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I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1488

Chapter 1488 

“Elder Red, your foundation has been laid very solidly. Even if you lose the advantage of your body now and have to train yourself step by step, there is still a chance for you to make progress in the future. At most, it will take more time. Given your current age, you still have a lot of time before the catastrophe of Eternal Realm,” Nova thought for a while and said. 

Now she was dying to ask how Celeste’s body was activated, but it seemed a bit inappropriate. 

Wouldn’t she be sprinkling salt on Celeste’s wounds if she asked this now? 

She would wait a while before asking. 

“I know! Lady Dream, you don’t need to worry about me. I am fine now, and I won’t give up on myself just because of this.” 

“That’s good! Elder Red, you are the backbone of the Iridescent Sect so you can’t let anything happen to you.” 

“By the way, Lady Dream, I brought these ladies back to join the Iridescent Sect. Her name is Selena and she is very talented. I believe you can already tell. If you agree with me, you should let her be your disciple. What do you think?” Celeste asked, pulling Selena forward. 

Nova’s eyes lit up when she heard that. Then, she blurted out. 


It was a real surprise. 

She did not expect Celeste to let her take Selena as her disciple. 

Although Nova liked Selena very much when she first saw her, she also thought that since she did not have any disciples yet, so it would be great if she could accept Selena as a disciple. 

However, this was just a fantasy. 

Nova knew that if Celeste did not agree, there was nothing she could do. 

Even as the head, she could not force Selena to be her disciple. 

After all, this was someone Celeste found from the outside, not to mention Celeste’s teacher was one of the reputable elders. 

Using force would not work. 

Nova was still wondering if she should muster up the courage to mention it to Celeste later. 

She wanted to see if she could pay a price so that Celeste would give Selena to her. 

However, she felt that there would be no reason Celeste would be willing to release such an outstanding woman like Selena. 

Unexpectedly, Celeste proposed it herself. 

This delighted Nova. 

“Of course! Lady Dream, you also know my current situation. I have fost my physical advantage, and I need to work hard to cultivate, so I don’t have extra time to teach them,” Celeste said. 

“In that case, I would like to thank you for sending me such an excellent disciple.” Nova seemed a little happy. 

“But Lady Dream, I still have one condition.” 

“Elder Red, do tell.” 

“Lady Dream, you can accept Selena as your personal disciple and let her inherit your legacy but I hope you can also accept them as your disciples in name,” Celeste pointed to Celia and the others behind her. 


Nova looked at Celia and the women behind Celeste. 

Aside from Selena, there was also one more who was slightly better. 

The others were just average. 

They needed to rely on Celeste if they wanted to join the Iridescent Sect. 

However, it would be hard for Nova to take them as her disciples. 

As the head of the Iridescent Sect, would Nova lack disciples? 

It was just that her standards for accepting disciples were too high. 

Selena was up to her standards, but the rest of them were far behind. 

Nova would not recruit disciples at random. 

Once she did, she had to be responsible for them. 

Nova just wanted Selena. 

As for the others, she was not willing to take them even in name. 

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