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His Secret Lover Returning from the Dead chapter 1817 by desirenovel

His Secret Lover Returning from the Dead chapter 1817 by desirenovel

 Saved You A Seat

Susan did very well on her paper, having almost scored full marks.

Even the professor was happy for her.

“With grades like these, Susan, you could go anywhere you want. Have you decided where you would like to apply for an internship?”

Susan decided to be frank. “Yes. I sent my resume to Hayes Corporation.”

Hayes Corporation! They’re ranked first in the country.

The professor gazed at her approvingly as nothing made him happier than seeing his students get a good start in their careers. “Good on you to aim high! I’d be happy to write you a recommendation letter when I return. Rest assured, Susan. You’re getting in.”

Susan was overjoyed.

After exiting the faculty building, she did not wait to break the news in her Whatsapp group with the other two.

Susan texted: Good news, guys. I passed!

Ian was the first one to reply: Congratulations!

Timothy chimed in next: Should I expect a celebratory meal? I’m feeling KFC tonight.

This freeloading brother of mine!

However, Susan was in a very good mood and agreed.

She replied: KFC on me tonight, then. By the way, what are you two doing?

Timothy responded: I’m playing ball with the management department next door. Having a blast!

Ian, however, answered: I am in Professor Rind’s lecture.

Susan perked up. Professor Rind? The Wall Street Investor turned teacher?

She hurriedly texted: I’m coming over. Do you have a spot available? It’s always packed whenever this professor gives a lecture. Latecomers never get seats.

Timothy chimed in again: What’s so interesting about that professor?

Susan retorted: Shut up!

Ian texted: There still are. Come on over.

Susan’s eyes lit up in anticipation as she rented a bicycle and took off toward the lecture hall at the other end of the university with her knapsack on her back.

As the Faculty of Business Administration was inherently related to finance, a lecture given by such a legendary figure with his Wall Street credentials would only benefit her.

Despite making it there as quickly as she could, Susan discovered to her dismay that even the exterior of the lecture hall was crammed with hopeful students holding their laptops at the ready, trying desperately to glean something from the speaker within.

I knew it! Looks like all of them had the same idea as me.

Grimacing while muttering awkward apologies, Susan squeezed her way through.

Fortunately, she quickly spotted the handsome young man through the dense crowd sitting in the first row. Next to him was a girl with her hair in a topknot clad in a cute floral dress.


Susan was stunned.

“Over here, Susan!” The girl had also spotted her and was already beckoning frantically with her arms.

The sound of her name roused Susan out of her reverie.

Only Ms. Neal is capable of knowing no embarrassment.

Striding over to her friends as inconspicuously as she could, Susan squeezed herself into Zaylynn’s seat.

“You could have told me you were coming, Susan. I would have reserved three seats.”

“That’s all right. I’ve only just found out from Ian today that Professor Rind is giving a lecture. A single seat should fit two skinny girls like us.”

Gazing at the girl’s indignant yet delighted expression at her presence, Susan could not help returning the smile as she was fond of Zaylynn.

Though she’s loud and not very bright at times, her heart’s in the right place.

Without wasting any more time, Susan started her laptop.

“Here’s what happened before you arrived,” Ian offered as he slid his notes over.

Susan took the notebook from him and perused it quickly.

“God, he’s amazing. We were never taught any of these in class.”

“He is,” Zaylynn said proudly. “Why else would I save you a seat?”

Susan tousled her friend’s bun and grinned in response.

It did not take long for her to catch up with the help of Ian’s notes. Soon, she could not only keep up with Andy’s lecture, but she had also begun taking her notes.

“Remember, many factors cause fluctuations in exchange rates. Therefore, conducting a thorough market analysis should always be the first step. Factors such as the military, crude oil, and natural disasters are major determinants of the market’s direction. If you find that they pose a risk to your investment, you must stop immediately.”

Characteristic of a Wall Street investor, Andy’s speech was bold.

However, every word of his rang true as the market would either plummet or skyrocket from the determinants he mentioned, regardless of the nature of the financial instruments.

“I have a question, Professor,” a voice came from the middle of the lecture hall. “Some of the factors you mentioned are beyond our ability to predict. How can we stay ahead of them?”

Susan’s writing hand froze as that very question had occurred to her.

Though the discovery of crude oil may contribute to market fluctuations, the prediction of military instability and natural disasters were factors that most civilians would not be able to foresee.

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