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I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1481

Chapter 1481 

Time passed slowly. 

Not long after, there was a knock on David’s door. 

Knock knock knock. 

David got up and opened the door. 

Standing outside the door was Amadi. 

David was about to ask Amadi what happened, but Amadi was one step ahead of him, “David, I’m going back to Star Mansion soon. If you don’t have anything to do, why don’t you come with me? I’ll take you around Star Continent and introduce Star Mansion to you so that you’ll realize that joining us is definitely your best choice.” 

David suddenly understood. 

Amadi was going back to Star Mansion. 

He had heard Celeste mention it before, but David had no plans to join Star Mansion yet, so naturally, he would not go to Star Continent. 

“Amadi, I have to go to the Iridescent Sect with Celeste first. I can only rest assured after Celia and the others settle down. You should go back first. I will come to you later.” 

“Alright, that’s fine. After you watch your little lovers join the Iridescent Sect, come to Star Continent to find me. I’ll be waiting for you.” 

Amadi also felt that it was obviously impossible to ask David to go with him at this time. 

“Okay! I will contact you again when I head over.” 

“Sure, David. You must come, don’t stand me up.” 

“Amadi, don’t worry! We are still brothers who have experienced life and death whether I join Star Mansion or not, and our relationship will not change.” 

“I’m relieved after hearing what you said. I’ll go back first and wait for you at the Star Mansion.” 

“Have a safe journey, Amadi.” 

Amadi took his four maids, parted ways with the enormous tortoise, and went to the Star Continent. 

Meanwhile, David and the others continued to move toward the Iridescent Continent. 

On this day, David and others were resting when they suddenly heard Celeste’s voice. 

“Come out, everyone! We’re already here.” 

Upon hearing this, David, Celia, and others immediately walked out of the room and went outside the luxurious building. 

What caught their eyes was no longer the darkness in the four-dimensional space, but a blue sky above their heads. 

They had obviously returned to the three-dimensional space. 

Right now, Celeste was standing in front waiting for them. 

The gang walked behind Celeste. 

Then, Celeste waved her hand and the enormous tortoise under their feet disappeared. It became tiny before Celeste put it in her cuff. 

David and others were supported by a force, so they were suspended in the air. 

The disappearance of the enormous tortoise allowed David and the others to see what was going on under their feet clearly. 

Except for Celeste, everyone’s eyes widened, and they were extremely shocked. 

Right now, there was a huge continent exuding colorful halos floating quietly in the void under their feet. From their height, the edge of the continent was barely visible. 

This was the first time that David and others had seen a place that existed in the form of a continent. 

In the past, what they saw were all kinds of planets, big and small. They had never seen this kind of giant continent whether it was in the solar system where Earth was located, the Milky Way, or the Beast Galaxy. 

New things were always intriguing. 

After the shock, Celia, Selena, and the women all revealed excited looks on their faces. 

This was such beautiful scenery, so any woman would like it! 

Celia and the others were no exception. 

“This is the Iridescent Continent where the Iridescent Sect is located. What do you think? It’s pretty nice, right?” Celeste looked at the Iridescent Continent under her feet and said with some pride. 

Owning a continent in Star Kingdom was the dream of every force. 

However, there were only a few who could achieve it. 

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