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I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1478

Chapter 1478 

After David finished speaking, he got up and went out. When he arrived, Celeste was already sitting there waiting for him. 

“Celeste!” David called out. 

“Sit!” Celeste glanced at David and said expressionlessly. 

David stepped forward and sat opposite Celeste. 

He looked at Celeste opposite him and could not help but think of the scene in the fantasy just now and how crazy Celeste was back then. 

‘Is she the same person as she is now?’ 

“Celeste, how can I help you?” David asked after sitting down. 

“David, my master came here just now,” Celeste said. 

“Your master?” 

“Yes! My master, one of the four reputable elders of the Iridescent Sect, is also a powerhouse whose strength has surpassed Eternal Realm and reaches Saint Realm. She’s invincible even in Star Kingdom.” ‘Surpassed Eternal Realm? 

‘Saint Realm?’ 

David also did not know much about the division of combat power in the universe. 

He only knew that he was now a beginner Ruler Ranker in Eternal Realm. 

Eternal Realm, like Universe Realm and Star Realm, also consisted of three ranks. 

After Ruler Rank, there was Immortal Rank and Sovereign Ranker, and Celeste was a Sovereign Ranker. According to what Celeste said just now, Saint Realm should come after Eternal Realm. 

Her teacher, the reputable elder of the Iridescent Sect, was in this realm. 

What puzzled David was that he did not understand what did this had to do with him. 

He had no fear nor respect for Saints because David felt that it would not be long before he could reach this level. 

99% of the people would be stopped from progressing from Eternal Realm to Saint Realm, but it would not stop him. 

As long as he had enough lavish points, David could easily bridge this gap that others could not cross. “Celeste, your master came here for you, so I don’t think this has anything to do with me, right?” David asked, puzzled. 

“It indeed has nothing to do with you. I called you here this time to warn you again. You must not expose your mind power in Star Kingdom. Even if you have to, you must take care of future troubles, otherwise, the consequences will be serious.” Celeste said seriously. 

“I see! Thanks, Celeste,” David said. 

He knew Celeste was doing it for his own good. 

“No! You don’t understand! David, mind power is not only important for those who are about to break  through Eternal Realm, but it is also the top priority for Saints. Once you reveal your mind power and let everyone know that you broke the rules by having such powerful mind power as a beginner Ruler Ranker,  you 

will face the entire Star Kingdom’s punitive investigation. They will demand you to hand over the method of cultivating mind power.” 

“Is it that serious?” David asked in surprise. 

He did not expect to be attacked by the entire Star Kingdom if he revealed his mind power. This was too serious. 

The key was that he did not have any method of mind power cultivation. He got his from the system. 

If he was really attacked, what would he hand them? 

‘It seems that I still need to be low-key, low-key and low-key! 

‘At the very least, I can’t expose my mind power before getting to Sovereign Rank. 

‘It doesn’t matter after I become a Sovereign Ranker. 

‘Even if others find out then, it won’t be too odd. 

‘After all, most of the Sovereign Rankers will have mind power, and it’s just how much of it they have. 

‘Since I have more, I’ll just say I’m talented. 

‘This explanation will be good enough.’ 

“It’s only going to be more serious than this because mind power is too important in the later stages of cultivation, so all Saints will pay a lot of attention to it,” Celeste said affirmatively. 

“I understand. Thank you for reminding me. Starting today, unless I face a life-and-death crisis or reach Sovereign Rank, I will not reveal my mind power again,” David expressed his sincere gratitude. 

At this moment, David’s view of Celeste had risen to another level. 

Mind power was so important to powerhouses that were in Sovereign Rank or above, but Celeste never targeted David in the Milky Way when she discovered that he, who had just stepped into Eternal Realm, possessed such powerful mind power. 

Even now, she had never asked David how he increased his mind power. 

This would take a lot of willpower. 

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