back then.

As long as he healed Old Master Luther’s internal injuries from the past, there should be no problem.

However, David still needed to take a look at him as quickly as possible because he could not bring the dead back to life.

“David, let’s go. I’ll take you to see my grandpa,” Sandy urged.

Upon hearing this, Charles quickly got up from the hospital bed and said, “I’m going too! I’m going too!”

“Charles, you should rest. Sandy can bring me.” David stopped him.

“Yeah, Charlie, you should rest first. I’ll bring David,” Sandy also said.

“This is about Grandpa’s life. You guys should just let me go. I’ll feel even worse lying on this bed, and I am fine now.”

“Slow down then,” David said.

He also saw Charles’ injury.

He must have been kicked in the chest, causing three broken ribs.

After a few days of treatment, he should be fine, but he needed to pay attention to his injuries for now.

Sandy heard what David said and immediately stepped forward to support Charles.

The trio then headed to the intensive care unit where Old Master Luther was located together.

“Charles, how old is Old Master Luther this year?” David asked as they walked.

“My grandpa will be 80 next week,” Sandy took the initiative to answer first.

“80? Isn’t your family celebrating his birthday for him?” David asked curiously.

“Dave, how are we going to celebrate when my grandpa’s in this state?” Charles answered with a bitter smile.

David thought about it and figured he was right.

Old Master Luther was still in the intensive care unit so he surely could not celebrate.

However, David felt that they could make use of this birthday celebration.

He would treat Old Master Luther and then using the excuse of celebrating his birthday for him, he would invite all the powerful forces in South River Province.

Since the Alton family and Nichols family wanted to control River City, they would definitely not give up on this opportunity.

When the time came, David would directly destroy the two families.

That way, they would solve the matter surrounding the Luther family.

Plus, he would be getting this done once and for all so, in the future, there would be no forces in South River Province that dared to take action against the Luther family.

‘Alright, it’s settled then.’

“Charles, you should be discharged in two to three days, right?” David asked.

“I guess so,” Charles answered.

“When the time comes, you should send out invitation cards to everyone, make use of Old Master Luther’s birthday and get every powerful force in South River Province to come over.”

“Dave, why do you want me to do that?”

“Do you think the Alton and Nichols family will miss out on the chance to celebrate Old Master Luther’s birthday?”

“No, they will definitely not waste the chance for the entire South River Province to witness their strength. Plus, they will also step on my family to get to the top of South River Province.”

“It’ll be fine as long as those two families are coming. Just leave the rest to me. The Luther family will soon stand on the top of South River Province once again!”


“Charles, please trust me.”

“Alright, I trust you.”

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