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I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1018

I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1018

 “Before I tell you, I have to ask you something, and you must answer me honestly. Only then willl tell you what it is.” “Please go ahead.” “Are you still a virgin now?” ‘Um…

Mia did not answer immediately.

Instead, she looked at David beside her and noticed he still looked calm as always.

“Even though I’ve interacted with many men throughout all these years, and many people are eying me, I always mind my businessand keep out of trouble.

I’ve never had intimate relations with anyone, so I am still a virgin.

Also, I kept my first kiss because I wanted to wait for a man I love so I can give both to him and spend the rest of my lifewith him,” Mia said firmly.

She did not say this to Fergus.

Instead, she was saying this to David because, in her heart, David was the one she was waiting for.

When David heard what Mia said, he turned his head to look at her in confusion.

Coincidentally, Mia also turned her head to look at David.

Their eyes met.

“The look in Mia’s eyes looks familiar.

I seem to have seen it somewhere.’ David recalled it.

‘ I-Isn’t this the same look Selena gave me last time?


‘What on Earth is going on?

‘I still haven’t handled my complicated relationship with the women back on Earthand now here comes another one? ‘What should I do?’ David genuinely felt that after he got the system, he seemed to have gotten very lucky with the ladies.

‘Forget the ones on Earth, let’s talk about the one in the Milky Way.

‘I encountered Mia getting chased and saved her, but if this is the case, wouldn’t it be betterto save a man? ‘Not only did I save a woman, but the woman was also a peerless beauty.

‘It seems that none of the women around me are unattractive.

In the end, David pushed all the blame onto the system.

‘Why are you named super lavish system? ‘You should change your name to the f*kcing super romance system.’ While David let his imaginations run wild, hewas interrupted by a loud laugh.


Fergus was laughing carefreely.

“Alright, Mia.

You better think this through.

You should accompany me for a week, and you can’t say no to anything I want to do toyou during that week.

Also, you must cooperate with me willingly.

After that one week, we’ll go our separate ways, and we won’t owe each other anything,” Fergus said excitedly.

He did not think that Mia was still a virgin, and even kept her first kiss.

This was very favorable to him.

As Fergus looked at Mia’s graceful figure and seductive red lips, a lewd and evil smile spread at the corners of his mouth.

Mia sighed in her heart.

Indeed, it was just like she imagined.

Fergus was after her body, and he wanted to dominate her.

He was only putting on a show when he was in front of her back then.

This was the real him.

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