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I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 568

I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 568

“Dave, actually, you don’t need to do this. Although the Nichols family is powerful, we’re in Somerland’s territory after all and they don’t dare to go too far. Worse comes to worst, the Luther family will give up most of our benefits. It’ll be fine if we just keep our foundation,” Charles said.

When he heard Charles say that, David knew he had misunderstood.


“Charles, you should have told me earlier. You are my friend and Old Master Luther was also kind to me, so I will definitely help you in this!” David said seriously.

“Dave, you…”

“Charles, don’t worry. From now on, I, David Lidell, will protect the Luther family. No matter in River City or South River Province, or even in the whole of Somerland, no one will dare to touch you. The Nichols family is nothing in my eyes. I can wipe them out with a wave of my hand.”

After David finished speaking, he was afraid that Charles would not believe him.

He showed Charles a little of his strength and immediately, David became very domineering.

Charles stared at David with a stunned expression…

Although he was not very talented in martial arts and he was still only a second-class martial artist, this did not stop what he saw.

The show of strength that David had just displayed was definitely far beyond his grandfather’s.

Furthermore, even though what David just said was a little far-fetched, his tone was very convincing.

Charles thought David was bragging, but still believed him a little.

This contradictory feeling made him confused as to how to answer David for a while.

Sandy, on the other hand, looked at David with admiration on her face.

This was the kind of man she liked.

He was so handsome, so domineering!

When David saw Charles not reacting, he asked, “Do you not believe me?”

“I…” Before Charles could finish, Sandy moved one step ahead of him.

“I do! I do! David, I believe you! I knew you’d save us!” Sandy cried happily at one side.

David was omnipotent in her heart.

If David said he could pick the star from the night sky, Sandy might even believe him.

When a girl in love met the person she liked, her IQ would usually dip in the negatives.

“Dave, thank you!” Charles said sincerely.

He was sincerely thanking David. It did not matter if he could follow through with it or not.

If others heard about such a powerful opponent, they might have fled early on.

He had come across too many of these situations in these few days.

Even some people with direct relationships with the Luther family, including his father, were urging the family to divide the wealth. After they got the money, they would flee on their own.

No one ever mentioned that they would pull together and live or perish alongside the Luther family.

“Charles, you don’t have to be so polite with me. Have a good rest. I’ll go visit Old Master Luther. Maybe I can save him,” David said.



Charles and Sandy cried at the same time.

This statement from David excited them even more.

Compared to the survival of the Luther family, the siblings hoped for their grandfather to get through this period even more.

It was because Charles and Sandy’s parents’ relationship was not good. They got married for the sake of an alliance and they had other people they loved back then.

Hence, after they gave birth to Charles and Sandy, they never paid attention to them. The siblings had been living with Old Master Luther this whole time.

This was why the siblings did not have a good relationship with their irresponsible parents at all. On the contrary, they were very close to Old Master Luther.

If they could choose between the Luther family and Old Master Luther, they would definitely choose Old Master Luther and hope for him to power through this. They would be fine even if the Luther family was destroyed.

They did not like anyone else in the family except for Old Master Luther anyway.

They only knew interest and money.

The old master was in the intensive care unit of the hospital at that moment.

However, none of the other members of the Luther family had visited or cared about him.

Right now, they must have been thinking about how to get more benefits before the Luther family fell from grace.

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