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I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1483

Chapter 1483 

David wanted to say a few words at this time, but someone was one step ahead of him. 

“Celeste, don’t worry! We will work hard to cultivate, and we won’t embarrass you. Sandy is still young and has a childlike innocence, so please excuse her and don’t stoop down to her level.” 

Selena was the one who spoke. 

As the most talented among this group of women, she was also the one who was favored by Celeste. 

She felt the need to stand up. 

After Selena finished speaking, Celia and others also followed suit. 

“Yeah, Celeste! Sandy is still young. We hope you won’t stoop to her level.” 

David felt quite relieved seeing how everyone stood up for Sandy. 

The relationship between this group of women was closer than sisters. They were like a big family. 

Sandy also raised her head bravely at this time and said, “Celeste, I’m sorry, I was too excited, but don’t worry! i will definitely work hard.” 

“Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t mean to blame you, but I just want to remind you that although the fridescent Sect is very competitive, this is also a reputable platform. If you have this opportunity, you must use it well. Don’t make David worry about you out there. He will be facing more intense competition in Star Kingdom, and if he is not careful, he may die,” Celeste said calmly. 

“We know. Thank you, Celeste, for giving us this opportunity. We will definitely live up to your expectations.” 

“Come on! Let’s go back to the Iridescent Sect.” 

Celeste flew first toward the Iridescent Sect. 

Except for David, everyone followed Celeste under the pull of a force. 

The planets and continents in Star Kingdom had a completely different gravitational force than Earth. 

As long as you were a partial God Ranker on Earth, you could break free from the earth’s gravity and fly 

into the air. 

However, it was different in Star Kingdom. 

The gravitational force of the planets and the continents here was much greater than that of Earth. 

If it was on a planet, one needed to be at least in Star Realm to break free from the planet’s gravity and fly high into the sky. 

The gravitational force on a continent was stronger, so only people in Universe Realm could fly. 

This was also the reason why countless forces wanted to own a continent. 

Due to the strong gravitational force, even walking, eating, sleeping, and even breathing were like cultivation to the people living on it. 

People who live on the continents had a natural sense of superiority when they went to other planets. 

Their strength was generally much higher than the people living on planets. 

It was just like on Earth how people from Capital City in Somerland felt superior when going to a small 

county town. 

Therefore, if Selena and the women had not had Celeste’s help, the moment the enormous tortoise disappeared, they would have been pulled by the powerful gravitational force of the Iridescent Continent and plunged downward. 

As an Eternal, David was not weak no matter where he was. 

Therefore, he was completely immune to the Iridescent Continent’s gravity and did not need Celeste’s help. 

With Celeste in the lead, the group went straight to the mountain gate of the Iridescent Sect. 

Since the Iridescent Sect was shrouded under a huge formation, one could only see mountains surrounded by clouds if one looked down on the entire Iridescent Sect from a high altitude. 

It was impossible to see the true face of the Iridescent Sect at all. 

It was naturally impossible for outsiders to see a powerful sect from the air. 

Soon, Celeste landed with David and others in front of the Iridescent Gate of the Iridescent Sect. 

The moment they all landed, the two women guarding the gate immediately stepped forward and knelt on one knee. They then greeted respectfully, “Greetings, Elder Red. Congratulations on your triumphant return after showing our strength to the outside world.” 

“You may rise,” Celeste said blankly. 

“Thank you, Elder Red.” 

The two disciples guarding the mountain gate stood up and stood on either side. 

“Follow me into the sect!” 

Celeste ordered and then walked towards the Iridescent Gate first. 

David, Celia, and others followed quickly. 

After entering the Iridescent Sect… 

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